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Links for Comparing the Leading WiFi / 802.11 Wireless Networks for Area Codes 308, 402 - Wireless Internet Service & Broadband Wireless ISPs throughout Nebraska - NE WISPs / Metro HotZONES & WiMAX Wireless MANs

WiMAX High Speed Wireless Access - Scottsbluff, Nebraska / Nebraska Service Areas*: Alliance, Bayard, Bridgeport, Dalton (West of), Gering, Harrisburg, Henry, Kimball, Lake Minatare, Lyman, Minatare, Mitchell, Morrill, Potter, Reddington, Scottsbluff, Sidney, Stegal / Wyoming Service Areas*: Huntley, LaGrange, Lingle, Torrington, Veteran, Yoder *Surrounding rural areas are included

Action offers the latest modem and wireless technology! Internet Services Provider serving the Nebraska Panhandle and Eastern Wyoming. Services include web hosting, 56k dial-up and high speed wireless access.

Rural high speed Internet service provider - Adams, Agnew, Alvo, Ashland, Arlington, Bennet, Brainard, Ceresco, Cedar Bluffs, Crete,Colon, Davey, Denton, Dewight, David City, Douglas, Eagle, Elmwood, Emerald, Fontanelle, Fremont, Garrison, Garland, Greenwood, Hallam, Hooper, Leshara, Lincoln, Lorton, Malcolm, Malmo, Manley, Martel, Mead, Memphis, Murdock, Nickerson, Palmyra, Raymond, Staplehurst, Swedeburg, Syracuse, Tecumseh, Unadilla, Valparasio, Wabash, Walton, Wahoo, and Waverly, Southeastern Nebraska

If you are looking for a leading Rural high speed Internet service provider in southeast nebraska (we also provide in most towns) Affordable Internet Solutions can help.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Laurel, NE / rural Nebraska

American Broadband provides rural Nebraska with telecommunications products and services. ABB has the telecommunications solutions for both residential and business, offering high-speed Internet data to customers by wireless, fiber, DSL and cable modem. We offer state of the art voice solutions and a full range of video/ cable TV services.

high speed wireless Internet connections - Arapahoe, Bartley, Brule, Cambridge, Cozad, Edison, Elwood, Holbrook, Indianola, Johnsons's Lake, Lexington, Oxford, Maywood, North Platte, Ogallala, NE

We offer 128K, 256K, 512K, and 1024K, which is a full meg of bandwidth. Wireless is a line of sight technology, which means each individual antenna must be able to "see" the omni to receive its signal. The signal will not follow the curvature of the earth, so depending on the terrain of the area, the signal will carry for 8-10 miles. As our network expands, we hope to place amplifiers on the outskirts of the signal area in order to expand the coverage, but that project will only begin after the original network has been installed.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Burchard, DuBois, Johnson, Humboldt Nebraska area

We now have over 27 sites carrying wireless internet service. Sites are scattered through nebraska, kansas and missouri. If you are within 2 to 4 miles of one of our sites our service will most likely work for you. If you are up to 12 miles we may still be able to reach you with service provided we can establish line of sight between your rooftop and our tower site. A free site survey will be required to determine if the service will work for you.

WISP - Broadband Wireless ISP - Lincoln, NE area

Wireless Internet- faster speed without the line charges is available for line-of-site to Binary Antennas. Please call us for a site inspection. This service is delivered via radios and antennas using a public frequency. Spread spectrum radio is a lower cost, convenient way to connect LANs between buildings. Spread spectrum links come with a wide range of performance availability, from 1 Mbp to 10 Mbps, and operate in the license-free ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) bands. Spread spectrum radio is quick to implement and can be a very effective alternative to fiber or telephone company connectivity.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service - Burchard, Johnson, Pawnee City Nebraska / Atchison, Bern, Baileyville, Beattie, Corning, Hiawatha, Marysville, Purcell, Seneca Kansas / Savannah, St Joseph, Missouri

Broadband Wireless Internet by Haug Communications Inc. (Over 30 years experience in RF communications). We have now updated to NLOS wireless modems on many of our tower sites. What this means is we have a larger coverage area. If we could not reach you in the past with wireless due to trees or distance give us a call. We may be able to now. NVCS dial-up Internet has combined with BBWI high speed wireless Internet to create a true full service locally owned ISP. We are now able to offer 56k V.92 dialup and high speed wireless access to Seneca and many surrounding communities.

broadband wireless network - Grant, Imperial, NE

Why wireless? It is always on. It is fast. I know this is valuable. It will change the way people use the Internet. Dealing with a slow 24k or 56k modem that takes a couple of minutes to connect severely limits use of the Internet. When investigating how to bring you faster service, I looked at satellite, DSL, cable modems, and power line connections. For those of us in the very rural areas, wireless is the only technology that is affordable and gives us fast information transfers.

