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High speed wireless service - Serving Henning, Deer Creek, and Leaf Lakes Areas Areas of Rural Minnesota

If you are struggling with a slow Internet connection, we are here to help you. Our service uses equipment that, if needed, may be mounted to your structure similar to a satellite dish to receive the Internet. Service includes email address and an Internet connection that is always on. A Better Wireless does not require a phone line, or cable tv connection. Wireless Internet Service is available to anyone who lives within range of our service area*.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Virginia, Hibbing, Buhl, Britt, Cook, Ely, Mountain Iron, Eveleth, Gilbert, MN / surrounding rural areas from Ely to Hibbing on Minnesota’s Iron Range in Northeastern Minnesota

Access Wireless Broadband is Northeastern Minnesota's newest ISP (Internet Service Provider). Access Wireless technology is a revolution in broadband service, to areas where traditional broadband infrastructure is not available. Our High-Speed, Always-On, Wireless Internet and Wide-Area-Networking coverage includes a large area of the Iron Range. Using the 802.11b standard, data is transmitted over the air rather than traveling through land-lines. This technology is NOT a satellite based transmission. Our antennas propagate a signal from elevated towers much like your cell phone. Using a small antenna and radio modem, your home, business, or car can send and recieve data at ten to twenty times the speed of a dial-up modem. Our service is always on, so you don't have to wait for your modem to dial out and connect.

High speed fixed wireless service provider - Serving Duluth, Procter, Virginia Minnesota and Superior Wisconsin / surrounding areas of rural Minnesota & Wisconsin

AirFiber is an alternative to the legacy way of delivering broadband to home or business in Duluth Minnesota and Superior Wisconsin. Traditionally broadband is delivered by the phone company or cable company over long copper cable runs back to their facility. AirFiber is delivered using a fixed wireless platform, the fastest point between to locations is over air, and no one can deliver you faster back to their NOC (Network Operation Center) than AirFiber.

High Speed Wireless Networks - Freeport, MN / surrounding rural communities in Central Minnesota

Welcome to the home of Airlinkbroadband. We are dedicated to providing you with the fastest and most cost affordable high speed wireless internet service in central Minnesota. AirlinkBroadBand (or Airlinkbb.com) was formed to address the issue with high-speed Internet in rural central MN. Until now high-speed internet in rural MN has either been not available, extremely expensive or in most cases both! We understand that not all our customers are the same, we can offer custom download speeds up to 10MB in in most of our coverage area. We are always pushing to go the extra mile for our clients.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - headquarter in Casselton, North Dakota / in east-central North Dakota & west-central Minnesota

AnyConnect provides residential wireless Internet services using Asymmetrical Wireless Broadband technology that offers speeds up to 20x times faster than standard dialup 56k access. We provide the fastest Internet connection available by using the newest and most reliable technology.

WiFi Wireless Broadband Network throughout most of the city of Austin, Minnesota area

Ausmwifi offers you a high speed internet service that does not use your cable or phone lines. This wireless service can be used in your own home or anywhere in the service coverage area with speeds of 1MB - 5MBs.

Wireless DSL Internet - Appleton, Atwater, Belgrade, Benson, Blomkest, Clara City, Clontarf, Eagle Lake, Eagle's Landing, Glenwood, Holloway, Kerkhoven, Montevideo, Murdock, New London, Olivia, Prinsburg, Raymond, Renville, Spicer, Willmar, MN / Central Minnesota

Bennett's wireless DSL Internet access has High Speed - work up to 3 times faster than cable modems, up to 50 times faster than dial-up. Bennett manages the entire wireless Internet network from our Willmar office. Bennett's wireless DSL Internet access has a 6 mile line of site. This means that it can reach an estimated 6 miles out from the town centers of the communities listed above.

We have come a long way in our 21 years in business, from an office supplies store in 1981 to an Information Technology (IT) leader in 2003. Bennett Office Technologies (formerly Bennett Office Supplies) was the first to bring electronic typewriters, ergonomic furniture, computers and the Internet to West Central Minnesota. Today, Bennett Office is helping Central Minnesota streamline business through technology advancements.

Wireless High Speed Internet Access - Grand Marais, MN / the North Shore of Lake Superior & Cook County, Minnesota

Boreal Access is a community-based, non-profit membership owned cooperative providing Internet services to Cook County, MN.

