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High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Wintersville, OHIO / In Jefferson County we currently cover : Wintersville, Steubenville, East Springfield, Smithfield, Richmond, Annapolis, Bloomingdale, and now Bergholz / Harrison County features: Hopedale, Cadiz, and New Athens

Welcome to Access Ohio Valley! The new WiFi internet Provider of the steel valley area. We are currently in the process of bringing you the future of wireless broadband internet. Our mission is to provide broadband access to small towns and rural areas in Jefferson, Carroll, and Harrison counties in Ohio

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Toledo, Dunbridge (Sugar Ridge), Perrysburg, Curtice, Lemoyne, Luckey, Pemberville, Genoa, Elmore, Woodville, Greytown, Lindsey, and Oak Harbor. OH / surrounding areas in Northwest Ohio

Amplex provides a variety of online services for homes and businesses in Northwest Ohio. Amplex provides broadband Internet service using a wireless connection to our customers locations. The service is comparable to DSL or Cable modem service. Our wireless service uses a small antenna mounted at the customer location to deliver data from our tower sites to your computer.

Wireless Broadband ISP - Millersport, Ohio

Wireless internet access is exactly what it says "wireless". Avolve is providing high speed cost effective solutions for internet access via wireless, NO PHONE LINES NEEDED ! There is no need to worry about slow downloads, busy signals, or disconnections anymore, with wireless internet your computer is always on the internet. The Wireless Internet connection is Bi-directional. Meaning your unit will send and receive information, making it a complete solution for internet connectivity.

WiMAX Wireless Broadband Internet Access - Attica, Bascom, Bloomville, Fostoria, Lowell, New Riegel, Republic, Tiffin, Willard, OH in Northwest Ohio

BrightWireless runs our new state-of-the-art WiMAX service over our licensed and registered spectrum giving you extra reliability. Use the flexibility of creating your own package to find which speed fits your budget. All this from a local provider with help right down the street.

Broadband Wireless Networking Solutions - Erie, Fulton, Henry, Lucas, Sandusky, and Wood counties of Ohio

Welcome to bright.net North... A local company servicing local people. Offering a variety of different internet options for you, whether it is wireless interest, DSL and even dial-up. We also offer web hosting and design services as well, give us a call today or stop on in and see what we can do for you!

WISP High Speed Wireless Network - Point Pleasant, Henderson, West Virginia / Galliapolis, Ohio

C4U WISP is now covering the Point Pleasant, Henderson WV area and Galliapolis, OH Area with Free and Pay wireless service. See us for more details. We are proud to now offer the community with our many services. New and Used PC's and repair. Networking and now Wi-fi access 4U and 2U.

wireless broadband Internet connections - Allen, Auglaize, Erie, Hancock, Hardin, Huron, Marion, Putnam, Sandusky, Seneca, and Wyandot counties in North Central and Northwest Ohio

ComWavz offers high-speed connection to the Internet in areas of Northwest and North Central Ohio. Whether you operate a home business with one computer or a business with several locations and multiple PC's, we can provide you with the connectivity and the speed you require. Even the most complex websites will load very fast and you don't get busy signals like you do with dial-up connections.

November 8, 2004 - We are pleased to announce that Benton Ridge Telephone Company has acquired the ComWavz high speed Internet operations. Benton Ridge Telephone Company subsidiary WATCH TV will immediately take over operations of the high speed wireless Internet operations in those locations under the ComWavz name. Benton Ridge Telephone Company and its subsidiaries have been providing wireless cable service to rural customers since 1992, Internet service since 1995, and high speed wireless Internet since 1999. Benton Ridge Telephone Company and subsidiaries currently serves over 16,000 customers in Northwest Ohio with telephone, cablevision, and Internet.

