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MMDS Wireless Broadband Provider - Watertown, SD

Data Truck provides high-speed Internet service to the Watertown, SD area. Using an advanced wireless technology, Data Truck provides secure, FCC-protected Internet connections from 128 kb/s to over 1.5 Mb/s. Our Mission is to provide our customers with reliable, high-speed Internet connections within 15 miles of Watertown, SD.

The Data Truck Wireless system uses MMDS frequencies of 2.1GHz for upstream and 2.5GHz for downstream communication. MMDS (Multipoint Multichannel Distribution Service) has been used for over 30 years as a means of providing "rural cable" television service to consumers outside the reach of standard cable television networks. The FCC approved the use of MMDS channels for two-way data service in 1998 and growth has been phenomenal ever since.

Wireless High-Speed Broadband Internet Service - Rapid City and Hill City, SD / Black Hills region of South Dakota

RapidNet Internet Services is a Golden West Company. Today's businesses are in need of larger and faster data connections than ever before. From downloading complex graphics to sending large electronic spreadsheets, enormous time is spent dealing with electronic file transfer. With that said, you shouldn't be delayed. The time it takes to receive files via standard e-mail access or simply getting a high-speed connections installed has become an important factor to business. That's where Wireless @RapidNet comes in. Our new wireless high-speed broadband service is designed with businesses in mind. In other words, it's fast, secure, competitively priced, and easy to install.

GWIS is one of the premier Wireless Internet Service Providers in the Black Hills. We offer cost effective, competitive rates for broadband Wireless internet service in the Rapid City and Hill City areas. Wireless service requires a line of sight to one of our Wireless access points. We currently have 14 access points in Rapid City and the surrounding areas. Our Wireless services do not require a telephone line.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Big Stone City, South Dakota / Appleton, Donnelly, Hancock, Herman, Montevideo, Morris, Ortonville Minnesota

Info Link Wireless Inc. offers High Speed Wireless Internet services to communities in west central Minnesota and eastern South Dakota. Info Link's Wireless plans range in speed from 64K to 512K and beyond. You choose the speed which meets your needs. A 64k connection will seem 2-3 times faster than a typical 56k dial-up connection. With a 56k dial-up connection, the transfer speeds are asymmetrical, meaning the upload and download speeds are not the same. Typically, such connections can only send data at approximately half the speed they can receive it. Our Wireless Internet has symmetric upload and download speeds. With a 64k connection you not only receive your information faster, you will also send information over twice as fast as on a dial-up connection.

Broadband Wireless Internet Services - Headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD / Wireless Network Coverage in Corning, Creston, Greenfield, Fontanelle, Lenox, Orient, Prescott, Iowa

We are expanding our Wireless Broadband service to different areas, if you do not see your town listed here, please let us know if you would be interested in Wireless Internet in your area.

Tired of slow Internet access, busy signals and being disconnected? Wireless service from Local Link, provides unlimited, permanent Internet connections in the blink of an eye. With always on wireless service from Local Link, we promise one thing - we'll always be there for you…fast! Which means anytime you want, anywhere you are, you have immediate access to the Internet.

Wireless networks: Not only do they install easily, they're readily expandable. So the more your office environment changes, the less you pay for implementing additions and various other moves. Sound too good to be true? 256K & 384K Wireless service plans are last-mile solutions that delivers high-speed Internet without relying on copper or fiber lines. Wireless service is a last-mile solution that delivers high-speed Internet without relying on copper or fiber lines.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Headquartered in Pierre, SD / Agar, Arlington, Badger, Bancroft, Blunt, Bruce, Canning, Carpenter, Cavour, DeSmet, Eagle Butte, Erwin, Faulkton, Ft. Pierre, Gann Valley, Gettysburg, Harrold, Hayes, Hetland, Highmore, Hoven, Howard, Huron, Iroquois, Lake Norden, Lake Preston, Lebanon, Miller, Mobridge, Oacoma, Onida, Orient, Osceola, Pierre, Ree Hights, Rockham, St. Lawrence, Stephen, Tolstoy, Vivian, Waverly, Wessington, Wolsey, Yale South Dakota

MNWireless was founded in 2003 in Pierre, South Dakota. We provide internet to local communities and rural areas in South Dakota. We are a private company that has not taken any government loans or grants. We pride ourselves on providing a great service along with excellent customer service.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Big Stone City, Milbank SD & surrounding rural areas in South Dakota / Clinton, Graceville, Ortonville MN & surrounding rural areas in Minnesota

Nate's Net, Inc. Wireless Internet service makes it easier, faster and more convenient than ever for you to access the Web. Fast, easy, unlimited Internet access that is loaded with FREE extras. Download files fast & easy with the fastest Wireless speeds available. Faster Then Cable & Dial up Internet. Choose your Internet upload and download speeds, any where from 128k To T1 speeds. No Hidden Fees.

