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Links for Comparing the Leading WiFi / 802.11 Wireless Networks for Area Codes 314, 417, 573, 636, 660, 816 - Wireless Internet Service & Wireless Broadband ISPs throughout Missouri - MO WISPs / Metro HotZONES & WiMAX Wireless MANs

High Speed Wireless broadband Provider servicing Salem MO and surrounding areas

High Speed Wireless broadband Provider servicing Salem MO and surrounding areas

Fixed Wireless Broadband ISP - Excelsior Springs and Rural Clay & Ray County Missouri

We connect to Cogent and Hurricane Electric core routers in Kansas City at Oak Towers. Our ports are a direct feed from both providers core switches at 1 GB. We get the connection sent to Excelsior Springs MO and now our NEW Lawson MO tower through a microwave radio system from downtown Kansas City. Currently we have 150 MB (75 MB down and 75 MB up) of total bandwidth available at each of our two main sites, for a total of 300 MB. All of our access point (AP) sites have minimum 40 MB available for backhaul to reduce congestion during peak usage times.

Fixed Wireless Network - SE Missouri and NE Arkansas

Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider - Pacific, Catawissa, Robertsville, Hillsboro and other nearby cities throughout Franklin and Jefferson counties in Missouri

Our network is powered by Motorola Canopy and PTP wireless solutions to provide our customers the highest quality in network performance, reliability, and security. Our top-tier relationship with Motorola allows us to bring an even higher level of support to our customers and allows rapid deployment of our Motorola WAN products. We own much of our tower infrastructure, as opposed to some service providers who merely lease tower space from third parties. This allows us to provide our customers with the most reliable solutions and enables us to rapidly deploy system upgrades. Bays-ET has made a significant investment in the local community in order to provide broadband Internet access to local residents that otherwise would have limited options. We are rapidly expanding our Network coverage, so check back often to see our current projects.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Fillmore, Savannah, St. Joseph, Cosby, Rosendale, Helena, Amazonia, Dekalb, Rushville Missouri area

We now have over 27 sites carrying wireless internet service. Sites are scattered through nebraska, kansas and missouri. If you are within 2 to 4 miles of one of our sites our service will most likely work for you. If you are up to 12 miles we may still be able to reach you with service provided we can establish line of sight between your rooftop and our tower site. A free site survey will be required to determine if the service will work for you.

Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Bernie, MO / Service available in Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas

Broadband Wireless ISP WISP - Bernie, Parma, Steele, MO / surrounding areas in Southeast Missouri

BPS Networks offers a variety of solutions for high speed wireless broadband. Depending on your location, installations start at just $99*. Actual cost will vary depending on a variety of factors. When you have a site survey completed, your exact cost will be determined.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service - Burchard, Johnson, Pawnee City Nebraska / Atchison, Bern, Baileyville, Beattie, Corning, Hiawatha, Marysville, Purcell, Seneca Kansas / Savannah, St Joseph, Missouri

Broadband Wireless Internet by Haug Communications Inc. (Over 30 years experience in RF communications). We have now updated to NLOS wireless modems on many of our tower sites. What this means is we have a larger coverage area. If we could not reach you in the past with wireless due to trees or distance give us a call. We may be able to now. NVCS dial-up Internet has combined with BBWI high speed wireless Internet to create a true full service locally owned ISP. We are now able to offer 56k V.92 dialup and high speed wireless access to Seneca and many surrounding communities.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - metro St Louis MO / Jefferson County Missouri

Integrating optical networks and fixed wireless technology, Brown Dog Networks provides solid soutions for Business and Residential services. Brown Dog Networks has solutions in all major population areas around St. Louis providing Ethernet Services in our portfolio of Brown Dog lit buildings, as well as Fixed Wireless, and traditional wireline services . Additionally we have a focus on lower density rural/fringe areas in an effort to provide connectivity in those areas where it was previously not available.

WISP High Speed Wireless Access - Carrollton, MO

Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider - Perryville, Mo / surrounding areas in Missouri

Customers who use our high speed wireless internet but only check email and do light surfing may want to switch to our new $29.95/mo basic plan. You get the same speed but only 5GB of transfer per month. If you go over you will be throttled to a slow speed until the end of your billing cycle. This is comparable to a cellular modem data plan but about half the cost.

