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Wireless Broadband Solutions - Lansing MI

ACD.net is a leading networking company in Michigan. We provide carrier-grade services, such as Internet services, Network Management and Consulting, and services to Internet Service Providers and Telecommunication providers.

ACD.net Wireless Broadband solutions redefine the way Internet service is delivered, combining the speed and performance of broadband with wireless access. We recommend wireless as a backup solution that complements your land lines. There are often problems with line of site, security and atmospheric conditions. We offer wireless in select areas throughout Lansing Michigan. Our systems integration team specializes in implementing wireless LAN's and WAN's. ACD.net performs site/feasibility surveys to full implamentation.

Fixed Broadband Wireless Internet service provider - based in beautiful Frankenmuth Michigan and serves the communities of North East Michigan

Air Advantage overcomes the connectivity problems faced by Michigan's broad rural geography through our deployment of Michigan's finest and most diversified high speed internet network, which leverages both fixed wireless towers on top of the ground and next-generation fiber optics under the ground. Air Advantage is high-speed Internet - for all of Michigan. .

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Pigeon, MI / Huron, Sanilac and Tuscola Counties in Michigan

Agri-Valley is currently offering broadband wireless services in three Michigan counties, including Huron, Sanilac and Tuscola. The company plans to use additional licensed 700 MHz spectrum to provide services to more than 40 rural counties over the next four to five years. Vyyo's 700 MHz gear enables both voice and broadband data services, as well as wireless backhaul. A single cell site can provide service to thousands of subscribers within a 25-mile radius of the site, according to Vyyo's literature. Agri-Valley Services is a subsidiary of Agri-Valley Communications Inc. The company provides Internet service via its AVCI.net name. Agri-Valley offers dial-up, DSL and wireless broadband services.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Akron, Bad Axe, Blumfield Coners, Elkton, Fairgrove, Frankenmuth, Gera, Gagetown, Owendale, Pigeon, Port Hope, Reese, Ruth, Sebewaing, Ubly, Unionville, Vassar, MI / Michigan's Thumb Area

High speed wireless internet from Air Advantage is the solution. Our wireless internet is 10 times faster than a dial up connection and no phone line is required. Multiple computers can surf the internet* and you can use your phone at the same time! You will never want to use dial up again. Our wireless network is based on CIRRONET’s proven license-free, interference and jamming resistant, frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology. Because our wireless network is based on frequency-hopping technology, there is no need worry about interference from other subscriber units or spread spectrum radios in the area.

High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Garden, MI / South Central Upper Peninsula Michigan

Founded in 2005, Big Bay Broadband provides high speed fixed wireless internet access to the South Central Upper Penninsula of Michigan in the Big Bay de Noc area.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Cass City, Ellington, Caro, Mayville, Burnside, Brown City, MI / and parts of North Branch area, Rich andDeerfield townships / surrounding areas in Michigan

BigTube high speed is faster then ever before! And we've included a variety of packages to suit your home and business needs. Wireless Internet access is one method of high speed, or Broadband Internet access, that uses microwave radio waves instead of telephone or cable lines. BigTube.net is providing high speed, cost effective solutions for Internet access via wireless. This means NO PHONE LINES ARE NEEDED! If you already have an existing ISP account and/or a second phone line they can be eliminated, adding those costs to your savings. There is no need to worry about slow downloads, busy signals, or disconnections anymore, with Wireless Internet your computer is always on the internet. Our wireless network can connect at up to 11Mbps. Various conditions can affect your connection speed. Our main connection to the internet is through a dedicated T1 line (1.5Mbps). Speeds are affected by line quality and signal strength, and may be asymmetrical. Our testing has shown download speeds in excess of 1Mbs and upload speeds slightly less. In general, the closer you are to the cell tower, the better your chances are of seeing the higher throughput rates. A wireless Internet connection's speed allows the customer to connect at speeds anywhere from 128kbps all the way up to 1.544mbps, which is equal to the speed of a T1 connection.