Broadband Wireless Provider - Southern Ohio - Chesapeake, Ironton, Gallipolis, Proctorville, Franklin Furnace, Portsmouth, West Portsmouth, and Crown City, OH / Ashland, South Shore, and Greenup, KY and regions of Eastern Kentucky / Huntington, Barboursville, and Ona WV - Northwestern West Virginia

Our New Second-Generation Wireless Service is rolling out rapidly. Please call our office for more information. This service uses a small dish-like antenna that points to one of our towers to allow you to access the internet at blazing speeds! ConnectLink, Inc. uses an 802.11 Standard and IP based equipment. Most modern electronic equipment is compatible to our system. Our frequencies are not affected by the weather - slower than 150 Mph winds capable of knocking antennas off rooftops. ConnectLink, Inc. will operate your system at either a 2.4 Ghz or 5.8 Ghz.

ConnectLink Wireless uses radio-based wireless technology that offers very high bandwidth - up to 155 Mbps - to carriers, corporations, and the general public. With the usage, newer, more advanced forms of wireless systems, we can offer speeds up to 600 Mbps.

ConnectLink, Inc. owns its own network. Because of this we ensure better speeds and reliability for end to end supply and delivery. Our products are not reliant on a third party over which ConnectLink, Inc. has no control. Customers get 24-hour, dedicated Internet access - minus the modems, dial tones, and waiting - with lightning fast connections.

Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider - Fayette, Clinton, Highland, Ross, Pickaway, Madison, Greene, Clark, Union, Champaign, Franklin, Miami Counties in Ohio

Large companies have focused on highly populated areas where they can get the greatest revenue for the lowest investment. As a result, many rural communities have been forgotten and left with slow dial-up connections or expensive satellite links. Country Connections uses state-of-the-art fixed wireless broadband technology to deliver high-speed internet access comparable to what you would get from the cable or phone company.

Broadband Wirless Internet Service - Barnesville, Belmont, Bethesda, Flushing, Harrisville, Jacobsburg, Morristown, St. Clairsville, OH

With Dark Horse Wireless, you can surf the web at blazing speeds at a fraction of the cost of cable or DSL. In addition to this, you are not confined to your office to browse the net - you can get service anywhere within our coverage area.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Columbus Grove, Kalida, and Mt. Cory, Ohio

Q1 Wireless is a new product for customers who don't have DSL or Cable Modem services available, but would like to have broadband internet. Q1 will come out and test your location to see if you can receive our wireless service. A Q1 Technician will install a 13" square antenna and a control box on the outside of your house wherever we get the strongest signal (usually near the roof peak). Once the antenna is attached to the house we will then install an Ethernet Cable from the control box to your computer.

Q1 Wireless has towers in Columbus Grove, Kalida, and Mt. Cory, each with a range of approximately 3 miles. Click on your town to view our service area or call us for current availability.

Q1 Wireless Broadband is a subsidiary of FairPoint Communications, Inc. (www.fairpoint.com). Serving rural communities with a broad range of telecommunications services is what we do best - and it's how we intend to continue to grow in the future.

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Cambridge, OH

We have just kicked-off our newest service, Wireless Internet. We currently have the capacity to service inside the town of Cambridge. Our goal is to extend service to our customers outside of the city limits. All packages require a 1 year agreement.

Gig-A-Bytes has been servicing the community for over 10 years, and has expanded its services to bring a whole new meaning to internet services. We offer a large variety of services, from custom built computers, to computer repair, and technical support, to all your cellular phone needs as an authorized Cellular One Dealer.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Mentor OH

Why Wait for cable or DSL? High Speed Internet access is now available in the Mentor Headlands area! wireless access point is a bridge between wired Ethernet and wireless Ethernet (802.11b). An access point is vital for free communication between wired and wireless networks. Our subscribers connect to our access point, which is available at multiple locations.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Woodsfield, Ohio / Guernsey * Monroe * Noble Counties, OH / surrounding rural communities in Ohio

Continuous streaming of full length movies consumes extremely large amounts of bandwidth!!! While GMN broadband does allow streaming of full length movies it can cause internet slowdowns for all our customers, especially our customers using the 900Mhz frequency (customers with trees between their residence and our towers). GMN Broadband does NOT have monthly usage limitations as do other wireless broadband providers, please help us keep it that way by changing your video quality to GOOD in the Netflix account settings and limiting your use of movie streaming, especially during peak hours 4:00pm to 10:00pm.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Headquarters: Dayton, OH

Harborlink is a managed service provider of high-speed wireless internet in both the U.S. and Canada. Our focus is on providing a quality Wi-Fi experience that is fast, easy and free-to-access. No Account setups. No Credit Cards. No Hassles.

