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WiMAX Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Las Vegas, Nevada

Airband’s suite of services is based on fixed-wireless technology. We offer a wide-range of business-class network services designed to meet bandwidth requirements for companies of all sizes, with up to Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) speeds. The fixed-wireless technology we use is different than Wi-Fi, in that it can provide more bandwidth, across a larger geographic area, with quality of service guarantees.

Broadband Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Pahrump, NV

Air-Internet.Com uses Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology that provides a higher quality of security and reliability, because of the difficulty to jam or detect signals. The military has used and developed this technology over two decades and it is now emerging as the leading edge for commercial applications.

The Pahrump Valley now has one of the most advanced and fastest growing technologies for the exchange of digital data. Only the second community in Nevada, next to Reno, to have this unique capability, which will enhance the quality of life, not only for the residential user, but also provide a dynamic thrust to the economical growth of the business community. There are many significant advantages to fixed wireless service resulting from the cost effective use of high-speed digital access that eliminates the dependency on the local loops from the local "Telco" and expensive DSU/CSU equipment. No more dedicated phone lines; no more disconnects and no more logging on. Wireless provides a true "unlimited" service and freedom from slow and sometimes obsolete copper phone lines. There are several broadband Internet solutions available in larger metropolitan cities such as cable modem and DSL, but these cannot compare to the quality of service that wireless provides.

non-line-of-sight Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - offices in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada / many areas of western Nevada: Reno, Carson City, Topaz Lake, Tonopah, Goldfield, Beatty and Amargosa Valley

AtomSplash is committed to bringing connectivity and networking solutions of the 21st century, broadband Internet, to Nevada with a strong dedication to serve individuals and businesses in rural areas as well.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Carson City, Reno, Washoe Valley, Spanish Springs And now Palomino Valley, Pleasant Valley, Lemmon Valley, and Stead, NV / Northern Nevada area

A wireless Internet connection's speed depends on the plan you purchase. At an absolute maximum, depending on distance and radio interference in your area, your connection can receive information at about 10 MBits per second; approximately equal to the speed of 6 T1 connections. For our basic service typical speeds vary between 2.5 to 8 Mbits/sec. But our Speed from your computer to the Internet is far faster than DSL or Cable. Our outbound speeds are near to the inbound speeds!!! We are rolling out premium service in some areas. Premium service has speeds of up to 20 megabits per second. With up speeds to 10 megabits per second!

WISP Broadband Fixed Wireless Network - Meridian, ID / serving Idaho, Nevada and Utah / the largest Digital Fixed Wireless network in the country

Your broadband Internet has to be fast, reliable and able to meet your growing demands. We have invested over $200 million to create the next evolution in connectivity – The Network. Engineered with one goal in mind, to provide you with the best Broadband Internet choice.

Broadband Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider - White Pine and Eureka Counties in rural Nevada

Wireless Internet Service Available in Areas not Covered by other Broadband Service

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Truckee, CA / serving the greater Lake Tahoe-Truckee area in California & Nevada

Exwire is a telecommunications and data services company located in Truckee, California serving the greater Lake Tahoe-Truckee area. Exwire was launched in 2002 and has grown to cover the major communities of the north and west shore, the 89 corridor and the summit. For commercial enterprises, such as ski areas, hotels, cafes and conference centers, we provide Internet services to guests and patrons who have Wi-Fi 802.11 enabled laptops, PDAs and cell phones. Exwire uses advanced wireless and wireline technologies to deliver reliable, secure broadband Internet, data and voice service primarily to non-urban markets. By using carrier-grade RF technology on unlicensed frequencies, we create highly secure networks to bring Internet connectivity and innovative networking and data services to markets that are under-served at competitive prices.

Wireless Broadband Internet Service - Reno, Sparks, Gardernville, Minden, NV

Wireless broadband service from Great Basin Internet Services offers our customers an always-on high speed internet connection to your home - unlike DSL or dialup, all service is provided by GBIS with no extra charges for a phone circuit. We provide you with the equipment, service, and support for wireless access. This service isn't "wireless" in the same sense that your cell phone is. This is a fixed connection that is installed at your home or office with an antenna mounted outside. This is more like getting DSL or a cable modem, but instead of wires, you have a fixed antenna installed.

We are currently offering this service in three speeds: up to one megabit per second, up to three megabits per second and up to six megabits per second. Unlike DSL and cable modems, the speed offered is the same for upload and download. Note: speeds may vary depending on distance, weather conditions, and other factors.