WISP High Speed Wireless Network - Sand Lake, Howard City, Amble, Lakeview, Six Lakes, Gowen, Greenville, Fenwick, Sheridan, Stanton, Edmore, Elwell, Cystal, Northstar, Ashley and Walkerville, MI / surrounding rural areas in Mid-Michigan

It is our goal to bring broadband Internet Access to under served markets in all rural and semi-rural areas of Michigan. Providing the "Total Solutions for Wireless Broadband and Networking Solutions" to Michigan's Governmental, Educational, Business and Residential Users. We currently offer products in the band of 900 MHz and 2.4, 5.3, 5.8 GHz, providing cost-effective high-performance solutions to small Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), small to medium-sized enterprises, the municipal-utilities-schools and hospital market, small office home office and to wireless equipment manufacturers. The versatility and robustness of the Casair solution helps operators maximize revenues while maintaining ease of support in operations.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Alden, North Torch Lake, Rapid City. Kalkaska, Lake Skegemog, MI / surrounding rural communities in Northern Michigan

Our new, line-of-sight system, allows us to cover great distances at nearly half the price of the non-line-of-sight system but it does require an outdoor install and near line-of-sight to our tower. This service has an amazing range of coverage and we have recorded customer links at almost 20 miles with perfect conditions!

Fixed Broadband Wireless Internet services - Merrill, Breckenridge, Wheeler, Hemlock, Elsie, Ashley, Chesaning, St. Charles, Ithaca, St. Louis, Midland Twp, Freeland, Marion Springs Michigan regions

We use only the best in wireless technology. We harness the power of Ubiquiti wireless equipment. Our towers feature backup battery power, in case of a local failure. We constantly monitor our network for speed and signal quality. Our tower sites are installed and maintained by FCC licensed technicians, with over 14 years of wireless RF experience.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP -Ashley*, Barryton, Beal City, Blanchard, Breckenridge*, Carson City*, Cedar Lake*, Crystal*, Edmore, Ithaca*, Lakeview, Mecosta*, Middleton, Mt. Pleasant*, North Star, Palo, Perrinton*, Pompeii, Rainbow Lake, Remus, Sheridan, Vestaburg, Weidman, Wheeler (* denotes WiMAX) area.

CMS provides superior service throughout Michigan. CMS has trained experts in every field of computing technology including hardware, software, networks, consulting, training, repairs, and upgrades.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Kalkaska, Lake Skegemog, Alden, Rapid City, South Torchlake, MI / surrounding rural communities in Michigan

At COLI Communications we feel that high-speed internet access should be available for everyone. This is why we offer our two different broadband technologies. We offer our Wireless NetWave System for residents that want more out of the internet. This system provides lightning fast downloads and seamless internet browsing at an affordable price. However, if wireless technology all together isn't for you, our wired T1 Solutions may fix your problem. For super high speeds and direct wired access a T1 may be your best solution.

COLI NetWave Wireless Internet - NetWave always-on Internet access, with no wait to reconnect every time you want to surf the net or check e-mail. You'll stay connected to the Internet via a high-speed link. No more busy signals or timely connects with COLI NetWave the internet waits for you. Shared T1 connection, meaning higher speeds than other services offer. With download speeds up to 1.5mbs, nearly 50 times faster than a modem., downloading a file that used to take up to 5 minutes with dial-up can now take as little as 10 seconds with NetWave! Our Up and Down Speeds are both 1.5mbs, where Cables max download speed is 1.5, but the upload speed is only 128kbs or .128mbs. NetWave blows the competition away.