High-speed Wireless Internet has come to Grand Marais! Wireless Internet gives you you access speeds averaging 256K, and doesn't require a phone line. This service is available to people or businesses within about a one-mile radius of the hospital tower in Grand Marais. In order to use Boreal Access as your Internet provider you must first become a member. A Boreal Membership entitles you to potential rebates and access to the 'news' and 'for-sale' mail lists. Most importantly, a membership helps support a community-based communication resource.

Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider - throughout Buffalo Minneasota area

The City of Buffalo has long been a leader in providing high speed Internet to the community. Our mission is to provide broadband Internet service at an affordable price with the goal of making the Internet accessible to as many as possible within our community.

Broadband Wireless Connections - Chaska, Waconia, Chanhassen, Norwood / Young America, Victoria and Shakopee, Minnesota

Chaska.net has the ability to provide almost unlimited bandwidth to the users of the system via dedicated T1 circuits, leased fiber, or wireless connectivity options.

The vision of Chaska.net is to provide a high level of Internet service to government and business users at economical rates. To implement this high level of service, Chaska.net has teamed up with KMC Telecom, Origix and Implex.net to build a high capacity fiber and wireless network throughout the the City of Chaska featuring leading edge equipment from 3Com, Cisco, and Avaya. By utilizing this high capacity network, Chaska.net has the ability to provide almost unlimited bandwidth to the users of the system via wireless connections, dedicated T1 circuits or leased fiber.

Thursday June 10, 2004, Investor's Business Daily Wi-Fi Set For Battling DSL, Cable Chaska, Minn. (population 18,000) isn't thought of as a hub of innovation. But this summer it will be. Starting this month, the city is rolling out low-cost broadband service for $16 a month. It's using wireless-fidelity networking, or Wi-Fi, to reach customers. And the service costs less than half as much as a digital subscriber line or cable modem service.

Wi-Fi offers a new choice in how people get broadband. The low price of equipment and free use of the airwaves means Wi-Fi can cost much less than DSL or cable modem networks. Chaska's network uses about 200 Wi-Fi antennas spread over the city. The antennas are connected to electrical poles, street lamps and city buildings. Wi-Fi startup Tropos Networks supplied the outdoor antennas.

Canopy Broadband Wireless ISP - Albertville, Big Lake, Buffalo, Clear Lake, Clear Water, Cold Spring, Corcoran, Dayton, Dupont, Elk River, Hasty, Kimball, Luxemburg, Maple Grove, Marty, Monticello, Otsego, Pleasant Lake, Ramsey, Rockford, Rogers, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, St. Augusta, St. Cloud, St. Joseph, St. Michael, St. Stephen, St. Wendel, South Haven, Waite Park, MN / Central Minnesota

We offer our customers many options in the latest wireless technology. In addition to being a high-speed wireless internet provider, we will be provding VoIP to our customers. (Voice over Internet Protocol) Additionally, we are a cellular phone provider and Dish Network satellite TV. CitEscape provides high-speed internet service for business users from 512 Kbps to 4.5 Mbps

Next-Generation NLOS Broadband Wireless Internet Service - corporate offices are located in Kirkland, Washington / Duluth, St. Cloud, Minnesota / and 15 Central Minnesota communities

Clearwire uses a state-of-the-art wireless modem that can be plugged into a desktop computer, a laptop, or a local network. It operates by transmitting signals to and from nearby cellular towers instead of using a traditional phone line. That means you can set up the modem anywhere in your home or office — upstairs or downstairs, inside or outside. Plus, your Clearwire connection is always-on, always-secure.

3G High Speed Fixed Wireless Access - St Cloud, MN and surrounding towns in Minnesota

Duet high-speed wireless broadband Internet services are designed to bring the Internet to you...anywhere you need it! Our totally digital 3G network allows for great speeds and awesome coverage. All of it is totally wireless allowing you the freedom to move around without sacrificing speed or service

Wireless Broadband Local Loop - Minnetonka, Minnesota area

US Internet is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and cost effective Internet solutions for our clients. Founded in 1995, US Internet is a leading national provider of Internet services with points of presence in over 3,000 cities. We provide a full range of Internet services, including Internet access, website hosting, co-location services, and much more.

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Bemidji, MN / building Minnesota's largest public wireless network

Enterpoint gives you all the extra benefits of wireless broadband at around the same price as DSL or cable broadband.Enterpoint is building Minnesota’s largest public wireless network so that you will have the freedom to enjoy your internet connection wherever you go within our coverage area. Enterpoint is the only WISP in Bemidji.