4G Wimax Broadband Wireless ISP - Fernley, Silver Springs, Black Springs, Stagecoach, Mark Twain/Dayton, South Reno, Washoe Valley, Reno, Sparks, NV / Some of the rural North Valleys in Northern Nevada - Golden Valley, Raleigh Heights, Panther Valley

High Desert's Wireless Internet uses microwave radio signals to deliver high speed data to your home or office. Imagine being connected to the internet with instant access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the addition of a special network card to your computer and an antenna outside, you can be PART OF the internet. Our Wireless system is designed to cover the areas "left out" by DSL coverage and Cable Modem coverage, giving Rural customers the same type of performance enjoyed by those in the cities.

Our Wireless Internet is bi-directional like some satellite solutions, however since the distances covered are much smaller (40 miles vs 44,000 miles with satellite) the response times are much better. The industry term for response time is "latency". With existing satellite solutions these time are as high as 6 seconds, while our Wireless system is typically under 100ms (IE: 1/10 second)! Some satellite solutions do not allow more that one computer to be connected to the dish, and do not allow FTP uploads, preventing all but general browsing of the Internet!

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Reno, Nevada / many areas of western Nevada: Virginia City Highlands, Moundhouse, Dayton, Stagecoach, Silver Springs, Yerington, Mason Valley, Smith Valley, Reno, Sparks

Highlands Wireless is a locally owned and operated WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider). We provide high-reliability / high-bandwidth Internet to our many happy customers. Highlands Wireless specializes in providing service in rural and remote areas where other carriers do not. We are not the least expensive, just the most reliable!

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Dayton, Gardnerville, Minden, Virginia City, and Lake Tahoe Nevada Area / coverage area ranges as far north as Palomino Valley, and as far south as Carson City

Hot Spot Broadband is one network that services residential users, large business, small business and mobile users through publicly accessible Wi-Fi hot spots. Additionally HSB has solutions for applications that require large amounts of bandwidth (up to OC3 155Mbps) such as data centers, Enterprise business, or other ISPs. Hot Spot Broadband is committed to 100% customer satisfaction when using ether our fixed wireless solutions or our HotSpot service. We use a terrestrial fixed wireless system that has been deployed throughout the Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe area. Click here for a look out our coverage area.

WiMAX Wireless Internet Service Provider - Las Vegas, NV

Dedicated circuits with bandwidth from 768k, 1.54mb, 3mb, 4.5mb, 6mb, 10mb, 20mb, 30mb, 45mb, 50mb and 100mb. A solution for any business, large or small

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP - Primm, Henderson, Green Valley, Las Vegas, Boulder City

LasVegas.Net wireless Internet operates at a maximum burst of up to 3Mbps up AND down using our standard equipment. In reality, a raw data burst rate of 2.5Mbps is the maximum throughput due to wireless protocol overhead. Distance and cable length will affect maximum transfer rate. For example, if a customer is five miles away from a given tower, a possible up/down transfer rate might be 1-1.5Mbps, however if the customer is within two miles of the tower, he or she may very well attain full burst rate.

Wireless broadband is a fairly new technology where your connection to the Internet is made by a radio link to one of our antennas. This allows us to do some pretty amazing things. First, we aren't limited by cables like DSL or Cable Broadband; our connection to you passes through the air. Since we aren't trying to make older technology (like television cable) work for data, we can achieve incredible speeds both from the network to you, and from you out. Broadband is an always-on connection capable of providing simultaneous mixed media (phone, fax, Internet) over the same line with speeds that are substantially greater than a typical dial-up connection.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Ely, NV / *Wireless Broadband users must be within 9 miles of Squaw Peak to receive service. Wireless Broadband is only available in limited surrounding rural areas in Nevada

Mt. Wheeler Power is a cooperative providing electricity, Internet connectivity and more to Nevada and Utah residents and businesses. Get The Best in Internet Services!