High Speed Fixed-Wireless Internet Service - Otterville, Sedalia, Missouri

Now one of the nations newest and best high-speed wireless services is available in Sedalia and Otterville! CCIS XtremeWireless service can reach users as far away as 15 miles from our access point in Sedalia and Otterville! More access points will be announced soon.

Today, most Internet users have heard about the benefits of broadband access as long as its a DSL and Cable Modem connection. But how many Internet users have ever heard about Fixed-Wireless access as an alternative? Although fixed-wireless access is starting to appear in more locations across the U.S. with great success, it's not getting as much of the media limelight as other broadband services.

Not to be confused with satellite access, like DirecPC, or lumped in with cellular phone services which are slow and require handheld devices, fixed-wireless Internet access does not suffer from the latency problems and bandwidth symetry problems experienced with most broadband services. With speeds up to 3Mbps in both directions, CCIS Xtreme Wireless service is able to provide the speed you need while uploading AND downloading.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Kirksville, MO / surrounding communities in Missouri

Wireless SpeedNet - Kirksville Information System Services is now open to serve you & your business. We are your total communications provider.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Joplin and Neosho MO

The area's leader in Internet services technology. Stouffer Communications offers wireless broadband, wired broadband, dial up, web hosting, web development, computer sales & service, and advertising for Joplin.com

With wireless internet access we are able to provide high speed, low cost internet access to corporations, small business and home markets for far less than they would be able to get from a leased line solution. This availability is done without the use of phone lines. With speeds ranging from 1.5 megabits and faster, not only will it satisfy their needs now but also offers future expandability. Here are just a few of the benefits : Cheaper alternative to leased lines. Faster access than standard dial up accounts. Competitive rates against cable modems, far cheaper than ISDN. Portable, no need for a permanent line in any given place.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Independence, MO / Kansas City Metro Area

Wireless can deliver 500K to 45M over CTC's extensive Private Wireless network with nearly 30 transmitter locations covering the greater Kansas City Metro Area. CTC owns their private network and has full featured remote capabilities for fixing any outages in minutes, not hours or days. Wireless is less expensive than wired circuits because we eliminate the local loop.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service - Springfield, Nixa, Ozark, MO

CorpraNET's high-speed wireless access is now available in Springfield, Nixa and Ozark. If you're looking for internet access that's fast, reliable and — best of all — affordable! CorpraNet's wireless internet access is the most practical, most affordable and most efficient high-speed bandwidth solution for your business today! While this technology may seem new and confusing, it's the same system used by the military for over twenty years and features the highest degree of reliability, security and (let's not forget) speed. If you're wondering whether or not your business could benefit from CorpraNet's wireless access, click on one of the informational links to the left. Once you've reviewed all the particulars, head on over to the INSTALL link to learn how easy and affordable it is to have the fastest, most adaptable technology around!

Broadband Wireless ISP - Carthage MO / surrounding communities in Missouri

We are a locally owned Wireless and Fiber Optics Internet Service Provider, owned and operated by Carthage Water & Electric

4G Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Wright County, Webster County, Texas County, Douglas County, Barry County, Cedar County, Christian County, Dallas County, Greene County, Howell County, Laclede County, Ozark County, Phelps County, Polk County, Pulaski County, Stone County, Marshfield, Niangua, Conway, Elkland, Fair Grove, Strafford, Rogersville, Fordland, Seymour, Ozark, Nixa, Highlandville, Chestnut Ridge, Sparta, Chadwick, Oldfield, Hartville, Mansfield, Macomb, Graff, Huggins, Lynchburg, Grove Spring, Springfield, Brunner, Plato, Roby, Newburg, Bucyrus, Falcon, Waynesville, Duke, Beulah, Fort Leonard Wood, Laquey, Houston, Licking, Lenox, Mountain Grove, Cabool, Yukon, Elk Creek, Solo, Vanzant, Norwood, Mountain View, Summersville, Hartshorn, Raymondville, Eunice, Ava, Garrison, Bradleyville, Isabella, Zanoni, Brixey, Drury, McClurg, Wasola, Noble, Thornfield, Squires, Aldrich, Brighton, Pleasant Hope, Walnut Grove, Lebanon, Long Lane, Phillipsburg, Windyville, Tunas, Halfway, Louisburg, Humansville, Willow Springs, Dora, Pomona / throughout southern Missouri

Finally Broadband Is a WISP dedicated to the wireless delivery of high speed Internet to rural Missouri customers. Our service is an always-on connection and does not require a phone line to operate. We do not impose any caps or limits on usage. Our wireless network is designed to operate at speeds in excess of 6.0 Mbps. However, testing has proven that the average broadband Internet user will not realize an advantage with speeds higher than 1.2 Mbps

WiMAX Non-Line-of-Site Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Mission KS / Kansas City MO

Futura Technologies is a wireless Internet and broadband telephone service provider based is Mission, KS. Our primary goal is to bring a value rich alternative to conventional broadband services, that is also backed by outstanding customer service.