Enterpoint is also ideal for people who haven't been able to get broadband until now. The Enterpoint network will reach everyone within our coverage area which will be the greater Bemidji area with future expansions planned in 2005, so you won't have to make do with slow internet connections any more. If you're ready for broadband and would like to experience a mobile wireless connection, Enterpoint's Hi-Speed Internet is the solution for you.

Wireless DSL Provider - Little Falls, Pierz, Royalton MN

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Aldrich, MN

Welcome to G & N Wireless! We have recently expanded our business to include High Speed Wireless Internet! Residents of the Staples Area are capable of having access to High Speed Wireless Internet

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Alexandria and Brandon, MN / surrounding rural towns in central Minnesota

In September 2011, Wisper Wireless, LLC was acquired by Gardonville in collaboration with Arvig Communication Systems (ACS).Gardonville has been a trusted provider of telecommunication services since 1943 and has spent the last 35 years developing a multitude of wireless communication services. Over the past 16 years, Gardonville has grown into a company that also provides a variety of Internet services to thousands of customers throughout west central Minnesota.

Broadband Wireless ISP WISP - Braham, Brunswick, Cooper's Corner, Day, Grasston, Grandy, Isanti, KNife Lake, Lewis Lake, Mora, North Branch, Ogilvie, Pine City, Rush City, Rush Point, Rush Lake, Stanchfield, and St. Francis MN / East Central Minnesota

Genesis Technology Communication (Genesis Wireless) launched High Speed Wireless Internet service in July of 2001. Genesis Wireless is a locally owned and locally operated high speed internet Service Provider located in East Central Minnesota. Genesis offers high speed Internet throughout the cities and rural communities of East Central Minnesota. Genesis Wireless was started in 1999 due to the demand for high speed internet in rural areas. Starting with one high speed internet tower we have grown to over 50 points of presence. .

Wireless broadband Internet access - Angus, Crookston, Dorothy, Eldred, Euclid, Greenville, Sherack, MN / western Polk County Minnesota

Halstad Telephone is a leader in many fields including Internet, where we provide services for other Internet Service Providers. We also transport fast speed voice and data between toll transfer points for a large number of inter- exchange carriers. In addition, Internet and web storage services are provided in Grand Forks and Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota and East Grand Forks and Crookston in Minnesota. Wireless broadband service is available in western Polk County, including Crookston.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Minneapolis / St. Paul, Osseo, Shoreview, Brooklyn Park, Bloomington, MN

Our high-speed wireless Internet service uses the highest quality wireless links. We engineer each of our wireless links to withstand the worst of conditions so you receive the most reliable wireless Internet connection available. Implex.net can provide customers in their coverage area with connectivity from 512k up to 6Mb. They plan to offer connections up to 10Mb in the near future.

Implex.net, a leading provider of Internet solutions for business, has substantially widened it's high-speed wireless internet access coverage area. On October 1, 2003, Implex.net went live with 3 new POP (Point of Presence) sites in the Greater Minneapolis area. The new sites are located in Osseo, Shoreview and Bloomington. This is in addition to their existing POPs in Brooklyn Park, downtown St. Paul and two in downtown Minneapolis. Besides expanding the coverage area, Implex has also upgraded their transmitting equipment at both Minneapolis sites and the St. Paul site.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Appleton, Donnelly, Hancock, Herman, Montevideo, Morris, Ortonville west central Minnesota / Big Stone City, eastern South Dakota

Info Link Wireless Inc. offers High Speed Wireless Internet services to communities in west central Minnesota and eastern South Dakota. Info Link's Wireless plans range in speed from 128K to 512K and beyond. You choose the speed which meets your needs. A 128k connection will be 4-5 times faster than a typical 56k Dial-up connection.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Argyle, Big Woods, Cavalier, Donaldson, Grafton, Grand Forks, Hallock, Humbolt, Kennedy, Kittson, Lake Bronson, Nash, Northcote, St. Thomas, Stephen, Tabor Angus, Thompson, Warren, Minnesota / Available Even In Rural Areas!

Invisimax provides high speed wireless internet for the midwest, servicing North Dakota and Minnesota. Unlimited Access at burstable T1 speeds. In 1998, we pioneered high speed wireless Internet access, a technology so new that it was necessary for us to write all of our own software. This hard work paid off. In 2001 we officially became InvisiMax and are now one of the nation's Top 10 providers of broadband wireless Internet access. Our commitment to innovation is still intact, and outstanding customer service has become our trademark.

