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Links for Comparing the Leading WiFi / 802.11 Wireless Networks for Area Codes 219, 260, 317, 574, 765, 812 - Wireless Internet Service & Broadband Wireless ISPs throughout Indiana - IN WISPs / Metro HotZONES & WiMAX Wireless MANs

wDSL Lite (Residential ONLY) & wDSL Broadband - Frankfort, IN

wDSL is broadband wireless internet service. wDSL is approximately x10 faster that regular dial-up based on average throughput tests. wDSL has all the advantage of cable and regular DSL such as no dialing always on internet. However it has many advantages such as no phone line of any type is required. The biggest advantage is being able to deal with real computer experts that can help solve your problems rather than telecom companies that do not understand computers or the internet.

Currently we have a 3 sector antenna in the center of Frankfort that can reach approximately 5-6 miles out in all directions. Most people that live within 1.5 miles of the square will be able to connected with a simple indoor antenna that sticks to a window. Customers further out may require an outdoor antenna.

WISP High Speed Wireless ISP - Greencastle, IN / surrounding area's in Putnam County Indiana.

airHOP wireless allows us to offer a robust high-speed wireless internet connectivity plus a full complement of options to efficiently service internet speeds ranging from 256K up to T1. Our wireless configuration is fully capable of integrating with future technologies and services.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Salem, IN

Depending on your location, we may be able to provide your home or business with a full service, scalable wireless internet connection without the added expenses of telco services. At the moment we can only provide our wireless internet in and around the Salem area. If you would like to see if wireless may be an option for you, you can request a wireless site survey.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet services - Martinsville, IN / Morgan County Indiana

Faster Than Satellite and 3G/4G - Broadband Indiana is much faster and more reliable than satellite Internet and 3G/4G cellular broadband that can be affected by weather or bad cellular coverage areas.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Coverage includes Anderson, Alexandria, Chesterfield, Frankton, Daleville, Yorktown / all of Madison county and into parts of Hamilton county, south into Hancock county and east into Delaware county (Muncie) Indiana

Broadband Networks Wireless Internet is an Indiana-based company providing broadband access, including advanced voice, video and data services. Broadband Networks Wireless Internet focuses on un-served and underserved small and rural markets and is planning to be the premier consolidator of rural market broadband nationwide. Broadband Networks Wireless Internet’s strategy is to provide a total broadband solution and continue rapid growth through acquisitions, organic growth and continue to partner with Rural Electric Municipal Cooperatives and Rural Telephone Companies.

High speed wireless ISP - Brookville, Connersville & Rushville, IN / Eastern Indiana

Citadel brings the first high-speed Internet access to Brookville, Connersville, and Rushville. No phone line! Always-on! Up to 53 times faster than a 56K modem and 10-times faster uploads than a cable modem! Our new wireless service is the next generation in high-speed Internet access. Faster than a speeding DSL line, stronger than a shared cable-modem, able to leap towering T-1 lines in a single bound.

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Scottsburg, IN / Scott, Jackson, Washington, Jefferson and Clark Counties Indiana

The C3 Broadband wireless network is run through distinct tower locations that distribute signal up to 12 miles from each individual tower location. Citizens Communications Corporation provides the most powerful Internet connectivity technologies available! Our C3 service offers incredible speeds -- ranging from small business/residential speeds of 128Kb up to corporate levels of 1.5mbps -- all supported by our amazing Internet backbone of T1 servers. We currently have 15 tower locations providing service to Scott, Jackson, Washington, Jefferson and Clark Counties. As an extension to the City of Scottsburg's electrical department, our trained experts work professionally to ensure that your home or business is connected quickly and efficiently.

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Charlestown IN / Kentucky

Our initial market is Clark County, Indiana and the surrounding area. As our infrastructure and customer base grows, we plan to expand our service area throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and beyond.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Sweetser, Converse, Marion (center/west side), Jalapa (Indian Village/Cook Estates), Peru (north-east), Pt Isabel, Rigdon, Wabash, Roseburg (Southwest Marion), Radley, Sims, Swayzee, LaFontaine, Treaty, Greentown, Plevna, Wawpecong, IN

When you use high speed wireless Internet, you can download streaming media and other large file formats just as easily as you could with other physical broadband Internet connections.