Why is fast and always-on important? It allows you to do things that you cannot do with a phone line modem. You can now easily run an online business that will make you a living from your home. You can make free phone calls to anywhere in the USA. You can download music in an acceptable amount of time. You can get an online education or maintain professional certification without leaving home.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Norfolk, Battle Creek, Hadar, Meadow Grove, Pierce, Pilger, Wisner and all areas in between in Northeast Nebraska

Are you tired of slow internet….do you live in an area that is considered rural? If you answered yes to either question then Connecting Point's wireless Internet is just the answer for you. With ever expanding coverage area in Northeast Nebraska Connecting Point is the premier high speed Internet provider. Having designed our wireless network to cover areas not currently covered by other high speed options, Connecting Point knows how to service both residential and rural customers. Call us today to arrange a site survey and start surfing like surfing was meant to be. Our coverage area includes Norfolk, Battle Creek, Hadar, Pierce, Pilger, Wisner and all areas in between!

WiMAX High Speed Wireless ISP - Adams, Beatrice, Bruning, Cortland, Daykin, DeWitt, Diller, Fairbury, Firth, Harbine, Hebron, Hickman, Jansen, Odell, Ohiowa, Panama, Plymouth, Princeton, Roca, South Lincoln, Wilber, Wymore, NE / Gage, Fillmore, Jefferson, Lancaster, Saline & Thayer Counties in Southeast Nebraska

WiMAX is an acronym for WorldWide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a telecommunications technology that provides wireless transmission of data using a variety of transmission modes, from point to multipoint links to portable and fully mobile internet access. Although the WiMAX that we have deployed is a fixed platform. Which means it is not a mobile Internet platform. Please call our office to find out if Wimax is available to you

Diode Communications offers high speed Internet to most of Southeast Nebraska and is continually rolling out new locations. To the people not in our phone exchanges, we offer the wireless service that runs over the microwave frequencies. Our service is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. With our wireless connection, you can connect with speeds from 3 to 21 times faster than dialup. We can also bring you speeds up to 642 times faster or anywhere in between for businesses or home users that have a need for a large amount of bandwidth.

High speed wireless Internet service - Gordon, Hay Springs, Rushville, Chadron, Mirage Flats, Nebraska

With High Speed Wireless Internet, your internet connection travels over 2-way radio instead of your telephone line. You don't need that extra phone line you've been paying for (or planning to install). High Speed Wireless Internet can connect at speeds ranging from 128Kbps -1.5 Mbps depending on your location and the level of service you have ordered. (This is 2.5 - 30 times faster than your best 50Kbps connection and 4 - 50 times faster than a more common 30Kbps connection most people are able to achieve.)

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Omaha, NE / Adams, Alvo, Arlington, Ashland, Avoca, Beaver Lake, Bellwood, Bennet, Brainard, Burr, Cedar Bluffs, Ceresco, Colon, Cook, Crete, David CIty, Denton, Douglas, Dunbar, Dwight, Eagle, Elk Creek, Elmwood, Emerald, Fontanelle, Fremont, Garland, Garrison, Greenwood, Hallam, Hickman, Hooper, Leshara, Lincoln, Lorton, Malcolm, Malmo, Manley, Martel, Mead, Memphis, Murdock, Murray, Mynard, Nehawka, Nickerson, Nolte, North Bend, Oakland, Omaha, Otoe, Palmyra, Prairie Home, Raymond, Rock Creek, Schuyler, Scribner, Silver Creek, Southbend, Staplehurst, Syracuse, Tecumseh, Union, Valparaiso, Wabash, Wahoo, Walton, Waterloo, Waverly in Eastern Nebraska / also Western Iowa

We can deliver speeds as high as 1 Gigabit!!! Our robust network is backed by multiple Gigabit connections to the internet unlike many other providers who rely on one T1 line. Also, unlike cable or DSL modems your upload and download connection speeds can be the same and latency is generally much lower!