Fixed Broadband Wireless Internet services - Kingsbury, Kingsford Heights, LaCrosse, LaPorte, Rolling Prairie, Union Mills, IN / Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan regions

CSInet has deployed NON-LINE-OF-SITE (NLOS) wireless infrastructure that now allows coverage in densely-treed areas with no line of site between your home or business and the CSInet tower, with outstanding, fast and reliable Internet connections. CSInet Broadband Wireless is the Future of High-Speed Internet! This new Internet access solution from CSInet is based on an innovative technology called "fixed wireless" - it's not DSL or cable-modem technology. With CSInet Broadband Wireless, you can count on Internet access that's Fast. CSInet Broadband Wireless connects you to the Internet at speeds that rival cable or DSL type access.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - based in Hillsdale, MI with over 2,000 square miles of hi-speed Internet coverage through South/Central Michigan

DMCI Broadband offers a wide variety of affordable hi-speed Internet service plans for both your home and/or business. We are continually expanding and upgrading our network to assure fast and reliable delivery of Internet access to areas most others can't reach

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Escanaba, Powers, Sault Ste. Marie, MI / surrounding rural areas in Michigan Upper Peninsula

Delcomp/SOFTEK is the primary provider of dial Internet services in the Central Upper Peninsula. Under its DSNet division, they recently introduced Internet Broadband service in Escanaba, Powers and, most recently, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Using advanced wireless broadband technology from WAVE Wireless, DSNet is the first production network of its kind in the Upper Peninsula.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Gladwin, MI / surrounding rural areas in Michigan

Endless Journey is pleased to announce the launch of it's new wireless Internet service. This is an additional service that is offered by Endless Journey Internet, dial-up modem access is not affected by this new wireless service. Wireless service uses an antenna and special network card to connect to the Internet. This means no need for phone lines, no dropped calls, no busy signals and blazing fast speed (up to 50 times faster than a dial-up modem).

WiMAX Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Allendale, Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo, Zeeland, MI / Western Michigan / We are currently planning expansion throughout Michigan and into other states soon

FreedomNet Solutions connects your business with the information you need to succeed. We do that in two ways:

1. By providing high-speed wireless Internet service through a new technology called WiMAX. Wireless technology is superior to broadband alternatives like cable, DSL and T1, all of which require a physical connection to the Internet backbone. FreedomNet wireless broadband delivers unrivaled reliability and minimum connection speeds.

2. By providing members (Internet subscribers) access to our Business Solution Center, which connects them to the expertise needed to sustain profitability and success. We're an ISP Plus. Unlike other Internet Service Providers that strictly offer Internet access, FreedomNet Solutions also connects you to the resources you need to run a better business.

Fixed wireless Internet Service Provider - Hidden Lake, MI and surrounding areas

Hidden Lake Wireless is now providing high-speed wireless internet to the Hidden Lake and surrounding areas. That's right! We can't get DSL or cable. We barely get electricity. But now we CAN get high speed internet!! Check out the links on the left, then sign up for a site survey!

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Niles, MI

In May of 1995, SMR Communications was started by two long time Radio Repair Technicians Steve and Mike Ruedinger. SMR Communications started small in southwestern Michigan but quickly grew. The Company is involved in the sales and maintenance of Two-way Radio Communications systems, 911 dispatch systems, radio towers, and wireless data communications.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Alpena, Bangor, West Bangor, Battle Creek, Benton Harbor, Big Rapids, Coloma, Grand Haven, Grayling, Hartford, Holland, Houghton Lake, Kalamazoo, Lawton Downtown, Lawton High School Area, Muskegon, New Buffalo, Norton Shores, Onaway, Prudenville, Pullman, Rogers City, Roscommon, South Haven Downtown, South Haven Southwest, Stevensville, St. Joseph, Watervliet, Wyoming, Zeeland, Michigan

I2K Wireless is a service of I-2000 Inc. A Regional Internet Service Provider with it's main office in Wyoming, MI. We currently have High-Speed Wireless Internet connections in 21 locations throughout Michigan and have more sites planned. With a variety of plans, we have one that will fit your needs and budget.

Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider - greater Shiawassee County, Michigan

Invisalink Wireless, LLC is a Wireless Internet Service provider serving greater Shiawassee County, Michigan.