Fixed Broadband Wireless Internet services - Kingsbury, Kingsford Heights, LaCrosse, LaPorte, Rolling Prairie, Union Mills, IN / Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan regions

CSInet has deployed NON-LINE-OF-SITE (NLOS) wireless infrastructure that now allows coverage in densely-treed areas with no line of site between your home or business and the CSInet tower, with outstanding, fast and reliable Internet connections. CSInet Broadband Wireless is the Future of High-Speed Internet! This new Internet access solution from CSInet is based on an innovative technology called "fixed wireless" - it's not DSL or cable-modem technology. With CSInet Broadband Wireless, you can count on Internet access that's Fast. CSInet Broadband Wireless connects you to the Internet at speeds that rival cable or DSL type access.

High speed wireless Internet connections - Culver, Indiana

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - South Bend, IN / surrounding suburban communities in Indiana

Since 1996, CyberLink International has been developing and growing an ever-expanding Internet business. Our services range from basic dialup Internet access to recent additions like our "CyberStream" broadband wireless solutions and "Hyper-DSL" broadband Internet solutions. Designed to exceed the requirements of broadband data delivery in remote locations and over challenging geography. CyberLink's "CyberStream" fixed wireless Internet access system constantly delivers high-speed communications to areas unserved by long used and customer dependent methods including dial-up and wired broadband. CyberStream is also the ideal wireless connectivity system for neighborhood, multi-dwelling, multi-tenant as well as small and large business entities. CyberLink's technology can incorporate wireless broadband to expand your existing network.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Argos, Plymouth, IN / Marshall County Indiana

Our wireless internet service is available in many locations throughout Marshall County and surrounding areas. DC Tech is based right here in Plymouth, Indiana. We also provide Argos, Lakeville, and Knox residents and businesses with their high-speed wireless internet connections.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet services - Eastern Indiana

EI-WiFi requires no cords or cables. Once you're at any enabled location, simply open your Internet browser and log into the EI-WiFi network. EI-WiFi wireless Internet is much faster than a regular dial-up connection. You're just 60 seconds away from experiencing convenient, blazing-fast Internet! EI-WiFi Hotspots provide high-speed Wi-Fi wireless Internet service in convenient public locations and offers a wide range of service plans to meet your mobile needs. You can now roam on the EI-WiFi network between coverage areas.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Lake Santee and Batesville, IN

Wireless service is only available in certain areas (Lake Santee). Call to find out if you are eligible for Wireless Internet Service.

ETC introduces Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) for Greensburg, Indiana. FTTP is the building of a fiber optic line/network to your home or business. This line will provide high speed Internet, telephone, and cable television through one line!

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - South Bend, Bremen & Plymouth, IN / surrounding rural communities in Indiana

Fourway now offers wireless broadband internet service. It is currently available in the South Bend, Bremen & Plymouth Indiana areas. This service works at speeds up to 1.544 Mbps with higher speeds to come. Contact Fourway for an up to date status for your area. Other areas are under development. If you are in an area that you feel may benefit from our service, let us know.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Jasper, Huntingburg, IN / surrounding areas in Indiana

FULLnet, Inc. is now doing installs for wireless Internet access in the Jasper, Huntingburg, and surrounding areas. FULLnet, Inc. is currently installing wireless connections in and near the Dubois County area. We expect to be expanding our coverage territory soon. At an absolute maximum, depending on weather conditions and radio interference in your location, your connection can receive and send information at about 1.544mb per second, equal to the speed of a T1 connection. At best you are getting 48k with your so called 56k modem the speed of wireless can be 1544k.

No more phone lines needed, no dialing or waiting to connect, the days of slow downloads are over with FULLnet wireless Internet. Wireless high speed Internet with no phone lines or wires of any kind from FULLnet's tower to your house or business. FULLnet Wireless has towers with access points (APs). Your location must have line-of-sight visibility to one of our AP towers or it will not work. AP locations have a coverage area of approximately 8 - 10 miles in a generally circular pattern. Locations up to 30 miles away can get wireless access with the addition of an reflector kit.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP - College Corner, Blanchester, Elizabethtown, Fairfield, Hamilton, Harlan Township, Jacksonburg, Madison Township, Middletown, Morrow, Mt Repose, Okeana, Somerville, Springdale, Trenton, in Southwest Ohio / Bath, Brookville, Cedar Grove, Liberty, Mt. Carmel, West College Corner in Southeast Indiana

We provide high speed Internet access for residential and business customers by way of one of the highest rated technologies available today. With “online all the time” availability and speeds up to 5.0 Mbps, we make browsing the world-wide-web a better experience!