Today our services include custom-made firewall protection, online back-up and much, much more. InvisiMax customers are able to use the Internet every day to overcome the limits that geography has traditionally placed on the Midwest. Businesses are reaching new markets, saving time and making money. Family and friends are enjoying the true entertainment and communication value of the web.

High Speed Wireless Internet Access - Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

LakesNet (Detroit Lakes Public Utility), a community-wide high-speed fiber-optic network, is bringing our community together. Already, we are connecting the schools in Detroit Lakes. LakesNet is now offering high speed Wireless Internet Access!! You no longer need a telephone line to connect to the Internet! LakesNet's Wireless Internet service provides you with unlimited service, at speeds up to 1.9 meg.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Slayton, Currie, Lake Shetek, Marshall, MN / surrounding rural areas in Southwest Minnesota

Ready for higher speeds and an always-on connection? Do you have or need a second telephone line just for Internet access? The cost of a second line got you down? We now offer broadband DSL or wireless service in selected areas! Minnesota Network Services offers high speed, always on broadband service over a portion of our service area in Southwest Minnesota.

WiFi Wireless Internet Service Provider - Dodge County MN

Minnesota WiFi was formed out of frustration with the lack of options for fast, highspeed internet in Dodge County. You know there is DSL from the phone company, wireless internet from old Midwest Wireless Clearwave, satellite internet from Hughesnet and WildBlue, and 3G from the cellphone providers. What all of these options have in common is that they are slow, have capped data and/or are expensive. None of these services are the best options for residents and that's where Minnesota WiFi will fill the gap.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Aitkin, McGregor, Garrison, Wahkon, Onamia, Isle and Vineland., MN / Aitkin, Crow Wing and Mille Lacs counties in central Minnesota

Mille Lacs Electric Coop - MLEC Internet offers a variety of Internet options for your home and office. From dial-up to High Speed Satellite and Wireless Broadband, we've got you covered. We are your hometown ISP that is always there and ready to help provide you with your connection to the world!

Mille Lacs Electric Cooperative (MLEC) of Aitkin, MN, was established in 1939. MLEC employs 47 people and serves 12,500 customers in parts of Aitkin, Crow Wing and Mille Lacs counties in central Minnesota. Mille Lacs Electric Co-op is more than just a supplier of electricity. MLEC supports economic development, sponsors youth and school programs, give advice on energy conservation and electrical safety and helps member choose energy-efficient heating systems. Local internet access is provided to the area by MLEC Internet. Long distance telephone service is provided by MLEC Long Distance.

Wireless Broadband Service in Moose Lake - Barnum - Willow River - Sturgeon Lake - Kettle River - Hay Lake - Park Lake - Mahtowa Minnesota

The Moose-Tec wireless network is made up of 14 towers in southern Carlton and northern Pine counties

Broadband Wireless Internet Service available in and around the following communities: Alpha, Amboy, Amiret, Appleton, Atwater, Avoca, Balaton, Belview, Benson, Bird Island, Blomkest, Boyd, Brewster, Brooten, Brownton, Buffalo Lake, Butterfield, Cambria, Canby, Cedar Mills, Clara City, Clarkfield, Clements, Cobden, Comfrey, Cosmos, Cottonwood, Courtland, Currie, Danube, Darfur, Dawson, Delft, Delhi, Dovray, Dundee, Echo, Essig, Evan, Fairfax, Fernando, Franklin, Fulda, Garden City, Garvin, Gaylord, Ghent, Gibbon, Godahl, Good Thunder, Granite Falls, Hadley, Hanska, Hazel Run, Hector, Hendricks, Heron Lake, Howard Lake, Hutchinson, Iona, Ivanhoe, Jackson, Jeffers, Judson, Kandiyohi, Kerkhoven, Kinbrae, La Salle, Lafayette, Lake Crystal, Lake Lillian, Lakefield, Lamberton, Lafayette, Le Sueur, Leavenworth, Lewisville, Litchfield, Lucan, Lynd, Madelia, Madison, Marshall, Maynard, Milan, Milroy, Minneota, Montevideo, Morgan, Morton, Mountain Lake, Murdock, New London, Nicollet, Norseland, Odin, Okabena, Olivia, Ormsby, Ottawa, Paynesville, Pennock, Prinsburg, Raymond, Reading, Redwood Falls, Renville, Revere, Round Lake, Sacred Heart, Sanborn, Seaforth, Searles, Sherburn, Slayton, Sleepy Eye, South Branch, Spicer, Springfield, St James, St Leo, St Peter, Stewart, Storden, Sunburg, Svea, Sveadahl, Taunton, Tracy, Traverse, Trimont, Vernon Center, Vesta, Wabasso, Walnut Grove, Wanda, Watson, Westbrook, Wilder, Willmar, Windom, Winthrop, Wood Lake, Worthington MN