Using the latest wireless broadband standard known as WiMAX or 802.16-RevD, we bring high-quality, next generation Internet access to residents and businesses very quickly and reliably. FuturaWave Base Stations broadcast our wireless signal in all directions, penetrating foliage, and providing what is called a NLOS or Non-Line-of-Site environment, allowing customers to receive our signal through the walls with a small wireless modem.

Because FuturaWave operates in NLOS or non-line-of-site environments, it is no longer nessecary to actually see the base station in order to get signal and be online. This is one of the main adavntages of our wireless broadband, in comparison to the rest of the wireless alternatives.

We will completely revolutionize communications in Kansas City and beyond over the next couple of years, deploying technologies of the future in ways that was never thought possible, in places never thought possible. Our world is one where a broadband connection follows the customer, not the other way around. We can see that this type of connectivity will be a necessity in the near future, but in our world, the future is now.

700MHz WipLL Broadband Wireless Access - Breckenridge, MO / North Central Missouri rural communities

Green Hills Companies of Breckenridge, Missouri, provide telephone, long distance, cable TV, and toll-free Internet service to North Central Missouri rural communities. Green Hills plans on using their 700 MHz spectrum to provide commercial grade internet services and potentially dial tone to areas currently not being reached by fiber and copper.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2004 -- Airspan Announces Sale of WipLL 700 MHz Networks to Green Hills Telephone and other US Operators via System Integrator Stutler Technologies - Airspan Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: AIRN), a leading worldwide provider of broadband fixed wireless DSL networks, announced today that it has sold its WipLL 700 MHz Broadband Wireless Access systems through Stutler Technologies, its Authorized System Integrator, to Green Hills Telephone, Blue Valley Telephone, S&T Telephone, Craw-Kan Telephone, Rainbow Telephone and Mobius Communications Corporation. They have now acquired Airspan’s WipLL platform to roll out their services in the 700MHz band to their customers in Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. Those customers will receive Broadband Internet access as well as other integrated services such as Voice over IP.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Sedalia, Missouri

Standard Broadband Wireless Service - 192-768 kbps connection (384kbps typical) / Business Class Broadband Wireless Service Guaranteed 384-768 kbps connection. Wireless is I-Land's newest high-speed, high-performance Internet access solution for home or business. Frequency hopping wireless technology provides secure point-to-point connections throughout our wireless coverage area. So if you're tired of feeling like the phone company's puppet, "cut the wires", and join the Wireless revolution!

Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) - Columbia, MO

Missouri-based iZones is a privately held Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) and Wireless Network Integrator. Essentially, we provide internet services via wireless connection with speeds comparable to DSL and Cable based modems. We pride ourselves on our incredibly fast, yet amazingly affordable wireless internet solutions. Additionally, we also provide free wireless hotspots at various locations throughout Columbia, MO.

Next Generation Wireless Networks - Hamburg, Watson MO / throughout the Platte River Valley Nebraska / Iowa

JagWireless is a provider of high-speed Wireless Broadband services. JagWireless is dedicated to providing superior technology services to any market. With our existing infrastructure, we equally service under-served rural markets as well as the metro Omaha area. Utilizing next generation technology solutions we can provide similar services to customers in all locations. Our basic service is 256Kbps/256Kbps (kilo bits per second) guaranteed.

Broadband Wireless DSL access - Lebanon, St. Robert, Missouri

Wireless Access has its roots in Israel. A nation whose security expertise is seldom matched, Israel first utilized wireless transmission in tank-to-tank communication or tank-to-headquarters communication. Since then, wireless technology has entered the broadband market making it one of the most convenient, secure and reliable services available.

