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Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Marysville, Beattie, Baileyville, Seneca, Corning, Havensville, Berwick, Sabetha, Powhattan, Hiawatha, Purcell, Cummings, Atchison, Easton, Morril, St Benedict Kansas area

We now have over 27 sites carrying wireless internet service. Sites are scattered through nebraska, kansas and missouri. If you are within 2 to 4 miles of one of our sites our service will most likely work for you. If you are up to 12 miles we may still be able to reach you with service provided we can establish line of sight between your rooftop and our tower site. A free site survey will be required to determine if the service will work for you.

High Speed Wireless Internet Service - Axtell, Beattie, Blue Rapids, Bremen, Centralia, Frankfort, Rural Frankfort, Hanover, Rural Hanover, Home, Linn, Marysville, Rural Marysville, Oketo, Onaga, Palmer, Summerfield, Vermillion, Washington, Rural Washington, Waterville, Rural Waterville, Westmoreland and Wheaton, KS

BVTC wireless internet signal travels through the air from our tower to your home via radiowave free from interference from rain, wind, or snow. Our signal normally has an effective range of a 3-5 mile radius of the Marysville water tower and other towers in Hanover and southeast of Bremen. The signal travels "line of sight" from our tower to your location. If you are interested in Blue Valley Wireless internet service, a BVTC technician gladly perform a free signal test at your location. Data speeds from 128K to 1.544K. Advanced Radio Cells Inc. (ARCi) and Blue Valley Tele-Communications (BVTC) have teamed up to deploy ARCi's 5 GHz, license-free wireless solution. BVTC is a 41-year-old, member-owned cooperative that provides quality, cost-effective telecom services to its community members. The cooperative consists of 11 local telephone companies, which are consolidated into 10 exchanges.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service - Burchard, Johnson, Pawnee City Nebraska / Atchison, Bern, Baileyville, Beattie, Corning, Hiawatha, Marysville, Purcell, Seneca Kansas / Savannah, St Joseph, Missouri

Broadband Wireless Internet by Haug Communications Inc. (Over 30 years experience in RF communications). We have now updated to NLOS wireless modems on many of our tower sites. What this means is we have a larger coverage area. If we could not reach you in the past with wireless due to trees or distance give us a call. We may be able to now. NVCS dial-up Internet has combined with BBWI high speed wireless Internet to create a true full service locally owned ISP. We are now able to offer 56k V.92 dialup and high speed wireless access to Seneca and many surrounding communities.

carrier-grade wireless Wide-Area Networks services to customers located in CA, KS, NY, PA, NC, RI, SC, UT, and VA

Conterra Ultra Broadband, LLC is a pioneer in the design, deployment and operation of carrier-grade wireless Wide-Area Networks (WANs) that provide broadband access to schools, government, healthcare, and small to medium size businesses. Conterra's ultra high-capacity, high-speed, digital WANs use state-of-the-art microwave technology to provide scaleable (10 Mbps to 1 Gbps) Point-to-Multipoint and licensed frequency Point-to-Point connectivity at cost points at or below that of conventional broadband platforms. Conterra is continuing to expand its operations on a national scale in 2006.

700MHz WipLL Broadband Wireless Access - Girard, Kansas / rural communities in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma

For fifty years, Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative has been your neighborhood telephone service provider. From our humble beginnings in 1952 with one exchange hosting 14 telephone subscribers, we have grown and expanded over the years through many changes in technology. We now maintain 33 exchanges and operate over 17,000 telephone access lines in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

In 1983, the Cooperative launched Craw-Kan Communications: a subsidiary offering security systems and monitoring services. In the years that followed, Craw-Kan has diversified into a robust telecommunications provider offering long distance telephone, calling cards, dial-up Internet, cable television, and high-speed DSL Internet. Our latest offering, available in an increasing area, combines digital cable television, high-speed DSL Internet and telephone services all over the existing telephone lines! Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative is proud to be your telecommunications solution.

7/21/04 -- STC begins Craw-Kan Telephone's 700 MHz wireless Internet build out using Airspan's WipLL system - This will allow Craw-Kan to provide broadband Internet as well as VoIP to homes that are in their CLEC areas.

High Speed Fixed Wireless ISP - Anthony, Attica, Harper, Medicine Lodge, Sharon, Kansas

We use the best, most reliable wireless equipment available to guarantee reliability. You are sure to be satisfied with the high-quality equipment we provide as part of our broadband wireless service.

900MHz WipLL Broadband Wireless Access - Dodge City. KS

FairPoint Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of communications services to rural communities. We offer a wide array of services to residential and business customers including: local voice, long distance, data, and video products.