High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Dublin, Oh / under-served areas in Hardin County and north central area of Ohio

Hardin-Net was launched in 2004 to bring Internet to under-served areas in Hardin County. Slane Telcom acquired Hardin-Net in 2006 with the goal of expanding the existing coverage area, offering high speed Internet and quality customer service, based in Ohio.Hardin-Net utilizes state of the art technology to bring secure,reliable, high speed bandwidth to the north central area of Ohio. Thisis accomplished by using wireless equipment developed and supplied by MOTOROLA. This product, called CANOPY is utilized in over 127 countriesand has been deployed for Presidential Inaugurations by the U.S. Secret Service. Hardin-Net has also contracted with American Tower Corporationto transmit the bandwidth from the highest locations available in the Hardin-Net coverage area.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP - College Corner, Blanchester, Elizabethtown, Fairfield, Hamilton, Harlan Township, Jacksonburg, Madison Township, Middletown, Morrow, Mt Repose, Okeana, Somerville, Springdale, Trenton, in Southwest Ohio / Bath, Brookville, Cedar Grove, Liberty, Mt. Carmel, West College Corner in Southeast Indiana

We provide high speed Internet access for residential and business customers by way of one of the highest rated technologies available today. With “online all the time” availability and speeds up to 5.0 Mbps, we make browsing the world-wide-web a better experience!

WISP Broadband Fixed wireless Internet service provider for Darke & Preble Counties as well as surrounding areas

Hometown Cable, LLC began in 2005 as a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) provider of voice, video, and data services in the Coldwater, St Henry, and Montezuma areas. In 2011, Hometown Cable acquired g-Wireless, Inc., a company providing wireless Internet in Darke and Preble Counties

WISP Broadband Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Troy, OH

Imagine Networks provides "WiFi Hot Spots" used for public or private network connectivity. Internet access is provided for you to connect using your Android, Blackberry, iPhone or wireless laptop. Attract new and repeating customers by adding a WiFi Hotspot to your business. Some of our existing WiFi venues include Convention and Expo Centers, Hotels and Restaurants.

WISP Broadband Fixed Wireless ISP - Athens, Albany, Shade, New Marshfield, Canaanville, Stewart, Langsville, Pageville, Williamsport, Orient, Commercial Point, Ashville, Circleville, Tarlton, Laurelville, Stoutsville, Amanda, Groveport, Lithopolis, Canal Winchester, Carrol, Baltimore, Lancaster and Mt. Sterling, OH / surrounding rural areas in Southeast Ohio

Intelliwave provides an Internet connection via a fixed wireless radio and antenna system. An Intelliwave technician will install a small radio receiver/transmitter and antenna on the outside of your home and will run a single cable inside your home to connect to your computer or wireless router. This antenna is pointed at the nearest Intelliwave access point tower. When you send and receive information over the Internet, it goes over the wireless link from your radio/antenna to our wireless access point. From there, the information travels over our network backbone. This backbone is constructed using a series of microwave radio links that together form the Intelliwave tower network. This tower network connects directly to the Internet via fiber optics.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Rushville, OH / cover the area from Sheridan High School to Baltimore and from Interstate 70 to US 22

J&J Communications is dedicated in bringing our customers a quality internet experience. We test our network daily and strive to maintain the highest quality of service. Our customer service is above and beyond that of large wireless companies. We are constantly monitoring the market for new technology and the latest & greatest equipment. So if you are tired of that slow dial up connection give us a call. You will be very glad you did.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Centenary, Gallipolis, Spring Valley, Kerr, Green Valley Ohio / Henderson, Point Pleasant West Virginia