Wireless Broadband Internet Service - Marquette MI

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wireless. Now busy signals, slow connections and long conversations with your phone company can be a thing of the past. Let 999 Access Inc. connect you to the fastest internet access on the net. Using a small antenna on your building and a radio bridge setup for connection, this new wireless service has many advantages. up to 200 Times Faster Than A 56k Modem - Less Expensive And Faster Than Current ISDN and cable Connections.

Wireless Broadband Solutions - Grand Rapids, MI

Iserv is one of Michigan's largest, most experienced Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Founded in 1995, Iserv began by delivering dependable Internet service to homes in Grand Rapids. Since then, the business has expanded dramatically, growing in coverage area, customer base, revenues, services and technical capabilities. Iserv has evolved from a residential ISP to a full-service provider serving businesses and homes throughout the state.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Alma, Beaverton, Breckenridge, Clare, Coleman, Elm Hall, Elwell, Ithaca, Mount Pleasant, Remus, Riverdale, Rosebush, Saint Louis, Shepherd, Sumner, St. Louis, Wheeler, MI / surrounding rural communities in Mid Michigan

ISP Management's ISP Wireless availability is expanding all the time. Currently, we have coverage in Mid Michigan. ISP Wireless uses the power of radio waves to bring you the fastest and most affordable access around. ISP Wireless is projected at a special frequency that only our modems use. The signal originates from our antenna and is projected over a wide area. The signal can be boosted by the use of repeater antennas to increase the range. Unlike other wireless services, our broadband signal is non line-of-sight and travels through trees, walls, and everything in between. Our signal reaches your modem which then send it to your computer, connecting you to the Internet at blazing speeds.

WISP High Speed Wireless ISP - Brant, Breckenridge, Freeland, Hemlock, Ithaca, Marion Springs, Merrill, Midland, St. Charles, St. Louis, Wheeler and Lakefield Township, Saginaw County, Michigan and surrounding areas

Our service is absolutely unlimited. We will not charge you extra, slow you down to a crawl, or shut you off regardless of your usage.

Wireless Broadband Internet Service - Sault Ste Marie and St. Ignace MI

Lighthouse wants to be your Internet Solutions Provider! With more options in more places than anyone in the area, we are the ISP of choice. We have High-speed and Broadband in more areas than anyone. Our Lightwave Broadband has the fastest speeds at the most reasonable prices! We offer more product options than anyone else with service almost anywhere in the Eastern UP. Lighthouse is a leader in Internet with the first and fastest Broadband in Sault Ste Marie and St. Ignace.

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - East Tawas, Fairview, Hale, Higgins Lake, Houghton Lake, Long Lake, Lupton, Mio, National City, Prescott, Prudenville, Roscommon, Rose City, Sand Lake, Sixty Lakes, St. Helen, Standish, Tawas, Turner, Twining, West Branch, Whittemore, MI / throughout Northeastern Michigan

M33 Access has built and operates the largest consecutive wireless Internet grid in North America! Founded in 1999, M-33 Access offers high-speed wireless and wide area networking services throughout Northeastern Michigan. M-33 Access has over 20 towers with Agere routing equipment that are providing the only high-speed wireless Internet access to approximately 30 cities in the coverage area

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - many Michigan markets

Mercury Network is committed to delivering the best all-around value in high-tech communications services. Through reliable network operations, combined with a highly trained technical support staff, and a strong commitment to quality customer care, we provide a variety of products and services tailored to meet the communications needs of our customers.

Mercury Network delivers high-speed Internet access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using Wi-Fi technology. Wireless is up to 80 times faster than a dial-up connection, so you can use bandwidth-intensive applications such as streaming audio and video, video-conferencing and telecommuting. Wireless gives "always-on" Internet access and does not tie up the phone line. No more busy signals, no more dropped connections, and no more waiting for someone to get off the phone. Because wireless does not use rented phone or cable company infrastructure, it is less expensive than cable and DSL. And best of all, we own and manage the entire network, giving us complete control over the quality of your service, installation, and repair.

Wireless Broadband Service - Defiance, OH / Northwest Ohio, Northeastern Indiana, Southeastern Michigan

From residential service to business service, MetaLINK Technologies has a high speed wireless package to fit your budget, and provide the speed you need for your home or office.