9/02/04 -- 9/09/04 - Stutler Technologies, Corp. upgrades Fairpoint Communications' wireless Internet service in Dodge City KS with Airspan's 900 MHz WipLL Product

WiMax High-Speed Internet Service - Circleville • Delia • Holton • Meriden • Rural Jackson County • Valley Falls, KS / surrounding rural communities in Kansas

With Giant Communications DSL and Wireless internet service you will enjoy an always "on" high speed connection to the Internet that is twenty to fifty times faster than dial-up modem service. With Giant Communications High-Speed services your phone line becomes an always “on” high speed connection to the Internet. High-Speed service can provide you with a connection that is up to twenty to fifty times faster than dial-up modem service and the always “on” connection means there is never any waiting to connect. Another High-Speed advantage includes the ability to use one phone line for both voice and data transmission. Our wireless service offers the same high speed performance with the additional convenience of not requiring a separate phone line for service. Giant Communications is proud to offer various plans tailored to meet the needs of every consumer.

Motorola Canopy Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Salina, KS / rural Saline and Dickinson Counties

Kansas Broadband chose only the best wireless broadband equipment available. Wireless was chosen as the best solution to provide these services because it did not depend on the limitations of legacy telephone and cable TV infrastructure. Our network is designed from the outset for high-speed data services using Ethernet and Internet Protocol (IP) technologies. This simplicity results in lower equipment costs, lower maintenance costs, and greater overall performance.

broadband wireless access provider - Clay Center, Manhattan, Wamego, KS

Finally, an affordable, high-speed Internet connection for your home or business, without the added cost of line usage from a third party. Bi-directional, always on, high-speed Internet with no phone or cable company services necessary. KansasNet Wireless Internet delivers you a 2 Megabit+ connection to our network, which in-turn provides up to a 768Kbps connection to the Internet. When compared with the 56Kbps of dial-up, the speeds seem even faster due to improved latency and other analog modem deficiencies.

KansasNet Wireless is a ground-based (i.e. tower based) technology. Using towers to send and receive data, as opposed to satellites (another wireless method) has advantages. One advantage is the time it takes for the data to reach from point-to-point is reduced (resulting in a lower latency). Another advantage is that ground based technologies do not have as much susceptibility to atmospheric conditions. To complete the final link to the subscriber, we install a fixed-point antenna in conjunction with a specially configured Wireless Interface Card, which will both transfer & receive the Internet connection from the network. KansasNet Wireless is a connection capable of providing Internet access to one PC, a small network, and even networks of 10 PCs plus.

Dedicated High Speed 802.11 Wireless Internet service - Lindsborg, McPherson, Marquette, Hilton, Johnstown, Windom, Bridgeport, KS / the rural areas nearby in McPherson County, Kansas

KASINET Dedicated high speed 802.11 wireless (up to 10 times the speed of dial-up). Because the wireless network uses the unlicensed 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band, there is no telephone cost associated with the physical connection. No fees to the phone company results in lower costs for us and lower prices for our customers. KASINET Wireless is faster, cheaper, better than cable. Let us prove it to you!. KASINET operations center is located amidst the scenic rolling hills of northern McPherson County, Kansas, USA.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Pleasant Hill MO / surrounding communities in Missouri & Kansas

Live in an area that you aren't able to get broadband services? Are you unhappy with your current service provider? Well now is your chance to get dependable fast internet access for your home or business. KC Web is now deploying wireless broadband service. That means there are no additional charges from your phone or cable company. Just a small dish placed on or around your house or business. We will be offering two grades of service, Business and residential. Basic package includes. (1) Wireless LAN router. (1) dish and all necessary cable. A data rate of up to 512k downstream and 128k upstream. (1) dynamic IP address. NAT/Firewall router.

Broadband Wireless Access - Bronson, Elsmore, Harris, La Harpe, Savonburg, Carlyle, Erie, Humboldt, Lone Elm, Stark, Chanute, Garnett, Iola, Moran, Welda, Colony, Greeley, Kincaid, Richmond, Williamsburg, KS

KwiKom High Speed Internet provides the amzing speeds you deserve in town, or the country. We provide only the highest quality products, and provide local support. Bundle our High Speed Internet with Digital Telephone and save - all with no contract term to sign.