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - Kokomo, IN / network spans over Kokomo, Tipton, Howard and Clinton Counties Indiana

Hoosier Broadband is a wireless broadband Internet service provider in the Indiana area delivering high speed Internet access to residential and business users over its next-generation fixed wireless network. As a more cost efficient and reliable alternative to DSL, Cable or a T1 line, Hoosier Broadband service is up to 4 times faster than a T1 at one-third the cost.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Services - Lebanon, IN

iLines provides many Internet services to fill all of your online needs. High-Speed Wireless Internet, Commercial Fiber-Optics, E-mail with Spam Filtering, and Proactive Monitoring are just a few of the great services that iLines provides it's customers.

5G Broadband Wireless ISP - Franklin, IN / surrounding communities Southeast of Indianapolis Indiana

ICI offers high speed wireless service. Our hardware is installed at your office or residence in line of sight with one of our towers. Speeds up to 40 Mbps available. A perfect option if you don't currently have a Broadband connections or you are looking to replace your DSL or Cable Broadband service.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Fort Wayne, IN / surrounding areas in Indiana

High Speed Wireless is Here! Indiana Data Center uses fast, reliable microwave connections to deliver business critical communications such as email, video conferencing and data intense applications from the Internet directly to your office network. Reliable. State of the art 5.2GHz network designed for dependable business connections.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Bicknell, Bloomfield, Brazil, Clay City, Clinton, Crawfordsville, Farmersburg, Greencastle, Hoosier, Hymera, Jasonville, Linton, Prairieton, Riley, Rockville, Seelyville, Shelburn, Sullivan, Terre Haute, and West Terre Haute in Western Indiana / Casey, Marshall, Martinsville, Paris, and Robinson in Eastern Illinois

Joink.com is pleased to announce the offering of High-Speed Wireless Internet in many of our areas, helping the rural communities in Western Indiana and Eastern Illinois to achieve the bandwidth speeds they deserve.

Wireless broadband is the most exciting area of growth and potential in the Internet today. Wireless provides a broadband connection without utilizing the telephone company or any phone lines at all. A base tower in the city contains an omni-directional antenna, which sends and receives data from single antennas located at the wireless customer's location. This service can be installed at our discretion and does not require waiting on the telephone company to install their service.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Winona Lake, IN / surrounding areas in Indiana

Fixed Wireless Broadband ISP - Kendallville, South Milford, Corunna, Fairfield Center and surrounding cities

Kendallville Internet as of May 25, 2011 provides 3.5 Mbps Down and 2 Mbps Up. Kendallville Internet also provides a custom configuration that is 256K Down and 256K Up for those dial-up customers that don't want to pay for full speed. Speeds will be 5 to 10 times faster then dial-up speeds.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Grabill, Harlan, and Woodburn IN / North-Eastern Indiana / North-Western Ohio and the Tri-State Area

The owners of LightningNet have been serving Northeastern Indiana and the Tri-State Area since 1979 with all of their technology needs from networking to custom-built servers. LightningNet specializes in high-speed internet services for residential and business customers using wireless internet. What is wireless internet? Wireless internet is a high-speed internet solution that goes where cable and DSL are not typically available. Our rates are competitive to that of DSL, cable, and satellite - all that without wires. LightningNet utilizes the latest in wireless high-speed internet technology. LightningNet offers wireless internet service to both residential and business customers. We are continuously expanding our system.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Topeka, LaGrange, Howe, Albion, Kendallville, Avilla & Merriam, IN / Noble and LaGrange Counties Indiana

LigTel Communications is a subsidiary of Ligonier Telephone Company which has been providing Telecommunications services since 1896. LigTel Communications offers High-speed Internet in Noble and LaGrange Counties.

Broadband Wireless Internet Services - Angola, Kendallville, Pleasant Lake, Golden Lake, Jimmerson Bay, Lage Gage, Nevada Mills, Orland and other areas in Steuben County IN

With a data rate of 11 Mbps, the system is faster than a T1 data link. Utilizing a concept similar to handheld walkie-talkies, CB and Amateur radio, Locl.Net Wireless Internet uses the air to deliver the Internet to you. This is accomplished with a base radio and antenna that communicate with other radios for a distance of up to 16 miles. Not only are Internet "speeds" dramatically faster but times from order to implementation are much faster, too. Typical turn-around times are projected to be 7 business days or less. Compare this to 30 days or more for T-1's and possibly years for DSL and cable modem service availability.