Broadband Wireless ISP - offering services in Cassopolis, Dowagiac, Edwardsburg, Niles Township, Eastern Baroda, Buchanan Township, Southern Stevensville, Sister Lakes, Eau Claire, Coloma, and the rural community of Benton Harbor northern Indiana / Buchanan MI & southern Michigan

Michiana Supernet is the data services division of SMR Communications Inc. We specialize in customized solutions for wireless connectivity, datacenter and offsite server collocation, data wiring and infrastructure planning. Our staff can assist you with projects as small as getting your offices computers to connect via wifi to wiring a large business or school for Ethernet or fiber connectivity. Recently, we have acquired the Cable TV/Internet plant for Bainbridge and Pipestone township.

Fixed wireless broadband ISP - Michiana area / Central & Northern Indiana

Michiana Wireless is privately held wireless Internet service provide or WISP for short. We provide high speed Internet access to individuals and companies. We have been in the online service provider business since 1993 and have now been providing wireless broadband services to the Michiana area since 2002..

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Allendale, Greater Grand Rapids, Holland, Zeeland, MI

Michwave provides high speed wireless data connections for businesses. We provide speeds starting at 384Kb/s up to 30+Mb/s usually installed from hours to days! All our services are provisioned to YOUR specifications however we specialize in symmetrical connections (same up and down speeds) which function far better than ADSL or cable modems.

4G LTE Broadband Wireless Internet services - Pigeon, Michigan / Michigan’s Thumb, Twining and the Alba/Lakes of the North areas

4G LTE simply stands for 4th generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) – the highest standard in wireless broadband Internet service, offering the fastest speeds available. 4G LTE is up to 10 times faster than 3G and up to 200 times faster than dial up. There might be other Internet providers claiming they have 4G but ONLY miSpot offers 4G LTE wireless broadband service in rural (or in your “spot”) communities in Michigan.

WISP Broadband Wireless Mesh Network - Chelsea, MI

OpAve Wireless Routers use a specialized wireless operating system that automatically routes traffic through the network in a multipoint-to-multipoint pattern. This technology differs significantly from traditional wireless networks. By creating this type of network we can achieve a stronger infrastructure by adding additional radios. OpAve is working on neighborhood clusters. This will allow us to install a direct link to a neighboring community and create a mesh network for our business and residential clients. This strategy allows for high end connectivity services to be delivered in areas that couldn't get high-speed connectivity before.

WiMAX Broadband Wireless DSL Service Provider - Calumet, MI / surrounding rural communities in Michigan's Upper Peninsula / Houghton/Hancock, from South Range to Dollar Bay and surrounding area

In co-operation with several historic high points around the Keweenaw Peninsula, Pasty.NET now has *wireless DSL Internet connections available. To use the service, you need a special transceiver which plugs into your USB port, or the optional ethernet adapter. It is a 'near-line-of-sight' transport medium. This means you must have a relatively unobstructed view of the access point near you.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Flint, MI / surrounding areas in Michigan

Quality Internet eXpress has been in business since 1999. Since then we have become one of Michigan's premier ISP's offering a complete internet service package at an afforable cost. Wireless Internet Access is rapidly becoming the method of choice for delivering Broadband Internet to both business and residential customers. With no physical cable to run, little or no setup, and low-cost equipment, wireless Internet is easy to deploy and has a wide coverage area. QIX is currently connecting customers in Flint and surrounding areas.

Quality Internet eXpress also has local dial-up numbers all across Michigan! Cities include: Ann Arbor, Bay City, Brighton, Clare, Detroit, Flint, Holly, Howell, Lansing, Lapeer, Midland, Monroe, New Boston. Northville, Pontiac, Port Huron, Romeo, Saginaw, Sandusky, Southfield, St. Clair, Trenton, Troy, West Branch, and many more!