Wireless allows Internet Access via radio waves, not cable, phone lines or satellite. While cable companies frequently oversubscribe creating slow connections and DSL is limited by distance, Wireless eliminates both of those problems. There are no lines to oversubscribe and Wireless can reach as far as 10 miles away.* Satellite service still requires a phone line and some may encounter a "latency" problem, but with Wireless that is rarely an issue.

However,*Wireless does require a clear line of site (LOS), so before any contract is signed, a line of site survey is completed to verify that you are capable of receiving our signal. You see, while our signal will be able to penetrate most obstacles, those with water (such as live trees) do provide a problem. So, we need to establish that your home or business can 'see' our source equipment clearly. Many times this problem can be surmounted by an antennae attached to the roof. While weather does not interrupt your service, intense situations such as a downpour can decrease connection speeds.

Wireless technology is fast and secure. Our service will allow a maximum upload and download speed comparable to that of a T-1 connection or approximately 1.554 Mbps. That's alot of speed and, of course, it depends on the package you choose. Other factors can be distance from the source as well as heavy traffic visiting the site you wish to visit. Wireless is as secure as the Internet which simply means, take the same precautions you do with your present service while realizing that Wireless service is no more likely to be 'hacked' as any other type of service.

Wi-Max Licensed Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Network - Agency, Camden Point, Dearborn, Easton, Edgerton, Excelsior Springs, Faucet, Ferrelview, Gower, Grayson, Hemple, Holt, Kearney, Lathrop, Lawson, Liberty, Mosby, Osborn, Paradise, Perrin, Platte City, Plattsburg, Ridgley, Smithville, St. Joseph, Stewartsville, Trimble, Turney, MO

Expanding Rural Missouri Broadband Services one community at a time

Wireless Broadband Internet Access - Available in and around the following cities: Pleasant Hill, Belton, Raymore, Peculiar, Lake Winnebago, Garden City, Gunn City, Archie, Chilhowee, Greenwood, Lone Jack, Strasburg, Kingsville, East Lynne, Harrisonville, Adrian, Centerview, Lafayette County, Chapel Hill and Greater Kansas City Metro Area / surrounding communities in Missouri & Kansas

Since 1996 KC Web Internet Services has provided high quality services to the Kansas City Area. KC Web provides Internet Services ranging from dial-up to co-location and web hosting. For those who live in an area where Broadband Internet is unavailable, or the service that is available is inadequate, KC Web offers Wireless Internet. Provided for both home and businesses, our cutting-edge wireless technology puts high-end, always-on Internet access at your finger tips. We current offer two grades of service: Business and Residential

BroadTrack Wireless Internet service in the Fulton, Kingdom City, Mexico, and Centralia, Missouri areas

BroadTrack High-Speed Wireless Service is broadband Internet access for Audrain and Callaway county residents who previously had no high-speed Internet options.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service - Holden, Kingsville, Pittsville, Chilhowee area

Wires... Who needs wires. Knoxy.net now offers state-of-the-art wireless broadband internet access to its Holden* customers. An ideal solution for any business or home user who requires reliable, high speed connections without having to depend on the phone company. Line of sight is required for wireless operation. Because of this reason an initial site survey is required to determine if signal is available at your location. We can install the antenna almost anywhere that we have a clear shot of the tower located at Holden office.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Kimberling City, MO / surrounding rural communities in Missouri

Kimberling City's first Wireless Internet Service Provider! We are very excited about offering you the best wireless access possible! PLease stop and visit will be up soon! For more information, visit us at our office in the Connell Insurance Building. High speed web browsing and downloading. The 2.4GHz band supports high data rates needed to provide broadband Internet services. And the equipment to set up a fixed wireless broadband network is affordable, so initial start-up costs are minimized.With Lake View Broadband Wireless Internet Service we apply spectrum methods to construct a fixed wireless broadband network—Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology.