High Speed Wireless Internet Access - South Bend, Mishawaka, Plymouth, Bremen, Nappanee, Elkhart, Dunlap, Goshen, Bristol, Middlebury, Shipshewana, Millersburg, Syracuse, Topeka, and LaGrange, Indiana

MapleNet, Inc. is a national leader in wireless communications technologies. With our years of experience in the industry you can count on our staff for the most reliable performing links available. MapleNet, Inc is a full service turnkey provider of licensed and unlicensed wireless systems from manufacturers such as Agere, Avaya, Lucent, Wireless Inc, Cisco Systems, Western Multiplex, KarlNet, Rohn Towers, Trylon Towers and more. We were one of the first companies to install Western Multiplex's 45mb 5.8ghz wirless bridges. Our staff erects on average more than one new tower per week for our customers.

Wireless Broadband Service - Defiance, OH / Northwest Ohio, Northeastern Indiana, Southeastern Michigan

From residential service to business service, MetaLINK Technologies has a high speed wireless package to fit your budget, and provide the speed you need for your home or office.

Fixed Wireless Broadband ISP - New Albany, Indiana and surrounding cities in Central-Southern Indiana Floyd county, Clark county, Scott county and the Louisville Metro area

Locally owned and operated Internet Service Provider; Metro FastNet takes a hometown approach to customer care and IT solutions.

Broadband Wireless ISP - offering services in Cassopolis, Dowagiac, Edwardsburg, Niles Township, Eastern Baroda, Buchanan Township, Southern Stevensville, Sister Lakes, Eau Claire, Coloma, and the rural community of Benton Harbor northern Indiana / Buchanan MI & southern Michigan

Michiana Supernet is the data services division of SMR Communications Inc. We specialize in customized solutions for wireless connectivity, datacenter and offsite server collocation, data wiring and infrastructure planning. Our staff can assist you with projects as small as getting your offices computers to connect via wifi to wiring a large business or school for Ethernet or fiber connectivity. Recently, we have acquired the Cable TV/Internet plant for Bainbridge and Pipestone township.

Fixed wireless broadband ISP - Michiana area / Central & Northern Indiana

Michiana Wireless is privately held wireless Internet service provide or WISP for short. We provide high speed Internet access to individuals and companies. We have been in the online service provider business since 1993 and have now been providing wireless broadband services to the Michiana area since 2002..

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Rensselaer, Demotte, Wheatfield, Lake Village and Brook, IN / Jasper County and parts of Newton County Indiana

If you're looking for an alternative to dial-up, and can't get cable or DSL where you live, then high speed wireless is the choice for you. Now you can free up your phone, or get rid of that additional line. For Information regarding MidwayNet.net Wireless Service please feel free to contact us during office hours. With Wireless Access Points (WAPs) in Rensselaer, Demotte, Wheatfield, Lake Village and Brook, our service covers a major portion of Jasper County and parts of Newton County. Area's within the colored portions of the map have a high likelyhood of being able to use our service. Our professional installation crew will verify that service is available for you before any installation is done. Together with no contract to sign, you aren't tied down to a service that doesn't work for you.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - French Lick, Mitchell, IN / Crawford, Dubois, Lawrence, Orange Counties in Indiana

Wireless internet allows customers to connect to the internet without the use of wires. Unlike DSL and Cable internet, wireless internet does not require any terrestrial infrastructure (phone lines, fiber optics, television cables).

WISP Broadband Wireless Network - Centerville, Mineral Springs, IN / surrounding communities in Wayne County, Indiana

NewWays Wireless Networking is the Wireless Internet Service Provider part of NewWays. We provide high-speed connectivity to the Internet for businesses and residences in central Wayne County Indiana.

Fixed Wireless Broadband ISP - service area covers nearly all of Lake and Porter Counties. We also provide service to parts of Jasper and Newton counties / Northwest Indiana

NITCO has teamed with global leaders in wireless technologies to bring you the latest in fixed wireless broadband equipment. The reception is extremely dependable and can be compared to a radio broadcast from a local station to your home stereo. Your connection comes from our nearest Access Point at an elevated site location in your area. The Access Point then transmits radio waves to the subscriber module affixed to your home. NITCO maintains all equipment essential to your connection.

WISP Wireless Broadband ISP - Knox - North Judson - Hamlet - Ober - Grovertown - Bass Lake, Starke County Indiana

Starke County's #1 wireless high speed Internet service provider.