WISP Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider - Baltic, Beresford, Canton, Colton, Crooks, Dell Rapids, Harrisburg, Hudson, Humboldt, Lennox, Montrose, Parker, Pierre, Sioux Falls, Tea, Vermillion, Worthing, SD / also provides WISP services to communities in Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Nebraska; Ohio; Oklahoma; South Dakota; Texas

Prairie iNet is one of the leading high-speed, fixed wireless Internet service providers in the Central United States. Prairie iNet focuses on bringing affordable high-speed Internet access to under-served, non-metropolitan communities. Prairie iNet utilizes fixed wireless technology which transmits data via wireless radio frequencies between the company's wireless access point located on a tall structure in the community, and a small antenna attached to a wireless radio at the customer's home or office. This technology, which uses no phone lines, provides Internet access that can be up to 20 times faster than conventional dial-up services. The service coverage area is generally 8 to 10 miles around each tower, and service requires line of sight to the tower.

Wireless Broadband Access - Mitchell, Woonsocket, SD

With a Santel Wireless "always-on" connection, you will experience the Internet at speeds you never thought possible. Super-charged speeds of up to 10 times faster than a 28.8k modem mean no more long waiting time while pages download or files upload. Santel Wireless offers three different connection speeds.

Wireless Internet is high-speed Internet access which uses high frequency radio waves instead of telphone lines to connect you to the Internet. Your computer is hooked up to an antenna on your roof or utility pole that transmits radio waves to our tower south of Mt. Vernon. In turn, this tower connects you to our Internet backbone.

High speed wireless access - Sioux Falls, Colman, South Dakota / Nebraska / Minnesota

Now there is an uncomplicated, cost effective way for your business, organization or household to get access to the Internet. It's the new high speed, high capacity wireless internet service being offered by Sioux Valley Wireless for PCs and Macs. Sioux Valley Wireless is a subsidiary of Sioux Valley-Southwestern Electric. It was organized in 1989, and supplies cable television via microwave to nearly 6,000 subscribers in South Dakota, Nebraska and Minnesota.

Sioux Valley Wireless transmits data from our tower in Sioux Falls at speeds up to 4 megabits per second to a small microwave antenna at the subscriber's location. Our system has large capacity and that gives subscribers with multiple computers the ability to access Internet information simultaneously without the need for multiple or expensive telephone lines.

Our head-end site east of Sioux Falls is connected to the backbone of the Internet via several digital circuits. From there, data is transmitted to an antenna and modem at the customer's location via microwave. No digital-to-analog conversion is required; the signal remains fully digital from tower site to modem. Full two-way wireless service is also available, providing upstream high-speed access up to 450 kilobits per second. Our standard equipment includes a microwave antenna system, cable modem and hardware professional installation. Some locations may require custom wiring and special antenna support structures for additional cost.

4G Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider - Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, ID / North Liberty, Iowa / Frankenmuth, MI / Great Falls, Missoula, MT / Kearney, Nebraska / Sioux Falls, SD

SpeedConnect owns FCC-Licensed spectrum. This means we have the exclusive rights to the frequencies we use to transmit our customers’ data. Other wireless companies use public frequencies that are cluttered with traffic and interference. SpeedConnect provides better performance, security and reliability.

High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Billings, Red Lodge, Montana / Buffalo, Casper, Cody, Douglas, Gillette, Newcastle, Ranchester, Rawlins, Sundance, Upton, Wright, Wyoming / DSL Broadband in South Dakota & Colorado

Visionary's wireless Internet uses radios to connect you to the Internet. Designed for this purpose, each radio both transmits and receives signal to provide you with a fast connection. Our standard packages deliver speeds of 1.5Mbps for residential and business. We also offer 10Mbps broadband service in many areas. Of course, custom wireless solutions are available upon request.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa

To bring high speed Internet to rural residents, WOW! offers Wave Runner Wireless. Wave Runner Wireless has speeds up to 2 Mbps download and 256k upload and offers a fast Internet alternative to dial up.

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