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High Speed Wireless ISP - Bowling Green, Scottsville, KY / Warren County

Access Kentucky provides broadband in Warren County with Skypilot© wireless technology. We also offer traditional DSL and HughesNet© satellite broadband service. We are the only ISP in the area that can provide high speed service anywhere, even where the phone companies and cable companies won't go.

Next-Generation Wireless Broadband Provider - Flemingsburg, KY / serving rural Maryland and Kentucky

ALTIUS' High Speed Internet service gives you speed that makes your Internet experience fly - whether you're surfing the web, downloading files, or just checking email, you will be connected at a DSL like speed that is up to 50 times faster than dial-up. Downloads are up to 2 Mbps and uploads 256 Kbps.!

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Charlestown IN / Kentucky

Our initial market is Clark County, Indiana and the surrounding area. As our infrastructure and customer base grows, we plan to expand our service area throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and beyond.

Broadband Wi-Fi Wireless Network - Frankfort, KY

5/5/2005, Broadband Wireless Business Magazine - Wi-Fi Project Launched in Kentucky's State Capital Kentucky officials have established a Wi-Fi demonstration project in parts of Kentucky's capital city, Frankfort. The project uses 802.11g-based technology from Vivato and GeoWireless. The network provides visitors to the Kentucky Derby horse racing track with high-speed Internet access via Wi-Fi-equipped computers. The Wi-Fi demo project is a joint effort between the Commonwealth Office of Technology and ConnectKentucky, a technology development alliance consisting of business, education and government organizations in the state.

Broadband Wireless Provider - Ashland, South Shore, and Greenup, KY and regions of Eastern Kentucky / Huntington, Barboursville, and Ona WV - Northwestern West Virginia / Chesapeake, Ironton, Gallipolis, Proctorville, Franklin Furnace, Portsmouth, West Portsmouth, and Crown City, OH - Southern Ohio

Our New Second-Generation Wireless Service is rolling out rapidly. Please call our office for more information. This service uses a small dish-like antenna that points to one of our towers to allow you to access the internet at blazing speeds! ConnectLink, Inc. uses an 802.11 Standard and IP based equipment. Most modern electronic equipment is compatible to our system. Our frequencies are not affected by the weather - slower than 150 Mph winds capable of knocking antennas off rooftops. ConnectLink, Inc. will operate your system at either a 2.4 Ghz or 5.8 Ghz.

ConnectLink Wireless uses radio-based wireless technology that offers very high bandwidth - up to 155 Mbps - to carriers, corporations, and the general public. With the usage, newer, more advanced forms of wireless systems, we can offer speeds up to 600 Mbps.

ConnectLink, Inc. owns its own network. Because of this we ensure better speeds and reliability for end to end supply and delivery. Our products are not reliant on a third party over which ConnectLink, Inc. has no control. Customers get 24-hour, dedicated Internet access - minus the modems, dial tones, and waiting - with lightning fast connections.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Monticello, Kentucky / surrounding rural communities in Kentucky

CTS Internet service brings you high-speed access to the Internet at great prices! Simply click the links at left for package details.

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Richmond, Berea, Bowling Green KY / surrounding rural communities in Central Kentucky

With GetSetGo™, there’s no installation required. Just pick up your router take it home – plug into the most convenient electrical outlet and connect wirelessly. NO Phone line needed. Our Radio/Router also serves as your WIFI Access Point for all your tablets, PC's, & cell phones.

WiMax Broadband Wireless ISP - Lawrenceburg, Anderson County, Kentucky

We are using the latest in wireless broadband technology referred to as WiMax. This allows for wireless broadband connections without direct line of site to our antenna.

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Leitchfield, KY

High-speed, instant-on Internet access in Leitchfield, Kentucky. Kentucky Wireless announces a more cost-effective option for high-speed connectivity to the Internet. With speeds up to 15 times faster than 56K, Kentucky Wireless provides unprecedented performance and reliability for all of today's bandwidth-intensive applications and business networks.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Mount Sterling, KY / Montgomery and portions of Bath, Bourbon, and Clark counties / select areas of Central and Eastern Kentucky

The mission of KyWifi is to provide its customers, both residential and commercial, with reliable, affordable broadband phone service and high-speed Internet access. We strive to provide the highest level of quality service, always exceeding customer expectations. Surf the Internet whenever you want, for as long as you want, without tieing up your phone line! Our "always on" connection offers the LOWEST latency and HIGHEST quality as compared to your other alternatives. Try us and you'll see what all the buzz is about. Point, click, you're there. No dialing, no waiting, no hassle.