Broadband Wireless ISP - Fallon, NV / surrounding communities in Churchill County Nevada

Oasis Online, Churchill County's most reliable Internet Provider, is now offering High Speed Wireless Internet Connectivity in Churchill County. Both for Businesses and Residential Customers. Phone lines are no longer necessary for Internet access at speeds to 3 Mbps. Approximately 10 times faster than DSL, the wireless solution does not interfere with phone usage and will not slow down as usage increases. Your business or residence is given a "Committed Information Rate"* Which means your bandwidth is reserved for you. * Committed Information Rate means Guaranteed Bandwidth. When comparing "The Wireless Internet Solution" to DSL and Cable Modems, be sure you are comparing "apples to apples." Wireless Internet is not on the same playing field as other Internet connections. We opened our first branch POP (Point of Presence) in September, 1999 in Reno, Nevada. This enabled us to provide the same courteous, dependable Oasis Online Internet service to Fernley, Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Silver Springs, Incline Village, Wadsworth and Nixon, NV.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Winnemucca, Golconda, Battle Mountain and surrounding areas / surrounding communities in Paradise Valley / Northern Nevada

Welcome to PC Internet and Performance Computing! Northern Nevada's Finest Internet Service Provider. We are pleased to announce that we are now offering Local Internet Access to Northern Nevada. Great prices, Great plans, Great service. PC Internet's exciting new Dial Broadband service offers you a low-cost, easy solution for immediately enhancing your subscriber's dial-up experience. There's no additional software or equipment required.

areas covered are Carson City proper east of 395 and north of the Capitol, as well as the southern portion of Carson City, the Lakeview Subdivision in Northwest Carson City and Washoe Valley. Another area is from approximately one mile south of the Minden/Gardnerville airport to the north end of Carson Valley

At Pyramid Net, we have no bandwidth cap. We do not limit how much bandwidth you use a month unlike other ISPs in the area. If you aren't a Pyramid customer, then you may be in for a surprise on your bill.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Aspendell, Aspensprings, Benton, Big Pine, Bishop, Brideport, Chalfant, Coleville, Crowley Lake, Fish Springs, Independence, Hammil Valley, June Lake, Keeler, Lee Vining, Lone Pine, Mammoth Lakes, Mono City, Starlite, Sunny Slopes, Swall Meadows, Topaz, Walker, CA / Topaz Lake, Wellington, NV

Schat.net provides highspeed wireless Internet Access throughout Inyo and Mono counties. Schat.net, a local Inyo County family run business serves customers from Keeler, Ca to Topaz, NV. We cover a driving distance of more than 200 miles with our own private HighSpeed data backbone. Schat.net’s services include residential, SOHO and full scale business Internet Access and Point-to-Point data circuits. Schat.net also provides VoIP, PC repair, computer services, public internet access, and on-site technical support.

Wireless Broadband Internet connections - Las Vegas, Nevada

Wireless Broadband Internet connections from 256k to 1.54mb. Multi-Tenant Unit services availible. Dedicated T-Span services availible, from 1.54mb to 9mb dedicated links. Point to Point services avaible, starting at 1.54mb. All services include one statice IP, additional IP's availble for additional charge.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - (up to 3Mbps) for Reno, Yerington, Smith Valley, Silver Springs, and surrounding areas

Free nationwide dialup account for travel with wireless account

non-line-of-sight Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Las Vegas, NV / California, Nevada, Texas

Get flexible, scalable and cost-effective enterprise level wireless internet access with our WiMAX-featured broadband wireless network. Our enhanced T1class IP-based services can satisfy the under-served demand for last mile broadband access, while delivering fast, symmetrical downstream and upstream speeds to overcome data connectivity limitations and create e-business opportunities. Take your business to the next level with our superior wireless internet access, service, and technology.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Winnemucca, NV / surrounding communities in Northern Nevada

Service in Winnemucca and surrounding areas; from Pegasus Mine to Paradise Valley. If you can see the top of Winnemucca Mountain, you are eligible for high-speed internet access! Depending on which plan you choose and what operating system is on your computer, you will have to purchase equipment to make a wireless internet connection possible. Equipment is purchased through The-OnRamp.Net and will be fully paid for by the customer prior to installation. Customer retains full ownership of the equipment. *Note: The required Operating System for a wireless connection is Win98 or higher.*

Wi-Fi Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas

VegasWifi Communications has recently finished the rollover of our network onto a High Capacity Redundant Internet Connection which gives us the capability of offering speeds up to 100Meg

Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Pahrump, NV

WaveDirect is Pahrump's Rural Broadband Service Provider. The Internet has become a necessity in American households and, not surprisingly, as technology advances, so do our expectations. Try WaveDirect for 30 days and see for yourself why WaveDirect is Pahrump Valley’s choice for High Speed Internet regardless of where you live or work.

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