Welcome to JB-Nets. We are a small computer company, that has been in the area since 1997. We were previously known as Kline's Custom Computers, but decided to change our name as our business grew, and we began to do more Residential, and Commercial Networking. We are also now expanding our Field of service into the Web Hosting, and Wireless ISP areas in an attempt to bring high speed internet services to Rural Southern Ohio. We are looking to provide a broadband solution to Southern Ohio where Cable and DSL Connections are not avaliable.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - service Union County and the West side of Delaware County, including Richwood, Magnetic Springs, Ostrander, Marysville, Peoria, Raymond, and Broadway, Ohio (Oh)

Our goal is to provide reliable, fast, and reasonably priced wireless internet service to the residents of Union County and surrounding areas. Our service uses radio waves to transmit data between the internet and your computer. This is not satellite. Our service has many advantages over satellite, including faster response times, faster data transfer speeds, and much more generous download limits. Our service does not require the use of a phone line. This is a 2-way, always on connection.

Broadband Wireless ISP WISP - Mansfield, Ohio

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Stark County Oh / Alliance, Canton, North Canton, Louisville / surrounding rural areas in Northeast Ohio

High Speed Wireless Internet Provider. Residential and Business Welcome To LightSpeed Technologies

Wireless Broadband service - Available in Brooklyn Heights, Parma, Garfield Heights, Independence, and a 7 mile radius including Downtown Cleveland, OH

High Speed – from 64Kbps up to 5.5 Mbps Bay ACCESS II from Mango Bay Internet utilizes unlicensed wireless broadband to bring high speed Internet access at an affordable price. Mango Bay is currently in the process of building a wireless network infrastructure in the Cleveland area. Wireless equipment is being installed on a tower near you! This wireless equipment relays your data to our base station at our office, that is ultimately connected to our broadband network.

WISP Utra High Speed & Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Ashland, OH

Mechcom Dot Net wireless broadband is for those of you who just need more speed then what dial-up can offer. Our standard wireless broadband is up to 10X faster then standard dial-up. That works out to be up to 500kbit download speeds.

Wireless Broadband Service - Defiance, OH / Northwest Ohio, Northeastern Indiana, Southeastern Michigan

From residential service to business service, MetaLINK Technologies has a high speed wireless package to fit your budget, and provide the speed you need for your home or office.

4G High Speed Wireless Network Service Provider - headquartered in Westlake, Ohio / serving Cleveland, Elyria, OH / surrounding communities along Lake Erie coast in Northeastern Ohio

NetX Internet, LLC is a wirless 4G network operator. NetX offers Fixed Wireless Internet services that support Voice over IP, VPN, Carrier Wi-Fi, 4G offload, and other managed services over its own IP network to businesses. NetX customers include enterprises, non-profits, educational institutions, government entities and telecom carriers. Services range from a variety of symmetrical bandwidth options with speeds up to several Gigabits

Wireless Rural Broadband Internet employing Near Line Of Site (NLoS) technology - headquartered in Coolville, OH / serving Meigs County and Mid-Ohio Valley / surrounding communities in Gallia, Vinton and Athens counties in Ohio, as well as Mason and Jackson counties in WV

New Era Broadband, LLC, operating as New Era Broadband Services is a registered LLC in the State of Ohio and the County of Meigs. We were formed out of the need to provide high speed and broadband Internet access to the under-served and unserved rural customers in the Mid-Ohio Valley and beyond.

WISP Broadband Wireless Network Service Provider - Delaware, Cambridge, Ashley, Waldo, Cardington, Kilbourne, Leonardsburg, Sunbury, OH / surrounding communities in Central Ohio

NexGenAccess offers High Speed Internet and VOIP Unlimited Home and Business Phone Service

Next Generation Broadband Wireless Connections - Polk, Castalia, Oberlin, Oberlin Township, Kipton, Rochester, Brighton, Amherst, Wellington, OH and Western Erie County

As our coverage area grows we create overlap in coverage. In the beginning we had very little overlap and few towers so site surveys were a must to ensure we could actually get service to customers. We currently have 19 tower locations and often times customers can connect to more than one tower thus increasing the probability for a successful installation.

