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Broadband Wireless ISP - Naalehu, Ocean View, HI

Aloha Broadband connects you to the internet at speeds up to twenty times faster than dialup. No phone line or cellular phone is required. Your connection is always on so you can enjoy instant high speed internet access anytime. Currently we offer our service in Ocean View and surroundings. If you are in the line of sight with one of our transmitters you most likely can subscribe to our service.

Next-Generation NLOS Broadband Wireless Internet Service - Maui, Hawaii

Clearwire uses a state-of-the-art wireless modem that can be plugged into a desktop computer, a laptop, or a local network. It operates by transmitting signals to and from nearby cellular towers instead of using a traditional phone line. That means you can set up the modem anywhere in your home or office — upstairs or downstairs, inside or outside. Plus, your Clearwire connection is always-on, always-secure.

Clearwire was created by Craig McCaw, the founder of McCaw Cellular which was later purchased by AT&T Wireless. Our corporate offices are located in Kirkland, Washington, just east of Seattle.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service - Papaaloa, HI / on the Big Island of Hawaii

Hawaii Broadband uses microwave radio to deliver fast internet service to your home. The radio frequency and transmit power levels are similar to your handheld cellular telephone, so there is no danger of harmful radiation and very seldom interference to other wireless devices.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service - Lihue, HI / private Wireless and T1 services to remote areas of Kauai

Our high-speed network is designed with the most advance technologies that offer our customers the most reliable and fastest possible connections to the global Internet, which have guarantee uptime of 99.9%. Our Network Operation Center is located in Oahu and is part of the Equinix Data Center which is the most advance Internet Exchange Hub in Hawaii and part of the largest in the world

Broadband Wireless Network - Northwest Coast of the Big Island, HI

Convenient, fast Wireless Broadband service from Hawaii OnLine is now available on the Big Island. Our friendly service technicians will install an unobtrusive dish on your roof to bring in the signal. From there, all you need is your own WAP (Wireless Access Point) to transmit your internet connection instantly throughout your home -- no ugly wires or cables to string. Wireless service is currently available in select locations on the Big Island. Service to other Islands coming soon.

Wireless DSL access - Lihue Kauai, HI / growing locations on the Big Island

Hawaii Link empowers its residential and commercial customers with a high-speed Internet access solution that offers connection rates of up to 54 Mbps. We offer two types of wireless setup that make up our wireless connection. Our wireless network requires Hawaii Link own wireless equipments one is our Indoor Wireless Bridge (IWB) and the other is an Outdoor Wireless Bridge (OWB). If your location is close enough from our Wireless Access Point, you will need just need the IWB Unit. Our Wireless Installation includes; location survey, Hawaii Link wireless equipments*, and onsite installation. We will continuously update equipments as our network grows in your area. Our professional technical support staff will walk you through to help connect you to our high speed network.

Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider - coverage on Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island

Service on Hawaii's fastest growing 3G network

Carrier class Broadband Wireless Network - Honolulu Metro area

MPC delivers high capacity, reliable 'Metro IP' Internet, Data, Voice, and Hosted Enterprise and Business Class services over its own carrier class IP network. MPC provides Hawaii's Commercial and Enterprise sectors symmetrical ultra high-speed bandwidth and a powerful array of customized, managed communications and converged IT solutions - all delivered directly to our clients from state-of-the-art local data centers.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Honolulu, Hawaii / Oregon / California / Washington

Founded in 1999, Pacific DirectConnect has built a reputation as being the "wireless guys" in Hawaii, and beyond. Our service is easy to use. Pacific DirectConnect wireless works exactly like your connection at the office – use your laptop or PDA just like you would at the office. Pacific DirectConnect subscribers simply open their web browser in any location, enter their password to login, and surf away.

Every so often a technology arises unheralded, unforeseen, and unanticipated that completely undermines the efforts of the big players to force consumers to adopt their inferior standards. This revolutionary technology is Wi-Fi 802.11b. Pacific DirectConnect is a leader in the field of 802.11, an established, mature technology. Sources report eight solid quarters of growth in Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless card sales as it gains popularity worldwide. Many manufacturers are shipping their laptops with this technology already installed. Wi-Fi networks are in place in many companies. Expect access speeds up to 40 times that of dial-up or cell phone modem rates. First deployed in 1996, advances in the technology now allow theoretical connection rates of 11 Mbps, usually comparable to ADSL or cable modem speeds. Corporations quickly embraced the technology - they saw how easy it was to roll out a wireless LAN (Local Area Network) into their office or campus space, without being tied to a set number of ports or a rigid floor plan.

Pacific DirectConnect's hotspots in Hawaii are located in cafes, restaurants, and hotels. Building out a wireless network provides users with convenient, high-speed Internet access to help them extend computing capabilities beyond the workplace. Hotspots are near strategic business corridors so business people can access the Internet wirelessly using their own laptop or PDA to email, download presentations, access corporate intranets, or send sales orders while on the road. Pacific DirectConnect works in conjunction with Boingo Wireless and Nomadix, for its back-end network management and database functionality. Boingo is simultaneously developing roaming solutions across other Wireless-ISP networks to create the kind of seamless experience users are demanding.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Honolulu, Hawaii

We are not beholden to the phone company, which gives us the ability to offer lower costs, immediate installations, and quality customer service. Skywave Broadband features high-speed symmetrical bandwidth, delivering the same throughput for both uploads and downloads. Wireless Internet Access - from 384Kbps to 10Mbps, tell us how much bandwidth you need and we'll deliver within 2 business days. If you don't know how much you need, and we'll monitor your traffic and tell you what makes the most sense for your business. We are using a combination of point to multipoint fixed wireless, 802.11b (Wi-Fi), and wired infrastructure to deliver connectivity to customers

We are currently deployed on the rooftops of two of the most prominent downtown Honolulu buildings, looking Eva, Mauka, and Diamond Head. In addition, we have access to several key repeater sites throughout Honolulu.

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