4G Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Coffey County (Lebo, Waverly), Douglas County (Baldwin City, Clinton, Eudora, Globe, Lawrence, Pleasant Grove, Worden), Franklin County (Pomona, Williamsburg), Jackson County (Hoyt) Jefferson County (Grantville, McLouth, Meriden, Perry, Oskaloosa, Ozawkie, Valley Falls), Leavenworth County (Jarbalo, Linwood, Leavenworth, Tonganoxie), Lyon County (Reading), Osage County (Burlingame, Carbondale, Lyndon, Melvern, Michigan Valley, Olivet, Osage City, Overbrook, Quenemo, Scranton, Vassar), Pottawatomie (St. Marys), Shawnee County (Auburn, Berryton, Elmont, Rossville, Silver Lake, Tecumseh, Topeka, Wakarusa, Willard), Wabaunsee County (Dover, Eskridge, Harveyville, Maple Hill), Kansas

CALL TODAY and experience for yourself why Mercury Wireless is a leading High Speed/Broadband Internet service provider. With download speeds up to 6 Mbps, you can easily stream videos & music, view pictures, email, and access the Internet the way you want. Quit waiting on your satellite or dial-up connection and call us today

Broadband Wireless Network - Sabetha, KS

Meyer Electric Wireless Local Area Network ------ MEWLAN ----- Available Now!! The High Speed Wireless Internet Access initial coverage to be 8 to 10 mile Radius from Sabetha! We are offering for our basic email service a 10 minute login time to send and receive email with attachments. Our next level of service is Dial-up internet access up to 2 email addresses and logins. Our Premier service is the wireless high speed modem that allows you to check all your favorite websites up to 10 times faster than the Dial-up services..

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Paola, Osawatomie, Louisburg, Spring Hill, Gardner, Wellsville, KS / Miami, Johnson, Franklin Counties Kansas

Miami County Internet OnRamp, local wireless wisp Internet service for Miami County Kansas

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Chanute, Paola, KS

Midwest Connections, Inc. SPEEDWAVE(SM) Service offers the newest technology available for Wireless High Speed Internet Access. Speedwave is a nontraditional means for internet access available to those in our coverage areas right now. There are no phone lines needed, which for most people will cut cost by either removing a dedicated second phone line, or removal of both phone lines if a customer chooses a cell phone for a primary phone. With no equipment costs, inexpensive installation and low monthly charges, Speedwave is a high impact solution.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Lola, KS / Southeast Kansas

4G Broadband Wireless ISP - Beloit, Concordia, Clay Center, Salina, Lincoln, Minneapolis, Ada, Republic, Solomon, Clifton, Clyde, Glasco, Delphos, Scottsville and Mankato, KS / surrounding areas in Kansas

NCKCN NextGen® 4G WiMAX Wireless Internet Access- NCKCN is now offering exciting new 4G wireless Internet access in the Beloit, Belleville and Lincoln areas. Starting with speeds up to 3Mbps download and 1.5Mbps upload, this Next Generation wireless is a huge leap in technology. Utilizing the latest in wireless 4G technology, NextGen® is capable of video, gaming, and more. Throughput can be up to 10 times the speed of previous wireless technologies.

Wireless Broadband Provisioning Company - based in Wichita, Kansas / Wichita, Newton, Hutchinson, El Dorado, Coldwater, Cheney, Wellington, Mount Hope, Arcadia, Arma, Cherokee, Franklin, Girard, Pittsburg, KS / Southeast Kansas / East Kansas / Northeast Kansas

extendSM, Pixius' wireless high-speed Internet solution, means a new and better choice for consumers and businesses to replace slow dial-up services, and a next-generation alternative to cable and digital subscriber line (DSL) services. What's more, extendSM is a solution for rural areas that are beyond the reach of cable and DSL's wires. Proven technology from Motorola, a company known worldwide for quality and innovation.

PIXIUS COMMUNICATIONS, KS (11/15/02) - Pixius Communications, a Kansas-based ISP, has finalized the details of an agreement to acquire the Internet, Hosting and Software operations of infinetivity, inc. a Minnesota-based ISP. The initial agreement was made on 08/29/02 with final details only recently worked out. The merger will enable Pixius to offer a broader range of Internet services and programming solutions to its customer base.

About infinetivity - Located in Burnsville, Minnesota, infinetivity provides personal and business dial-up accounts, high-speed and dedicated access, customized programming services in a variety of languages (Oracle, PICK, etc…) web hosting, web design, Internet consulting as well as a wide range of additional services. The full-service Internet Provider hosts over 3,500 domains and over 8,000 dial-up and DSL customers. As an Applications Service Provider (ASP), they host all versions of web-enabled ORACLE and other database applications. They host web sites designed for Labatt, Levi Strauss & Co., Target, Johnson & Johnson, Prince, Whirlpool and many others.

wireless broadband ISP - Buhler, Canton, Galva, Halstead, Haven, Hesston, Hillsboro, Hutchinson, Lyons, Marion, McPherson, Moundridge, Nickerson, North Newton, Sterling, Kansas / growing number of rural towns throughout Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska

Prairie iNet brings high-speed, wireless Internet access to rural areas and small towns. If your location has made it difficult to access the Internet, build a business network or achieve connectivity, we've got the solution. At Prairie iNet, we're not just building high-speed, wireless communications networks. We're building a reputation for high-quality products, reliable service and visionary management.