Wireless High-Speed Internet - Anan Elevator, Ayr, Axtell, Fairfield, Franklin, Funk, Giltner, Glenvil, Guide Rock, Hansen, Hastings, Hayland Elevator, Hildreth, Juniata, Kenesaw, Minden, Ragan,Trumbull, and Wilcox, NE & other areas of South-Central Nebraska

Glenwood is south central Nebraska's leading provider of broadband Internet service. Not only do we cover more area than anyone, we have the widest range of deliver methods, including cable modem, DSL, wireless, and fiber network optics. Our Internet is backed by exceptional customer service, local technical support (you call and a local person answers right away), professional installation, and much more.

WISP - High Speed Wireless ISP - Kearney, Nebraska

Gryphon Wireless is using NextNet’s system to offer alternative broadband services to small office/home office and residential subscribers in and around Kearney, Neb., reaching approximately 87,000 people. The wireless ISP startup company provides high-speed access to underserved rural areas using ITFS channels leased from a local educational institution.

High speed wireless Internet service - Central City, Cairo, Sidney, Fullerton, Palmer, Grand Island, Silver Creek and North Platte, NE

Hamilton offers 2 possible options for high speed internet access; Wireless and DSL. Tired of waiting for your computer to dial up? Wish your internet speeds were faster? -- Why wait! We offer "lightning fast" highspeed DSL and Wireless services that will speed up your connection and will no longer take up a valuable phone line. Both services are always on, high speed, no more dialing in. Subscribers must be within line of site of the wireless tower in their respective towns. Wireless has been tested up to 3 miles from the tower with standard equipment, and with additional equipment has been sustained up to 8 miles.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Scottsbluff, Gering, Mitchell, Morrill, Lyman, Minatare, Chadron, Alliance, Bridgeport, Sidney, Kimball, Nebraska / Torrington, Wyoming

Indigo Wireless is working relentlessly to bring Nationwide Coverage to many of these locations at a very affordable price. Over the past four years Indigo Wireless has invested another 4.5 million dollars in their state of the art wireless systems to bring outstanding wireless services to places other companies ignore.

Next Generation Wireless Networks - metro Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, Springfield, Gretna, Louisville, Greenwood, Elmwood, Murdock, Louisville, Cedar Creek, Plattsmouth, Beaver Lake, Nebraska City, Auburn, Peru, Auburn, Julian, Johnson, Talmage, Brownville, Nemaha NE / throughout the Platte River Valley in Nebraska / Iowa / Missouri

JagWireless is a provider of high-speed Wireless Broadband services. JagWireless is dedicated to providing superior technology services to any market. With our existing infrastructure, we equally service under-served rural markets as well as the metro Omaha area. Utilizing next generation technology solutions we can provide similar services to customers in all locations. Our basic service is 256Kbps/256Kbps (kilo bits per second) guaranteed.

High Speed Broadband Wireless Internet - Grand Island, Hastings, Broken Bow, Columbus, Doniphan, Loup City, Wood River, and Kearney, NE / Pella, Oskaloosa, Iowa

Wireless Internet is currently available in Grand Island, Hastings, Columbus, and Kearney, NE and in Pella and Oskaloosa, IA. Using a proven wireless, digital frequency technology, KDSI beams the Internet directly into your home or business at speeds up to 27 times faster than today's dial-up modems, without using a phone line. The KDSI Wireless team can deliver a customized, high speed Internet solution that is fast and affordable!

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Henderson, Bradshaw, Sutton and York, NE

Mainstay Communications is a telecommunications service provider providing basic and enhanced services within its service territory.

Wireless Broadband Access Provider - Culbertson, Curtis, Maywood, McCook, Moorefield, Stockville, Stratton, Trenton, Nebraska

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Coleridge, Dodge, Fordyce, Fremont, Hooper, Nickerson, Scribner, Snyder, Uehling, Oakland, Lyons, Nebraska … Including these local lake communities Lake Ventura -Woodcliff & Timberwoods, Nebraska

Omni-Tech is a local High-Speed Internet Service Provider for both residential and business customers.

Wireless Broadband Internet Connections - Alma, Arapahoe, Beaver City, Cambridge, Indianola, McCook, Oberlin, Oxford, Wilsonville, southwest Nebraska

Pinpoint Internet Service provides local dial-up internet access to 85 communities in 22 Nebraska counties, along with high speed DSL, Wireless internet access and Cable Modem service, where available. We also provide affordable website hosting and designing to get your business on the web.