Enjoy High Speed Internet Up to 4.5 MB DOWN AND up to 2.5 MB UPLOAD

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Lake of the Ozarks Missouri

If your computer is Wi-Fi enabled, or you have your own adapter, you may be able to pick up the signal. Search for Lexsar Solutions within your Network Connections profile. If you cannot find Lexsar Solutions then you are not in a serving area, or your adapter may not be suitable for the range/distance to the Lexsar Antenna. You would need the Wireless Access equipment that is part of the activation fee.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Cameron, Maysville, Hamilton, Kingston, Kidder, Osborn, Gower, Plattsburg, Easton, Turney, Weatherby, Amity, Northwest Missouri

The LiveWire system requires no telephone lines, no modem and no hassles... just always-on Internet! To receive the signal, your location must have a clear line of site, or be very close to the transmitter tower. In Cameron, Hamilton and Maysville the transmitter is at about the same height as the water towers - if you can see any of the water towers from your location, chances are very good you can receive our service. Distance is not a problem, as long as you have a clear line of site. Connections from 8-12 miles away are common, and up to 16 miles or more are possible with additional equipment.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Edina, Shelbyville, Shelbina, La Plata, Ewing, Monicello and Taylor, MO

Mark Twain Communications serves Edina, Shelbyville, Shelbina, La Plata, Ewing, Monicello and Taylor Missouri with FastTrack Wireless Broadband Internet. Wireless Internet service does have a limited range of coverage, so customers should be within the city limits or in a nearby location. Our FastTrack Wireless does not require a direct line-of-sight between your location and our broadcast tower, but the path should be reasonably free from obstacles, such as large buildings, metal window screens, or large groups of trees.

Broadband Wireless Connections - Moberly, Cairo, Huntsville, Salisbury, Paris, Madison, Clark, Higbee, Holliday, Renick, Keytesville, Mendon, Rothville and other selected areas

MCM Systems is your local Moberly Area Internet Service Provider. We connect to the internet backbone via a direct fiber optic connection. We provide the Moberly, Fayette, Paris, Madison, Clarence, Macon, Salisbury, Huntsville, Mendon, Brunswick, Keytesville, Clark, Centralia, Sturgeon, Laclede, Monroe City, Shelbina, Shelbyville, Perry, Stoutsville, Santa Fe, Laddonia, Hunnewell, Marceline, Brookfield and Chariton Valley Telephone areas with Internet Access via a LOCAL CALL. Offering dial up internet accounts at speeds up to 56K, high speed wireless connections in Moberly and other selected areas.

High Speed Fixed Wireless Internet Service - Amsterdam, Cleveland, Drexel, Freeman, Merwin, Western Missouri / Eastern Kansas

Midwest Connections, Inc. SPEEDWAVE(SM) Service offers the newest technology available for Wireless High Speed Internet Access. SPEEDWAVE(SM) is available in the city and countryside throughout our coverage area in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri. Whether you're telecommuting, taking classes, or just surfing the Internet, SPEEDWAVE(SM) offers a quality connection. With inexpensive professional installation and low monthly charges, SPEEDWAVE(SM) is a high impact solution.

ultra-high speed wireless internet access - Moberly, Renick, and Huntsville, Missouri

Our latest innovation to provide our customers with the best service possible is expanding the boundaries in which business is conducted. With our e•solutions, business' can connect to the internet at ultra-high speeds and conduct e•commerce with unprecedented efficiency and reliability, and because we are Mississippi Valley, we assist you in the setup, and installation of your new high speed solution, part of our family of wireless connectivity. Mississippi Valley Internet is utilizing the most advanced technology from Lucent Technology and Bell Labs to bring this service to the Moberly community. Using microwave frequency high speed transceivers, we can offer broadband internet services to anyone in the local Moberly area.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Gainesville MO / surrounding communities in Ozark County Missouri

We are excited to be able to offer Wireless Internet services to the Ozark County area. It provides a constant connection, which means there is no need to dial up, no waiting, and no busy signals. And, since the Internet is transmitted by radio waves, there is no need for a second phone line. A broadband connection will give you a significantly faster connection to the Internet. Compared to a standard modem connection, information travels 10 to 40 times (and beyond) faster from the Internet to your computer. This means that you spend less time downloading web pages and applications and uploading large files. We also offer web hosting and web design.

Wi-Fi wireless network now covers more than 700 square miles in the Pacific, Missouri region, and is still growing / surrounding areas in Missouri

PWI uses only the most reliable and commercially-proven equipment in our network and for the customer's bridges. Additionally, we offer service in three separate frequency ranges to address the issues of terrain and foliage. Regardless of the frequency used, the service delivers the same high speed Internet to the consumer.