We began building communication networks in rural areas in the late 1990s. Using state-of-the-art wireless components, we assembled networks capable of delivering incredibly fast, reliable and affordable Internet access to small communities. Today our networks dot the countryside in Illinois and Iowa. And we'll soon serve customers in Minnesota and Missouri.

700MHz WipLL Broadband Wireless Access - Brewster, Colby, Dighton, Goodland, Oakley, Winona, Kanorado, Healy, Menlo, Levant, Russell Springs, and Grinnell, KS

S&T Communications, LLC provides un-metered access to the World Wide Web, plus many other internet related services such as Web Development, Email and Web Hosting.

9/02/04 -- STC installs Airspan 700 MHz WipLL system in Colby KS for S&T Telephone

Wireless Broadband Internet Access - Arkansas City, Independence, Winfield, Wellington, KS / South Central Kansas

Sumner Communications wireless internet access is the most practical, most affordable and most efficient high-speed bandwidth solution for your business today! While this technology may seem new and confusing, it's the same system used by the military for over twenty years and features the highest degree of reliability, security and (let's not forget) speed. Now that wireless technology has made its way into the corporate sector, you and your business can quickly harness its power, speed and effieciency. Internet carriers can spout features and benefits of their services until the cows come home; however, in the end, speed is all that really matters. Broadband Kansas wireless access is one of the fastest you can find. Our wireless network is capable of delivering speeds up to 11 Mbps, which is 382 times faster than a regular 28.8 modem and twice as fast as the fastest DSL. Wireless is simply the fastest bandwidth technology around. We offer Broadband Solutions to Independence, Winfield and Arkansas City Kansas.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Superior, Nelson, Hardy, Byron, Chester, Webber Kansas and rural areas approximately 15 miles from each site / south central Nebraska and the north central Kansas rural areas

Superior iNET's primary product is wireless Internet access. Wireless systems communicate by transmitting and receiving signal via Radio Frequencies through space without an actual physical connection between the transmitting and receiving systems, similar to your AM or FM radio. Superior iNET's wireless system operates in the license free 2.4GHz band.

Superior iNET was established with the goal to provide high speed broadband Internet service to our customers in the south central Nebraska and the north central Kansas rural areas that have been left without premium services. With this new technology it allows us to provide fast broadband service to customers that are not able to use DSL or cable because of there geographic location.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Salina, KS / surrounding rural areas in North-Central Kansas

tri.net provides dialup and wireless internet access to individuals and business in North-Central Kansas. These accounts are accessible via normal phone lines and a modem, a antenna and radio are used in the case of wireless. Tri-Rivers is locally owned and operated and was founded in 1995; the first in North-Central Kansas to provide direct internet access.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Independence, Havana, Fort Scott, Washington, KS / surrounding rural areas in Allen, Coffey, Montgomery, Woodson & Wilson Counties Kansas / Bartlesville, Nowata, South Coffeyville, OK / St. Charles County, MO

At Valnet Telecommunication we connect people and businesses with information and tools to make their online experience fast, easy and secure. We bring the latest innovations to the door steps of your home or business

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP - Southwestern Kansas

April 7, 2003 - Kansas-based Wheatland Electric Cooperative, Inc. has deployed multiple BreezeACCESS technologies to offer broadband data and voice services to its 17,000 member customers. The cooperative's broadband Internet access arm, Wheatland Broadband, currently delivers broadband through more than 1,000 wireless connections to businesses and residents throughout its eleven-county footprint. And Wheatland plans to expand its service offerings and customer base over the next year to include the entire cooperative.

Wheatland Electric decided to introduce broadband throughout its service territory as part of the company's plans to ensure the long-term economic vitality of the communities it serves. But the cooperative faced the significant challenge of implementing a broadband network in its demographically sparse region in a cost efficient way. Due to carrier grade performance, flexible deployment options, and overall cost effectiveness, the cooperative chose BreezeACCESS with an eye to Wheatland's longstanding reputation as a high quality electric power provider. Supporting both 2.4 and 5.8 GHz in a single system platform, BreezeACCESS enables Wheatland Broadband to deliver reliable, high-speed Internet and secure VPN services to more of its members while taking advantage of a single solution, platform, and management system.

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