Pinpoint Communications offers high speed wireless internet connections available to several communities in Nebraska. Pinpoint offers several bandwidth speeds for connection to the internet, starting with a minimum speed of 128k/sec. In each of our wireless internet service areas access units are mounted either on one of our existing towers or on other available structures within each city. These access units provide the user their connection to the internet. Each user would lease, or purchase if the user decides, a subscriber unit. These subscriber units communicate with the access unit over the unlicensed 2.4GHz frequency. The subscriber unit is attached to the customers computer through a network interface card (NIC). Customers are given one IP address which will be configured on the network card. Wireless Internet provides an "always on" connection to the internet. Phone lines are not utilized for connection through the wireless internet service. This eliminates the need for a second phone line and allows the customer to utilize their one phone line while also using the internet.

WISP Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider - Bellwood, Brainard, Bruno, Columbus, David City, Dodge, Dwight, North Bend, Octavia, Rising City, Schuyler, Scribner, Snyder, Superior, Surprise, Valparaiso, Nebraska / Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and South Dakota

Prairie iNet is currently serving Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and South Dakota. We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of high-bandwidth Internet access, point-to-point private line services and managed solutions over one of the industry’s most scalable last-mile networks.

WISP Broadband Wireless Network - Valentine, NE / surrounding rural communities in North Central Nebraska

Reclaim your phone line: Your Sandhills Wireless connection will not tie up your phone line, so you can talk on the phone while surfing the net.

WiMAX High speed wireless access - Sioux Falls, Colman, South Dakota / Nebraska / Minnesota

Now there is an uncomplicated, cost effective way for your business, organization or household to get access to the Internet. It's the new high speed, high capacity wireless internet service being offered by Sioux Valley Wireless for PCs and Macs. Sioux Valley Wireless is a subsidiary of Sioux Valley-Southwestern Electric. It was organized in 1989, and supplies cable television via microwave to nearly 6,000 subscribers in South Dakota, Nebraska and Minnesota.

Sioux Valley Wireless transmits data from our tower in Sioux Falls at speeds up to 4 megabits per second to a small microwave antenna at the subscriber's location. Our system has large capacity and that gives subscribers with multiple computers the ability to access Internet information simultaneously without the need for multiple or expensive telephone lines.

Our head-end site east of Sioux Falls is connected to the backbone of the Internet via several digital circuits. From there, data is transmitted to an antenna and modem at the customer's location via microwave. No digital-to-analog conversion is required; the signal remains fully digital from tower site to modem. Full two-way wireless service is also available, providing upstream high-speed access up to 450 kilobits per second. Our standard equipment includes a microwave antenna system, cable modem and hardware professional installation. Some locations may require custom wiring and special antenna support structures for additional cost.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Beemer, Dodge, Lyons, Monterey, Oakland, Snyder, St. Charles, Uhling, West Point NE / surrounding rural communities in Nebraska

4G Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider - Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, ID / North Liberty, Iowa / Frankenmuth, MI / Great Falls, Missoula, MT / Kearney, Nebraska / Sioux Falls, SD

SpeedConnect owns FCC-Licensed spectrum. This means we have the exclusive rights to the frequencies we use to transmit our customers’ data. Other wireless companies use public frequencies that are cluttered with traffic and interference. SpeedConnect provides better performance, security and reliability.

High-Speed Wireless Internet Access for the United Farmers CO-OP Service area - We currently have antennas in Utica, Waco, Gresham, Beaver Crossing, Tamora, Polk, Rising City, Shelby, Osceola, and Stromsburg, NE. Almost everyone living within these towns will be able to access our service

STE was started in 2001 with one specific goal: to provide our customers in Rural Nebraska with the fastest, most reliable, access to the Internet available today. We only found one kind of technology that could accomplish this -- a wireless communications network.

STE Wireless has built a wireless network capable of achieving speeds up to 11 Mbps, that is 382 times faster than a 28.8 modem. Our wireless network is twice as fast as the fastest provided DSL, and many times faster than the fastest cable modem. There is no realistic comparison. Unless money is no concern, wireless is simply the fastest means of accessing the Internet. Our network maintains its 11 Mbps speeds bi-directionally, meaning you get maximum performance upstream and downstream. Even more exciting is the fact that our wireless network's speed can increase to 45-100 Mbps in short order.