Broadband Wireless Ethernet Connections - Fordland, Springfield Missouri

Panther Creek Information Services is a full Internet Service Provider offering T3, T1, V.90, ISDN and Frame Relay Across our DS3 directly to UUNET

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Buffalo, Urbana, Louisburg, Pittsburg, Pomme De Terre Lake, Preston, MO

Internet carriers can spout features and benefits of their services until the cows come home; however, in the end, speed is all that really matters. PIP Internet's wireless access is one of the fastest you can find. Our wireless network is capable of delivering speeds up to 11 Mbps, which is 382 times faster than a regular 28.8 modem and twice as fast as the fastest DSL. Wireless is simply the fastest bandwidth technology around.

We now have an alternate wireless system in place in Buffalo that doesn't require "line of sight" for short range service. Most of the City of Buffalo is covered by this system, and it extends a few miles north, south, and west out of town from our base near US 65 and MO 32.

Motorola's Canopy wireless network now covers the following Missouri Cities: Avondale, Agency, Bates City, Belton, Baldwin Park, Birmingham, Blue Springs, Buckner, Camden Point, Cleveland, Columbus, Dearborn, De Kalb, Drexel, East Lynne, Easton, Edgerton, Farley, Faucett, Ferrelview, Freeman, Garden City, Gladstone, Glenaire, Gower, Grain Valley, Grandview, Greenwood, Gunn City, Harrisonville, Holden, Houston Lake, Iatan, Independence, Kansas City, Kingsville, Lake Annette, Lake Lafayette, Lake Lotawana, Lake Tapawingo, Lake Winnebago, La Tour, Lee’s Summit, Lewis and Clark Village, Lexington, Liberty, Lone Jack, Main City, Missouri City, Napoleon, North Kansas City, Oak Grove, Oakwood Park, Odessa, Peculiar, Platte City, Platte Woodds, Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Valley, Randolph, Raymore, Raytown, Ridgely, River Bend, Rose Hill, St. Joseph, Smithville, Strasburg, Sugar Creek, Tracy, Unity Village, Weatherby Lake, Wellington, West Line, Weston, Boston, Bronaugh, Golden City, Iantha, Irwin, Jasper, Lamar, Lamar Heights, Liberal, Medoc, Mindenmines, Nashville, Neck City, Newport, Oakton, Oskaloosa, Preston, Verdella

Pixius Communications is an innovative, growing company uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of data communication solutions to business and residential markets. We provide high-speed wireless broadband Internet service at up to 45 Mbps. Since we own and operate one of the nation's largest wireless Internet networks, we have the experience and expertise to provide our customers with enhanced Internet services as well as the most scalable and rapidly deployable service available in today's marketplace.

4G Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Columbia and Ashland, Mo area / Mid Missouri area

Quantum Wireless’s Broadband provides up to 15 Mbps wireless NLOS (non-line-of-sight) 4G Broadband service per internet customer in the Columbia and Ashland, Mo area.

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Poplar Bluff, MO / surrounding rural Missouri communities

Welcome to RuralRoute.Net Our mission is simple. Provide the fastest and most reliable internet access at down to earth prices

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Poplar Bluff, Malden, Dexter, Doniphan, Puxico & Van Buren, Missouri

Broadband wireless is a service that offers a faster Internet connection than a standard dial-up connection. It is also used to connect and extend your local area network from building to building without the use of expensive cabling or trenching services. Wireless technology uses microwave radio transmissions to deliver high-speed data services to businesses and homes and is not as limited to the minimum distances that are required for DSL and other technologies.

Broadband Wireless Mesh Network - Downtown Springfield MO

3/14/2005, Broadband Wireless Business Magazine - SpringNet Deploys BelAir's Radios in Springfield, Mo SpringNet has selected BelAir Networks' mesh-based broadband wireless system to provide free Internet access to the downtown area of Springfield. An initial rollout of the network covers areas along South Street, Walnut Street, the Discovery Center, Park Central Square and the Gillioz Theater.

SpringNet, a division of City Utilities, is a next generation broadband service provider. Our services are designed for the rapidly emerging trends of Internet business. We deliver Business to Internet access at astounding speeds of 10/100/1000 Million Bits per Second (Mbps), and Business to Business Ethernet Solutions from 1.5Mbps to 10Gbps. SpringNet employs fiber optic technology directly to your place of business, and delivers the services on standard ethernet interfaces. NetLink is multi-homed through multiple tier-1 carriers using physically diverse paths out of Springfield. Our extensive fiber optic network allows us to deliver high bandwidth data services to the doorstep of almost every business in Springfield and is the basis for NetLink Internet access.