WISP Broadband Wireless Wide Area Network - Lake Odessa, Lakewood, MI / surrounding rural communities in Michigan

The mission of Reliable Internet, LLC is to provide broadband internet connections to its Lakewood area subscribers at a competitive price. To meet that goal, we have built a Wide Area Network (WAN). This wireless network is the way our subscribers connect to the Internet. We use various types of IEEE 802.11 hardware for wireless data communication. This operates in the 900-Mhz or 2.4-GHz band. The hardware operates license-free under Part 15 of the FCC Rules and Regulations. In other words, you don’t need permission from the government to use our service.

High speed wireless internet access - Oneida and Vilas counties of Wisconsin and eastern Iron County, Michigan

Our signal transmits at 900MHz and 2.4GHz. If your cordless phone, baby monitor, or other wireless household device is also at either of these frequencies, there could be interference on both services.

4G Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider - Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, ID / North Liberty, Iowa / Frankenmuth, MI / Great Falls, Missoula, MT / Kearney, Nebraska / Sioux Falls, SD

SpeedConnect owns FCC-Licensed spectrum. This means we have the exclusive rights to the frequencies we use to transmit our customers’ data. Other wireless companies use public frequencies that are cluttered with traffic and interference. SpeedConnect provides better performance, security and reliability.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - rural Lenawee County and the surrounding areas

TC3 Wireless delivers unprecendented speeds and features to rural Lenawee County and the surrounding areas. Unlike Cellular broadband and Aircards, TC3 Wireless clients never worry about overusing the Internet because there are no usage caps on any plan!

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Fenton, MI / Serving Genesee, Oakland, Livingston, Shiawassee and Lapeer Counties

A small antennae is placed on the client's building that has a line of sight to one of the Tri-County Wireless towers. That antennae provides the link between your computer or network and the Internet. According to the plan selected from TCW, wireless Internet allow speeds anywhere from 384 kbps up to 4 mbps (megabits per second) and higher.

High Speed Wireless Internet Connections - Big Rapids, Michigan / Mecosta County

TCI is a Mecosta County and surrounding area’s Premier Internet Service Provider. We strive to be the best in customer support, service, and #1 in customer satisfaction. Our customers are our priority, and we promise to provide the best communications solutions for your home or small business.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service provider WISP - Iron Mountain, Marquette Michigan / Delta, Dickinson, Iron, Marquette, Menominee and Schoolcraft County

Our broadband equipment uses direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) technology and orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing (OFDM) for robust connectivity and long-range performance.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Waldron, MI

This service comes "no strings attached"! You don't need any telephone lines to surf the web at top speeds ... it's all done through the air!

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service - Allegan, Fennville, Ganges, Hamilton, Martin, Saugatuck, Douglas - Allegan County, MI / Western Lower Michigan

We provide High Speed Internet Data Services in Western Lower Michigan. We specialize in providing High Speed Service to locations where cable and DSL do/can not reach. We use a variety of technologies, including, fixed wireless, one way and two way satalite, dry pair data, as well as others. By doing so, we bring the benefits of high speed internet to rural residents without breaking their pocketbooks. Using our fixed wireless network in Allegan county, we can provide T1 data rates at a fraction of the costs for a hardwired phone company T1. We also provide E-mail and Web hosting to our high speed customers.

fixed wireless service - Lansing, MI / surrounding rural communities in Mid-Michigan

The acquisition provides greater opportunities for Zayo and Arialink customers by adding 930 new route miles to Zayo’s national footprint, including 400 miles of dense metro networks in Lansing andAnn Arbor. Arialink’s network will now be interconnected with Zayo’s existing 45,000 mile national network, enabling end-to-end-Bandwidth Infrastructure services

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Detroit, Michigan

Zing is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) unlike most that exist today. We are Next-Generation Broadcast Internet. From our base station in downtown Detroit, Zing broadcasts an ultra high-speed signal throughout the city and the surrounding metro area within a 15-mile coverage radius. Soon we will be covering all of metro Detroit and much of southeast Michigan with ultra-broadband wireless service.

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