WISP High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider - many towns and cities in Indiana and Illinois including Clay City, Indiana, Worthington, Sullivan, Linton, Sandborn, Edwardsport, Oaktown, Jasonville, Centerpoint, Switz City, Bloomfield, Coal City, Graysville, Bicknell, Freelandville, Dugger, Hutsonville, Merom, Carlisle and all rural and surrounding areas of these towns and cities

Wireless Internet eliminates the complications and limitations associated with using wires, equipment and services provided by multiple companies. Get connected and take control of your online experience! You'll get a reliable and secure connection delivered wireless, directly to your home or business.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Renselaer, Collegeville, North Marion, Portage, IN / surrounding areas in Indiana

Free up the phone line and get unbelievably fast download speeds by subscribing to NWIIS wireless Internet access. With wireless, you're always connected, always fast.

Wireless Cable TV and Broadband Internet Service Provider - Coldwater, Ohio / services in Mercer and Northern Darke County and Northern Parts Of Van Wert County In Ohio and Parts Of Jay County in Indiana

Speeds up to 8Mb available and VOIP services

WISP Wireless Broadband ISP - Osgood, Versailles, Rexville, Napoleon, Holton, Delaware and Surrounding Areas in Ripley County Indiana

wireless high speed Internet service provider.

WISP Broadband Wireless Network - Berne, Bluffton, Decatur, Geneva, Hartford City, Huntington, Markle, Monroe, Montpelier, Ossian, Poneto, Portland, Uniondale, Warren, Winchester, Yoder, IN / six counties in Northeastern Indiana

Welcome to OnlyInternet Broadband & Wireless! Centered in Northeastern Indiana, we have been providing wireless broadband services to our clients since 1998. We continue to buildout our infrastructure which now covers six counties in Northeastern Indiana. We welcome inquiries from underserved communities desiring an alternative broadband service that will reach out into rural areas where cable and dsl providers don't and probably never will service. We take great satisfaction in solving a company's broadband needs whether they are located in an urban or rural environment.

WISP Wireless Broadband ISP - a few miles north of Indianapolis in Noblesville, IN and Surrounding Areas in Hamilton County Indiana

ORI.NET has grown steadily at a comfortable pace to the 9000 users we serve today, of which 80% are small business. As a small business ourselves, we feel ORI.NET understands the needs of small business better than the rest.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Richmond IN / immediate surrounding areas of Indiana

Parallax Systems (a Division of Richmond Power & Light) Fixed-wireless connections use a series of antennae to exchange data. By placing an antenna on your rooftop that establishes a clear line of sight to the Parallax tower, you'll gain cost-effective, high-bandwidth access to the Internet. The potential area of service for a wireless connection is available in Richmond and immediate surrounding areas. As long as your antenna is within a clear line of sight of a Parallax tower providing connectivity services, meaning the view from antenna to antenna is not obstructed by power lines, building or trees, connection is simple. (In some cases, certain obstacles can be overcome).

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Dale, Ferdinand, Huntingburg, Jasper, Rockport, Santa Claus, Schnellville and Troy IN / surrounding areas of rural Indiana

Wireless access is becoming available in more and more communities of the PSCI service area. erry-Spencer Communications, Inc. (PSCI) is proud to announce a new high speed Internet offering we've named Wireless High Speed Internet available in the Dale, Ferdinand, Huntingburg, Jasper, Rockport, Santa Claus, Schnellville and Troy areas. The service uses Fixed Wireless technology that carries data at high speeds over airwaves. Wireless High Speed Internet does not tie up your phone line, therefore you can be surfing the Net and talking on your phone at the same time! No more World Wide Wait with our new Wireless High Speed Internet service; data can be delivered at a rate of 1.54 Mbps (about 40 times faster than through a V.90 dial-up modem connection).

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Corydon, Central, New Middletown, Elizabeth, Crandall, New Salisbury, Lanesville, Palmyra, Paoli, Ramsey, and Georgetown, IN / 90% of Harrison county and parts of western Floyd county

We offer affordable, easy to install high-speed Internet and networking services. We will connect your entire household or business through the use of a single broadband connection. Wireless access is the wave of the future and has already captured 58% of the high-speed Internet access market.

High Speed Wireless Internet Access - cities that are southwest of Indianapolis such as Mooresville, Monrovia, Martinsville, Paragon, Eminence, Clayton, Belleville, Little Point, Cloverdale, Coatesville, and many more.