Fixed Wireless broadband Provider servicing Maryland Heights, Creve Coeuer, Ladue and surrounding areas in St Louis County

Fixed-Wireless broadband is a technology that uses wireless transmitters placed in higher elevations to send signals to subscriber radios placed on the customer rooftops. Data then travels from the rooftop radio through a wired connection to the local area network (LAN).

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Rolla, MO / south-central Missouri

TeamOrb offers high-speed, dedicated (7x24) wireless networking and Internet access. Networking between your remote locations is accomplished at rates of up to 11 Megabits per second (Mbps) over distances of up to 25 miles. Internet connectivity is accomplished over two 1.54 Mbps T1 circuits which can be combined for a total possible data transfer rate of over 3 Mbps. A wireless network operates just like a wired network, using all of the same technologies such as Ethernet and TCP/IP, but without copper wire or other cable. Instead, wireless networks use high frequency radio waves (in the 2.4 GHz band) to send and transmit data between computers, devices, and other networks.

Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider - office is located in Nixa Missouri / southwest Missouri

We are the largest Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) company in southwest Missouri and were the first in the nation to deploy Motorola's Canopy™ platform in a rural market. We continue to strive to be the best in our business and offer competitive rates and plans that suit our customers

4G Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Columbia and Ashland Missouri

Transmitted through the air using 4G technology, Tranquility Wireless High Speed Internet is the only wireless high speed internet available in Columbia and Ashland. No phone line needed just fast internet

Wi-Fi Network Integrator - Branson, MO / surrounding areas in Missouri

We provide wireless network installation for businesses in Branson and across the Ozarks. We conduct wireless site surveys and supply reports outlining the number of access points required to give the best quality of service for your voice, video, and data communications. We provide the hardware and install wireless networks including point-to-point (PTP) solutions to link buildings together. We also install outdoor wireless mesh networks for schools, hospitals, and marinas. We also provide guest Wi-Fi solutions for hospitality & tourism including wireless for hotels, restaurants, and outdoor attractions. We have expert knowledge and a proven track record of installing wireless solutions in various locations and sectors.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Kansas City, MO / Missouri

True Broadband Internet access enables each user to reach speeds of 10 mbps of simultaneous, symmetrical bandwidth. That means, you'll get speeds from 10 mbps for both uploading and downloading transmissions and attachments. And then, you can thank the dedicated, always-on circuit for making your life easier.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Savannah and Maryville Missouri area

UnitedSky is 20 times faster than dial-up internet service with no phone lines. Your computer is always connected too the internet. UnitedSky is affordable with service starting at only $39.95 per month.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Independence, Havana, Fort Scott, Washington, KS / surrounding rural areas in Allen, Coffey, Montgomery, Woodson & Wilson Counties Kansas / Bartlesville, Nowata, South Coffeyville, OK / St. Charles County, MO

At Valnet Telecommunication we connect people and businesses with information and tools to make their online experience fast, easy and secure. We bring the latest innovations to the door steps of your home or business

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - service in southern Illinois and Eastern Missouri

Wisper Wireless is a form of high speed, or broadband, Internet access that uses a radio frequency instead of phone or cable lines. Wisper provides high speed, cost effective solutions for Internet access via wireless - NO PHONE LINES NEEDED! There is no need to worry about slow downloads, busy signals, or disconnections anymore, with Wireless Internet your computer is always on the Internet. Using a brand new technology, Wisper offers the best cost effective, high-speed Internet access around. Wisper offers the best cost effective, high-speed Internet access around.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Washington, Union, Lake Ozark, Lakeland, Lakeside, Lakeview, Arrowhead Beach, Laguna Beach, Osage Beach, MO / Franklin County Missouri

YHTI Wireless is a High-Speed/Broadband alternative to DSL & Cable that uses new technology to offer high-speed connections without the need for a phone line. YHTI has grown from offering Dial-Up and Hosting services in a handful of towns to offering High Speed and dedicated connections throughout the state of Missouri and beyond. With 100% digital equipment and a redundant fiber optic sonic ring backbone connection, members can expect the fastest and most reliable Internet access in the Midwest.

ALSO SEE: Alternative Missouri Broadband Service Providers: DSL Cable High Speed Internet

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