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Broadband Cable Internet Service in Ohio

Adelphia Communications Corporation (OTC: ADELQ) is the fifth-largest cable television company in the country. Adelphia serves customers in 31 states and Puerto Rico, and offers analog and digital video services, high-speed Internet access and other advanced services over its broadband networks. Adelphia High-Speed Internet Premier service offers even faster upload and download speeds than the Preferred High-Speed Internet service plus provides enhanced email features. Premier High-Speed Internet is designed for customers actively using bandwidth-intensive services, particularly if the internet connection is also being shared among multiple PCs. Premier High-Speed Internet addresses these types of internet usage with download speeds of up to 6 Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 768 Kbps.

Cable High-Speed Internet Service in Toledo, Ohio

Buckeye CableSystem sells higher speed connectivity through cable modems. That product is Buckeye Express. Buckeye Access and Buckeye Express are Internet products and services of Buckeye CableSystem. Buckeye Access was formerly known as Access Toledo, a locally-owned Internet Service Provider. The name change to Buckeye Access gives "brand" continuity to Buckeye CableSystem's Internet products.

High-Speed Cable Internet Service in Ohio

Comcast's blazing-fast 100% Pure Broadband™ brings you scorching speeds through a connection that's always on. Plus, it comes with tons of special features like click-and-play video clips, exciting games, Disney kids' activities, digital music and so much more. Comcast speed tiers range from 4.0 to 8.0 Mbps download speed (maximum upload speed from 384Kbps to 768Kbps respectively). The speed tier received and pricing will vary depending upon the speed tier selected and the level of Comcast video service and/or digital telephone service (if any) received. Speed comparisons are for downloads only and are compared to (as applicable, to 56K dial-up, 768Kbps, 1.5Mbps or 3.0Mbps DSL). Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Many factors affect speed.

(BPL) Broadband over Power Line Service Provider - CURRENT Communications Group based in Germantown, Maryland / coverage in: Cincinnati, Ohio / coverage expansion to Northern Kentucky and Indiana planned in the near future

Current Communications currently serves residential customers within select Greater Cincinnati, Ohio neighborhoods (Hyde Park and Mount Lookout at present), with a subsequent expansion to other Cincinnati communities and to Northern Kentucky and Indiana planned in the near future. Customers will receive notification directly from Current Communications when service is available in their neighborhood.

CURRENT Communications is the nation's premier Broadband over Power Line (BPL) service provider, offering broadband services to residential and small business customers. The service, CURRENT Broadband®, is an "always-on", high-speed Internet access connection that customers access by plugging their computer into the existing power outlets in any room of their home or small business through a special power line modem. CURRENT Broadband service provides the same high speed connection when sending and receiving information and allows multiple computers inside a home or business to access the Internet simultaneously.

JULY 08, 2005, Light Reading Google Backs Powerline Carrier - Ethernet-over-powerline service provider Current Communications Group LLC has received "strategic investments" from some new big-name backers in the form of Goldman Sachs & Co., Google, and The Hearst Corporation. Current, which is already offering its service across the electricity network of Cinergy Corp. in Cincinnati, Ohio, sees massive potential for further broadband uptake in the U.S., and is looking to provide its service across the infrastructures of other power utilities.

Cinergy Broadband, a subsidiary of Cinergy, has partnered with Current Communications Group to offer broadband over power line (BPL) services to residential electric customers (through Current Communications), and to municipal and electric co-operative utility markets (through ACcess Broadband). With BPL technology, customers can receive high-speed Internet access by plugging a small modem into virtually any electrical outlet in their home.

Cable High-Speed Internet Service in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio

Insight Communications announces increased speeds for Insight Broadband customers in all markets to 256Kbps upstream and 4 Mbps downstream. This is up from the 128Kbps upstream and 3Mbps downstream speeds that have been available since Insight Broadband was launched in February 2002. Insight Broadband Plus, a higher speed tier of service, also increases to 4Mbps downstream. Both increases are automatically available to current customers right now at no extra cost!

Founded in 1985, we have grown to become the 9th-largest cable operator in the U.S., with 1.4 million customers in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Insight is at the forefront of the cable industry in delivering leading-edge technology to its customers - including digital video, high-speed internet, HDTV, DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and digital phone service.

Broadband Cable Internet Service in Ohio

Road Runner - Time Warner's cable internet service. With Road Runner High-Speed Online, instead of waiting to get where you want to go online, you can already be there. Road Runner is up to 100 times faster than dial-up which means faster surfing, faster downloads, faster everything.

DSL High Speed Internet Service in Ohio

You're in good company when you choose SBC Yahoo! DSL as your high-speed Internet provider. These two trusted companies have teamed up, each offering you a world of experience, know-how, and cool, useful web services. The result is the very best broadband Internet experience around. With SBC Yahoo! DSL, you get everything from enhanced Yahoo! Mail to better computer protection and great entertainment. Check out the features below, then learn about our DSL packages.

Cable Modem High-Speed Internet Service in Wooster / Massillon Ohio area

With a high-speed cable modem connection, it's a whole new Internet. Super-Net is your high-speed connection to the World Wide Web. Forget about waiting on dial up or downloads that seem to take forever. Take command of your learning, shopping and surfing experiences, without tying up your phone, with cable modem access from Super-Net. You must live within the Massillon Cable TV service area to subscribe to the High-Speed Cable Modem service. Basic Cable Service is not required.

Cable Broadband Internet Service in Wadsworth, Ohio

Cable Broadband Internet Service in Illinois, Ohio and Michigan

Welcome to WOW!, a different kind of Internet and cable company. We offer genuine, long-term value on high-speed Internet and cable TV, a variety of money-saving bundles, as well as friendly, helpful customer care. As a result, hundreds of thousands of customers in Illinois, Ohio and Michigan have chosen us. And now we're introducing WOW! Phone service, which offers unlimited local and long distance calling. Bundle WOW! Phone together with WOW! Internet and WOW! Cable, and enjoy the benefits of saving money, time and hassle.

In December 2001, WOW! expanded by acquiring properties in Illinois, Michigan and Ohio from SBC.


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