In April of 1999 MVTV began providing a High Speed Broadband Wireless Internet Service. Just like with the TV service it started small. Transmitting a broadband wireless signal from our TV tower allowed MVTV to reach rural customers that couldn’t otherwise have access to internet.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Big Stone City, Milbank SD & surrounding rural areas in South Dakota / Clinton, Graceville, Ortonville MN & surrounding rural areas in Minnesota

Nate's Net, Inc. Wireless Internet service makes it easier, faster and more convenient than ever for you to access the Web. Fast, easy, unlimited Internet access that is loaded with FREE extras. Download files fast & easy with the fastest Wireless speeds available. Faster Then Cable & Dial up Internet. Choose your Internet upload and download speeds, any where from 128k To T1 speeds. No Hidden Fees.

WiMax Wireless Internet Service Provider - Brainerd, Duluth, St. Cloud and Minneapolis Minnesota

Nextera Communications is a premier Internet provider in Minnesota with robust phone, data and high-speed Internet services. Nextera’s fixed wireless network delivers reliable, high-speed, low cost Internet access using wireless broadband technology. Standard bandwidth options are 1.5M up to 6M or Nextera can develop a custom solution to meet your business needs with bandwidth speeds up to 1Gbp. Nextera's wireless internet service can be bundled with our industry leading VoIP platform which includes a variety of voice services including: local, long distance, Host IP PBX , SIP Trunking or Flex (Dynamic) T-1.

WiFi Wireless Internet Service Provider - Northfield, *Mosaic's Apartments and *Hidden Valley Apartments, Dundas, Dennison, Nerstrand, Randolph, Stanton, Southern Farmington, Southern Lakeville, Cannon Falls, Miesville, New Trier

We are often asked what sets NorthfieldWiFi apart from other services offered in the area? Our two biggest competitors are Cable and DSL. While pricing, customer service and our service offerings are a big reason as to why a lot of customers choose our company, one of the biggest is the fact that our services offered are so flexible and our coverage areas in which we can service the customer far out exceeds that of cable or DSL.

Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider - International Falls Minnesota

Northwinds Net has been providing internet access to the International Falls area since 1998. Northwinds Net is currently transmitting from the South Falls Water Tower and Fort Frances Water Tower. If you can see one of these towers from your location, you could be utilizing the high speed wireless Internet access provided by Northwinds Net.

High Speed Wireless Internet Service - Bergen, Bingham Lake, Brewster, Dundee, Fulda, Jackson, Heron Lake, Jeffers, Mountain Lake, Sioux Valley, Spafford, Windom, Worthington, MN / serving Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and South Dakota

Prairie iNet is currently serving Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and South Dakota. We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of high-bandwidth Internet access, point-to-point private line services and managed solutions over one of the industry’s most scalable last-mile networks.

Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Hope, Moscow, Ellendale, Lemond Township, Oakland, Deerfield Township, Litomysl, Woodville Township, Claremont, Steele Center, New Richland, Blooming Prairie,Somerset Township, Waldorf, West Concord, Summit Township, Pemberton, South of Cannon Lake, Otisco, Geneva, Lansing, Meriden, Medford, Waterville Minneasota

At our slowest speed 1.5mbps connection, this is over 27x faster then dial-up. Our fastest speed 30mbps connection is over 535x faster then dial-up. As you can see we provide you the speed you need for everything from e-mail to videos.

Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Alma, WI area with line of site to one of our towers, which are located along the Mississippi River from Trempealeau to Bay City on the Wisconsin side and from just south of Winona to Redwing on the Minnesota side

PowerBand is a WiMax system offering true broadband speeds and capabilities for your home or business. PowerBand uses the latest in technology and standards to allow reliable and fast communications. Riverland Communications owns and maintains the WiMax Equipment

Wireless High-Speed Internet Access Services - Bloomington, MN / Twin Cities region of Minnesota

Sihope wireless high-speed Internet access services can support users at speeds up to 11MB. 802.11 is the wireless Ethernet standard. This allows a standard Ethernet system to have sections that are wireless without modifying the standard Ethernet systems or methods. The use of the 2.4 Ghz Frequency range provides us with protocols and systems that allow for unlicensed use of transmitters/receivers using the ISM band. The primary advantage to the unlicensed band is price. Sihope will provide service in both the licensed and unlicensed bands, however, the cost for the licensed bandwidth is VERY high.