Wireless Internet service provider - offers wireless service to the Columbus Grove, Continental, Convoy, Leipsic, Ottawa, Pandora, and Van Wert areas, Ohio

North West Net, Inc. Offers high speed wireless internet using radio frequency technology. We provide a constant connection with faster speeds than competitors. To provide wireless service, an antenna is mounted on the side of the house or business, a cable is ran from this antenna to a location of a customer’s choice. and a POE (Power over Ethernet) box is plugged in near the computer or router to provide internet.

Wireless Cable TV and Broadband Internet Service Provider - Coldwater, Ohio / services in Mercer and Northern Darke County and Northern Parts Of Van Wert County In Ohio and Parts Of Jay County in Indiana

Speeds up to 8Mb available and VOIP services

METRO-SCALE Wireless Network - Cleveland, OH

OneCleveland is a nonprofit provider of a community-based ultra broadband networking services to educational, governmental, research, arts, cultural, nonprofit and healthcare organizations in Greater Cleveland. Subscribers to OneCleveland, such as Case Western Reserve University, do offer Wi-Fi services to users of their respective networks.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Delta, OH / surrounding areas of Northwest Ohio and many parts of Michigan

PowerNet Wireless Internet Service provides the high speed access you want with an affordable means to receive it. Stop depending on phone lines and cable lines for your Internet capabilities! The world wide web is available without the hassle! Up to 25 times faster than dial up access! Downloads are a joy now instead of a hassle! Browsing is efficient and effective! Wireless service availability depends on line of sight from customer location to PowerNet equipment. PowerNet Internet is locally owned and operated. PowerNet provides local Internet access to 7 Counties in Northwest Ohio and many parts of Michigan

broadband wireless access - Edison, Mt. Gilead, Ohio

Wireless internet access uses 2.4Ghz radio signals to provide your connection to the internet rather than a phone line. This bypasses all the problems associated with using a voice grade phone line and modem. The range on 2.4ghz signals is limited to line of sight. This means the antennas at each end of the link have to be able to see each other with virtually nothing in the way. Unfortunately even trees block the signal. This means that the service will not be available everywhere. The areas Redbird is currently able to reach is the "in town" Mt. Gilead Cardington, and Edison area's. 1 to 2 miles west of Edison may be possible as long as there is a clear line of sight to your east. If you can see the top of the grain elevator in Edison you can receive the signal.

High Speed Wireless Internet Access - Winchester IN / East Central Indiana and Western Ohio

Welcome to the home of High Speed Wireless Broadband in East Central Indiana and Western Ohio. RC-WiFi is a service of PCS-WIN in Winchester Indiana. Our goal is to offer high speed internet access to the residents in rural areas as an alternative to dial-up or Satellite.

Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider - Main Office is located in Mt. Vernon, Ohio with service in about 90% of Knox County, most of Licking County north of I-70, a good portion of southern Richland & Ashland Counties, some of western Holmes & Coshocton Counties, most of eastern Morrow County, and a small part of northeast Delaware County In Ohio

Reliable, dedicated Internet access over our robust Fixed Wireless network supports heavy Internet usage or web hosting requirements. Choose increments from 1 Mbps to full 5 Mbps service.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Portsmouth, West Portsmouth, New Boston, Lucasville, Wheelersburg, Piketon, Waverly, Minford and South Shore Ky / surrounding rural communities in Pike and Scioto counties of Ohio and Greenup county Kentucky

We will be adding areas as fast as we can so if you want high speed internet and no more second phone lines give us a call. That's right there is no phone line involved and the internet is always on. No dial up. No waiting. When your computer is turned on so is the Internet.

WiMAX Wireless Broadband ISP - Piqua, Ohio / Local and Rural Connections in West Central Ohio

WiMAX is a wireless digital communications system, also known as IEEE 802.16, that is intended for wireless "metropolitan area networks". WiMAX can provide broadband wireless access (BWA) up to 30 miles (50 km) for fixed stations, and 3 - 10 miles (5 - 15 km) for mobile stations. In contrast, the WiFi/802.11 wireless local area network standard is limited in most cases to only 100 - 300 feet (30 - 100m).

Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) Wireless Broadband Network - headquartered in Wheeling, WV / West Virginia / Ohio

StratusWave Communications is a total communications provider featuring local telephone service, long distance Telephone service and Internet solutions. StratusWave offers a single point of contact for business and residential customers. Choosing StratusWave Communications, means no longer having to deal with multiple telecommunications providers! StratusWave is a public utility regulated by the West Virginia Public Service Commission and the Public Utility Commission of Ohio.

High Speed - constant connect. Fully integrated digital broadband Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) Network. A state-of-the-art network with fiber-equivalent quality including fully integrated digital broadband capability. Our broadband capacity delivers high speed constant connect Internet access with plenty of bandwidth for your business to participate in the emerging world of e-business. The StratusWave networking and communications solutions enable small- and medium- sized businesses to thrive in the new world of e-business - faster and easier than ever thought possible!

Broadband Wireless Internet and Network Solutions - Toledo, Ohio

CISP is a growing IT and telecom solutions provider with the necessary credentials and expertise to provide state-of-the-art services to our customers and has been since the beginning. Toledo businesses are dependent upon fast and reliable internet connections to maintain productivity. TotaLink Wireless access is your affordable solution when broadband is not available or you require redundant connections. The service is fully scalable, allowing you to easily tailor your needs to your company's growth.

High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Upper Sandusky, Carey, Nevada, Wharton, Forest, Vanlue, Alvada, New Riegel, Sycamore & Lovell, OH / Wyandot County Ohio

UDATA has 11 megabyte feed that surpasses cable access in both speed and reliability.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Celina, Coldwater, Fort Recovery, Rockford, Saint Henry OH / surrounding areas of Mercer County, Ohio

Our Bright Wireless broadband internet access provides you with a constant high speed connection without tying up your phone line. The wireless receiver connects directly to your computer’s network card providing you with a high speed connection without the cost of a dedicated circuit.

Wireless Cable TV and Broadband Internet Service Provider - Pelzer, Indiana / throughout Northwest Ohio

Founded in 1992, Watch Communications began as a wireless MMDS Cable TV system, using Microwave technology, and offered Cable TV service to rural areas where standard cable service was unavailable. Today, Watch Communications has grown to serve over 10,000 homes and businesses throughout Northwest Ohio.

High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Bucyrus, Oceola, Benton, Lemert, Ridgeton, Brokensword, Lykens, Chatfield, OH / Crawford County, Ohio

WAVELINC is the leading provider for broadband wireless internet service in Northern Crawford County and is rapidly expanding west, north, and east of Bucyrus.

high-speed broadband wireless solutions - Lima, Ohio

Wireless Internet is broadband access that is transmitted over radio frequencies. This technology requires a wireless receiver with a direct "line of site" to a WCOIL Wireless Node. This option is primarily used by business clients, as it is generally too cost prohibitive for general residential use. This service is currently available in the Lima area, but will soon be offered in the surrounding communities!

High speed wireless access - Mid-Ohio Valley (Parkersburg, WV)

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Mohican, OH and surrounding area

We provide broadband SkyRunner wireless internet - our own product - in the Mohican Area. We can reach rural areas that cable and DSL don't serve. If SkyRunner can't reach you, we also sell and install both HughesNet and WildBlue Viasat Satellite internet services.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP - Attica, Judyville, Romney, Linden, State Line, Carbondale, Marshfield, Waynetown, Danville, Mellott, West Lebanon, Hedrick, New Richmond, Williamsport, Hillsboro, Pence, Wingate, Independence, Pine Village / Madison, Hamilton, Tipton, Clinton, Boone, Montgomery, Tippecanoe, Fountain, Warren, and surrounding counties / Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio

ZigWireless provides next Generation broadband services to Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. Our products incude fixed wireless broadband, licensed microwave links, fiber optic connections, and municipal solutions.

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