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Mayfield, KY

The MayfieldEWS (Mayfield Electric & Water Systems) Wireless system uses state-of-the-art technology that allows you to set your modem up anywhere in your home, home-office or business location. The service is always on and secure, allowing you to surf the web, talk on the phone and even have multiple users on at the same time (requires a router), from the same location. MayfieldEWS's Wireless service is available to both residential and commercial customers.

Fixed Wireless Broadband ISP - New Albany, Indiana and surrounding cities in Central-Southern Indiana Floyd county, Clark county, Scott county and the Louisville Metro area

Locally owned and operated Internet Service Provider; Metro FastNet takes a hometown approach to customer care and IT solutions.

WiMax Wireless Broadband Provider - Lexington KY / Kentucky's largest wireless network

As the operator of the state's largest wireless network, QX.Net is able to provide clients a variety of connectivity options beyond the traditional wired connections. The impressive scope of the data network QX.Net has in place ensures that no need is beyond the scope of our data network's ability. Whether a T1, DS3, or point-to-point Gigabit wireless circuit is required, QX.Net has the resources and the expertise to deliver the solution

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - South Shore Ky / surrounding rural communities in Greenup county Kentucky

We will be adding areas as fast as we can so if you want high speed internet and no more second phone lines give us a call. That's right there is no phone line involved and the internet is always on. No dial up. No waiting. When your computer is turned on so is the Internet.

WiMax Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider - Elk Creek, Hillsborough, Lilly Pike, Taylorsville, KY / Shelby and Spencer County, KY

Formerly Shelby Wireless, we are Shelby and Spencer County's Premier Internet Service Provider. We provide Wireless, Fiber, and Voice over IP Phone services. Whether you are a residential or business customer, we have service offerings specifically tailored to your needs. We provide internet service over MetroEthernet (Fiber), Wireless, Fiber, WiMax and more!

Broadband Wireless ISP - Georgetown, Lexington, Midway, Paris, Versailles, KY / surrounding rural communities in Kentucky

SpeedBeam Wireless is your solution for high-speed broadband Internet access. SpeedBeam will accelerate the way your business or home uses the Internet. With SpeedBeam, you have the power to do it all – browse, research, download pictures, music, software and e-mail – all at unbelievably high speeds. By harnessing the 'next generation' of wireless technology, SpeedBeam is able to deliver broadband Internet access to areas not served by DSL or cable, and at speeds 20 to 100 times faster than dial-up. Our service packages feature speeds of 256 Kbps, 1.5 Mbps, and beyond.

SpeedBeam is committed to providing central Kentucky with 'next generation' high speed wireless Internet access. Through a network of linked towers surrounding Lexington, SpeedBeam is focused on small-to medium-sized businesses and neighborhoods which are not being served by DSL or cable. SpeedBeam's fully redundant network can provide commercial grade service at prices substantially less than the telephone company and other phone line dependant ISPs.

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Paducah, Kentucky

Wireless internet is another type of broadband service available thru VCI. With wireless internet you can access internet without traditional methods involving a phone line. The only charges associated with wireless internet are normally that of the initial equipment and a flat rate monthly fee. Our wireless solution is among the best in the industry because it is not prone to interference from other wireless devices. Currently, this service is only available in portion of Paducah.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Russell Springs, Salem, KY / Russell County Kentucky

Vortex Wireless (VW) is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). With VW, you get Internet speeds up to 50 times faster than a typical dial-up connection. But speed isn't the only advantage. Our wireless internet connection is "always on" - so you'll never have to connect to or disconnect from the Internet again. Vortex Wireless will be constructing Towers in the Jamestown, Gosser Ridge, Millerfield and Windsor Area's within the next few months. Why the Change? We still own Bluegrass Wireless of Kentucky (TM) but have received numerous threats from another company who feels they own the Bluegrass name and anything to do with Telecommunications in the area. So we will be doing business as Vortex Wireless.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Mayfield Kentucky

West Kentucky Rural Telephone Cooperative - NEW SERVICE! WK is now offering High Speed Wireless Internet service to the city of Mayfield! Call our main office for more information about this exciting new service!

WiMAX Broadband Wireless Internet - Garrard, Lincoln, Mercer & Pulaski County in Kentucky

WiMAX Express has originated from Cable Connections & Communications, the parent company. Cable Connections has been around since November 1999.

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