Many businesses cannot justify the cost of T-1 access ($1,500 per month) and/or are not being serviced adequately by other suppliers. Typical services offered by high-speed Internet providers include T-1, DSL, and point-to-point wireless service. There is absence and inadequacy of these services. Because the return on investment is low for DSL providers in many markets, DSL service generally is not available. Provision of DSL services requires a large investment in infrastructure which typically cannot be cost-justified in many geographic markets where the revenue payback is relatively small.

Cable modem services are simply not able to offer sufficiently reliable Internet access. This is explained by the loose tolerances and general lack of robustness of the existing cable wire infrastructure. Cables with relatively minor damage (scratches and corrosion) can cause havoc with Internet data transmission. The high quality of wireless Internet access services will empower you with bandwidth previously unavailable.

Wireless high-speed Internet access services do exist in some suburbs surrounding 1st tier cities and in some 2nd and 3rd tier cities; however, because the infrastructure cost is relatively high, the cost of their services are high as well. These services incorporate traditional point-to-point transmission technology which translates to a substantially more costly infrastructure than our point-to-multi-point transmission technology. Hence, Sihope can provide cost effective, high quality, high-speed Internet access to businesses and desktop computers where wires haven't gone before. It should be noted that Sihope caters to businesses and users of desktop computers, not users of mobile computing devices such as cell phones and palm pilots.

High speed wireless access - Sioux Falls, Colman, South Dakota / Nebraska / Minnesota

Now there is an uncomplicated, cost effective way for your business, organization or household to get access to the Internet. It's the new high speed, high capacity wireless internet service being offered by Sioux Valley Wireless for PCs and Macs. Sioux Valley Wireless is a subsidiary of Sioux Valley-Southwestern Electric. It was organized in 1989, and supplies cable television via microwave to nearly 6,000 subscribers in South Dakota, Nebraska and Minnesota.

Sioux Valley Wireless transmits data from our tower in Sioux Falls at speeds up to 4 megabits per second to a small microwave antenna at the subscriber's location. Our system has large capacity and that gives subscribers with multiple computers the ability to access Internet information simultaneously without the need for multiple or expensive telephone lines.

Our head-end site east of Sioux Falls is connected to the backbone of the Internet via several digital circuits. From there, data is transmitted to an antenna and modem at the customer's location via microwave. No digital-to-analog conversion is required; the signal remains fully digital from tower site to modem. Full two-way wireless service is also available, providing upstream high-speed access up to 450 kilobits per second. Our standard equipment includes a microwave antenna system, cable modem and hardware professional installation. Some locations may require custom wiring and special antenna support structures for additional cost.

Wireless Broadband Local Loop - Minnetonka, Minnesota area

US Internet is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and cost effective Internet solutions for our clients. Founded in 1995, US Internet is a leading national provider of Internet services with points of presence in over 3,000 cities. We provide a full range of Internet services, including Internet access, website hosting, co-location services, and much more.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Minneapolis Minnesota

USI Wireless offers a wireless alternative to standard cable and phone line based Internet services. Wireless Internet service is a high-speed broadband Internet access connection that will work in your home and throughout the entire coverage area. USI Wireless offers wireless connectivity speeds up to 1-6 Mbps download to home, business, and roaming users with pricing as low as $14.95/month.

Wireless broadband Internet access - Argyle, Baudette, Hallock, Karlstad, Oslo, Rainy River, Roseau, Stephen, Thief River Falls, Warren, Warroad, MN / Good service several miles into the rural area. Service available throughout Kittson, Marshall, Roseau, Lake of the Woods, and Pennington Counties in Minnesota

Wikstrom has the finest internet service available today. Ready access, high bandwidth, dependable service, Fiber optic cables directly into the broadband internet. All at affordable prices. The equipment we have installed has been tested to be the best available at this time. And behind all of this equipment will be plenty of capacity into the broadband interent. This is one of the significant differences between Wikstrom and other providers. "We have the capacity." (Bandwidth into the broadband internet).

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