With wireless Internet access, you can enjoy speeds once reserved for those spending major dollars on a leased line. Web pages will fly onto the screen. Large files will upload (and download) while you watch the second hand rather than the calendar. Though bottlenecks can still occur anywhere in the world, our wireless system is built for speed. From our 'big pipe' connection to the world's most reliable Internet backbone, to our selection of Cisco equipment, and professional installation backed by experience in hundreds of installations, wireless from STE Wireless is designed to minimize your wait.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Byron, Carlton, Clay Center, Davenport, Deshler, Edgar, Eldorado, Fairfield, Geneva, Grafton, Hardy, Harvard, Hebron, Lawrence, McCool Junction, Nelson, Nora, Oak, Ong, Ruskin, Saronville, Shickley, Superior, Sutton and all rural areas between approximately 15 miles from each site / south central Nebraska and the north central Kansas rural areas

Superior iNET's primary product is wireless Internet access. Wireless systems communicate by transmitting and receiving signal via Radio Frequencies through space without an actual physical connection between the transmitting and receiving systems, similar to your AM or FM radio. Superior iNET's wireless system operates in the license free 2.4GHz band.

Superior iNET was established with the goal to provide high speed broadband Internet service to our customers in the south central Nebraska and the north central Kansas rural areas that have been left without premium services. With this new technology it allows us to provide fast broadband service to customers that are not able to use DSL or cable because of there geographic location.

Wireless Internet Service Provider - Norfolk, NE

WISP - Broadband Wireless ISP - Alliance, Bridgeport, NE / surrounding rural communities in Western Nebraska

Telecom West's DSL Service: Our DSL uses existing phone lines and delivers speeds up to 1.5 Mbps, or roughly equivalent to a T1. You can now affordably replace your dial-up connection and connect the entire office over a single DSL line

Telecom West also offers High Speed Wireless Broadband service - Our high speed wireless is unsurpassed in security, speed, and quality. We use BreezeAccess ll radios that take advantage of Frequency hopping technology. If your Broadband is important to your business, and you can't afford slowtime or downtime, and want speed tailored to your needs, Contact us for all the comparisons and details. We will compare our High Speed wireless up against DSL any day of the week. We reserve the High Speed Wireless for those who take their internet service seriously. We cover a 10 mile radius of Alliance, and a 10 Mile radius of Bridgeport, NE. We are expanding rapidly throughout Western NE and into CO.

Fixed Wireless Broadband Connections - Agate, Alliance, Bayard, Berea, Bridgeport, Broadwater, Bushnell, Chappell, Dalton, Dix, Elsie, Gering, Gurley, Harrisburg, Harrison, Hemingford, Henry, Kimball, Lake Minatare, Lewellen, Lisco, Lodgepole, Lyman, Madrid, McGrew, Melbeta, Minatare, Mitchell, Morrill, Oshkosh, Scottsbluff, Sidney, Nebraska / Chugwater, Fort Laramie, Hawk Springs, Huntley, Laramie, Lingle, Torrington, Wheatland, Yoder, Wyoming

Watch web pages load in a snap. Enjoy dynamic audio and enhanced video, so music and video come alive. Download software faster than ever. Ideal for power users, small offices or telecommuters who need more speed for VPN applications or Voice over IP.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Columbus, NE / rural communities in Platte and Colfax Counties Nebraska

Motorola has meant radio almost since the beginning of radio. Its reputation for quality has made it a stable international leader. It is America’s best and it will be there for years to come. Motorola developed its new Canopy system to deliver a high speed data stream in new non-2.4 GHz spectrum opened up by the FCC. This new spectrum ran at over twice the Hertz. It developed proprietary hardware that puts a very practical barrier between the customer and the eve’s dropper. When the space shuttle went down, the government relied on the Motorola Canopy system to span thousands of square miles of the search area with reliable wire free data links.

For decades Mid-Nebraska Communication’s tall towers have been reliable points of light in the night sky in much of our service area. No one in rural Nebraska has more experience in business quality radio signal and helping customers with their business radio communications needs.

This wire free team was something so good, we could eagerly endorse it. Now the strength of Community Internet/Megavision; the skill of Mid-Nebraska Communications and the superiority of Motorola combine to create WIRE FREE NEBRASKA in a service roll out starting in Platte County.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - serve a 15 mile area around Palisade, Hayes Center, Wallace, Wauneta, Elsie, Madrid, and Grant, Nebraska

I would love to gain you as a customer and give you an internet experience like no other. Feel free to contact me so we can schedule a site visit to make sure you can receive Wireless iNet at your house or business.

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