Precision Data Solutions (PDS) is a tight-knit family that is from the same community in which it serves. PDS cares most about providing the best service and customer satisfaction, which sets it apart from other phone and cable companies. The bottom line is - PDS is not outsourced and 100% of its staff live in the community in which it serves. Please take this opportunity to meet the team, and maybe if you aren't currently a customer, you would consider signing up for service

High Speed Wireless Internet Access - Winchester IN / East Central Indiana and Western Ohio

Welcome to the home of High Speed Wireless Broadband in East Central Indiana and Western Ohio. RC-WiFi is a service of PCS-WIN in Winchester Indiana. Our goal is to offer high speed internet access to the residents in rural areas as an alternative to dial-up or Satellite.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - rural areas of Warren and Fountain Counties in Indiana

We are adding new areas as quickly as we can. Presently we are serving LHHIC near Kingman, Attica, Newtown, south of Veedersburg, Stone Bluff, Green Hill and parts of Williamsport and have added two neighborhood networks; one northwest of LHHIC Indiana and one southwest of Rob Roy to our network. The south tower at LHHIC is now operational.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Rochester, IN and surrounding communities in Fulton County Indiana

The Motorola Canopy™ Wireless Internet Platform is a broadband wireless communication system that supports high-speed internet access. With Canopy™, Motorola brings radio technology to the internet service provider marketplace. It’s simply the best solution for providing high-speed wireless internet to potential RTC customers in rural areas of Fulton County.

Wireless High Speed Internet Connections - Fort Wayne, In / surrounding areas in Allen and Whitley Counties Indiana

Today's businesses require dependable and FAST connections to the Internet. Established in 2000, the Internet Services Group of Technology Specialists, later renamed to SHEERConnection, was established because no existing local partner could be found that could meet the high standards that Technology Specialists and their clients required. In addition to standard access offerings such as T1's, DS3, DSL and Frame-Relay, we have been providing wireless Microwave Internet access since 2000, and with our multiple points of presence have the largest coverage area in Allen and Whitley Counties.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - serve the following markets and surrounding areas in Indiana and Illinois: Allendale, Arthur, Blairsville, Boonville, Decker, Evansville, Farmersville, Francisco, Ft. Branch , Hatfield, Haubstadt, Mackey, Mt. Carmel, Mt. Vernon, Newburgh, Oakland City , Otwell, Owensville, Patoka, Petersburg, Posey County (Mars Area), Princeton, Richland, Somerville, Lynnville, St. Francisville, St. Phillips, St. Wendel, Wadesville, and Washington

Sitco is headquartered in Evansville, Indiana. We are committed to providing our customers with reliable High-Speed Broadband Internet service at affordable prices. We have grown to become one of the largest Fixed Wireless Internet Providers in Indiana.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Monticello, Reynolds, Wolcott, Winamac IN / surrounding communities in Indiana

Wireless Internet Access from SugarDog (Indiana Telephone Network) and People's Wireless! SugarDog Internet, in conjunction with People's Wireless, Inc. now offer Wireless Internet access to these fine communities and surrounding areas: Monticello, Reynolds, Wolcott, Winamac (coming soon)

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Gary, Hebron, Valpo, Lowell, Beecher, Cedar Lake, Crown Point, Hammond, Highland, Merrillville, Munster, Schererville, Valparaiso, Winfield IN / surrounding rural communities in Lake County & Porter County Indiana / Beecher, Crete, Manteno, Park Forrest, Peotone & surrounding areas in Illinois / Indiana, Illinois & Michigan

Surf Air can provide a wireless Internet connection which enables the customer to connect at speeds from 1Mbps all the way up to 20Mbps.This allows Surf Air to offer speeds similar and sometimes faster than DSL or cable services.

Wireless High Speed Internet Connections - Sullivan, In / surrounding areas in Sullivan and Knox counties in Indiana and Crawford and Clark counties in Illinois

We started with our first wireless broadband internet transmitter in 2005 and continue to grow each year. We currently have 12 transmitter sites serving large portions of Sullivan and Knox counties in Indiana and Crawford and Clark counties in Illinois.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Services - Connersville, IN

Welcome to YDial Wireless Internet Services - Our wireless broadband service breaks the landline barrier with proven wireless technology. No longer will you have to wait for slow analog dialing routines to access the internet. With YDial Wireless Broadband, you are just a click away!

Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider WISP - Attica, Judyville, Romney, Linden, State Line, Carbondale, Marshfield, Waynetown, Danville, Mellott, West Lebanon, Hedrick, New Richmond, Williamsport, Hillsboro, Pence, Wingate, Independence, Pine Village / Madison, Hamilton, Tipton, Clinton, Boone, Montgomery, Tippecanoe, Fountain, Warren, and surrounding counties / Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio

ZigWireless provides next Generation broadband services to Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. Our products incude fixed wireless broadband, licensed microwave links, fiber optic connections, and municipal solutions.

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